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Nolan & Jerome

Our Flirting model this week is the darkly handsome Nolan Hawke. We join him there today in his training lesson with Jerome Exupery. Prior to filming this his only experience was a casting and some off camera training. As this is the only scene we have with Nolan, we hope you enjoy.

Jerome Exupery
Nolan Hawke
d***** - 10/11/2018 2:13:49 PM

Wow. Nolan is beautiful! Pair him with Luke soon, as promised on the video. Beautiful cock, beautiful asshole, beautiful legs. Jerome, of course, always delivers.

j******* - 10/10/2018 4:52:47 AM

Jerome is the best. I love his big blond body. Please pair him with Sven!

C******** - 10/07/2018 10:18:03 PM

I am usually not surprised of the single appearance of most Flirting with .... models, but this time I really liked Nolan. Not only did he show great promise, he looked very sexy and had a big boner while being fucked by Jerome. So, what‘s there not to like? And I am a Very Big Fan of Jerome. He brings sex and fun to BelAmi and Freshmen! Let’s keep it that way! Getting a bit tired of these complainers.

r*********** - 10/05/2018 11:07:51 PM

Nolan is so hot. Hot cock, hot hair, hot looks.

N***** - 10/02/2018 3:54:10 PM

It’s funny how some criticize Jerome and Kevin, I think it jealousy. They get to sleep with boy after boy while you get to jerk off. If I’m not attracted to one of the boys I don’t watch., simple as that. Keep Kevin an Jerome around.

j********** - 09/24/2018 4:43:01 AM

I would love to spend 2 or 3 days licking every inch of Jerome sexy big blond body. He can talk all he wants while I am doing it maybe even give me directions on what I should repeat.

k********* - 09/23/2018 9:13:08 AM

does i am alone to appreciate and love this very exciting scene ? Jerome is so cute and sexy guy ! and this newbie Nolan is so gorgeous !! what a very big cock !!! i love him! thanks to show him again very soon !

h********** - 09/20/2018 3:44:58 PM

"his only experience was a casting and some off camera training" The off camera training intrigues me. Does this include the real first time their cherry is popped? The first time they suck dick? What a shame there is no record of this. How about a few films showing the process of this training - however unpolished or raw. Seeing the first reactions of these young models would be great! Something to think about???

b****** - 09/19/2018 11:59:50 PM

No, no, no, please no. No to Nolan and no to Jerome.

p***** - 09/19/2018 1:18:25 PM

This scene was a pleasant surprise. I found Nolan to be sexy as hell. He has a nice smile and great facial expressions, he kisses like an angel and he has a world-class dick. Too bad he left. I don't get all of the Jerome hate speech. He is great to look at and an animated lover. The casual chatter was fine by me. Don't we all talk when we're having sex?

p***** - 09/19/2018 1:10:43 PM

you can not download the video. please can you provide? thank you

b***** - 09/19/2018 11:40:28 AM

Will I mis Nolan, probably not. I think he could have played a role as supportive model in the BA/FM stable though. We know that that ship has sailed.

t********* - 09/19/2018 10:13:03 AM

I believe comments are way too harsh for my view on Jerome. Firstly, I think Jerome is (except for that pouting pursing of his lips that he does when fucking, something I guess borrowed from cheap American porn) sexier today than when he started as a skinny younger version. Secondly, for whatever you may think of Nolan, he did help emit from Jerome his most volcanic cumshot that I have ever seen he make (although in my romantic version I still would like to think Helmut had this impact, Nolan's cum-drenched forehead tells us differently). For his part, although I would prefer bigger nipples and chest on Nolan as well as less hairy legs and a very deep tan over his entire body, Nolan did have a good cumshot himself. However, if he is indeed long gone, I guess the point is largely academic.

R********* - 09/19/2018 9:15:23 AM

5 stars for Nolan,ZERO stars for Jerome..He wills be the star but he is more a clown.He is doing everyting except making love.He do'nt take any interest for his partner. Concerning Nolan he is super sexy and attractive.It is a pitty that he do'nt stay with us.He seems a very lovely gay boy;

B****** - 09/19/2018 12:42:41 AM

Nolan Hawke is a beautiful meeting and I would like to see him again with one of these actors: Oliver, Luca or Sven Basquia

D******* - 09/18/2018 11:02:34 PM

Nolan is quite a find! He's handsome, hot and seductive. Don't let him get away! Congrats to Jerome to, an able teacher, obviously.

T********** - 09/18/2018 6:11:29 PM

Nolan is great! Jerome is not very sexy. He is actually rather annoying.

h********* - 09/18/2018 3:03:46 PM

Nolan is a sexy guy. Nice body, handsome face, hungry hole and great natural body hair. Too bad he was paired with Jerome. Would have been a great scene with Bob or Nils or Jordan.

a********* - 09/18/2018 2:44:34 PM

Nolan attracts like a magnet, he is a wonderful boy. The scene is the usual scary training session in which Jerome appears irritating, atrocious and wordy.

L*********** - 09/18/2018 12:59:42 PM

The star in this scene is Nolan, a really great dark haired guy. A pity we will not seen anything else of him. All in all the action did not miss any creativity but there is too much talking in it.

b******* - 09/18/2018 12:54:33 PM

I like the talking, it makes the scene more natural. Good work by Jerome and Nolan looks amazing...shame we won't see him and his incredible dick/cum shot again!

a***** - 09/18/2018 11:17:24 AM

In as much that dearly love Jerome, it’s painful to say “Buddy, you’ve become a little too campy for me lately”. Just relax and be the adorable guy we fell in love with, you don’t have to be someone else.

N******** - 09/18/2018 10:47:23 AM

I wish Jerome had gone and Nolan had stayed!

o****** - 09/18/2018 10:28:30 AM

Too talkative again!!! Moanings and face s expressions exagerated!!! Like Nolan's dark body hair! Good cumshot while fucked and face shot!

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