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Nino Valens & Tommy Poulain

This issue is called „Kinky memories“ and Nino Valens simply had to be part of it. Nino’s sexy body and huge appetite for sex are a massive turn-on for Tommy Poulain. The two rascals cannot wait to start pleasing each other. Nothing compares to Nino’s extraordinary sucking and fucking skills, and Tommy is more than happy to experience them to the full.

Tommy Poulain
Nino Valens
M********* - 09/22/2023 10:48:10 PM

Great lovemaking.

A********* - 11/27/2022 10:00:22 AM

Nice to see Nino dominate. The young man is a true professional.

w****** - 10/13/2021 9:40:13 PM

5 stars for lovely Nino. I hope we can expect to see much more of him and not have to rely on memories.

s************* - 10/11/2021 6:36:52 AM

Can’t get enough of Nino! Such a cute young man! Loved the kissing! 💋💋

g******* - 10/11/2021 6:28:01 AM

A lovely scene. I have a crush on Nino and why not?!!

t****** - 10/07/2021 8:47:14 AM

Nino is so great

B********* - 10/05/2021 10:58:02 PM

Fantastic! It's been 2-3 years since Bel Ami had a scene with full-on shots of a bottom's open hole being rimmed--let alone fucked. Since 2012 or so when the condoms came off, I've only found 45 scenes with full-on open fuck-hole shots (FHS) worth recording--and perhaps 3 more scenes I passed on as sub par. This video with Tommy makes Number 46. Bel Ami needs to celebrate our 2nd sex organ more.. Evolution has specifically designed the male ass to bring us close to orgasm when we're fucked by placing the prostate right against the anal canal. So every time the top's cock thrusts in, the prostate swells up ever more with more cum. At the same time, stimulation of the prostate causes the release of more pleasure-causing oxytocin in the brain. Humans and bonobo chimps, moreover are the only 2 species where males can fuck face to face, looking in each other's eyes, owing to the forward placement of our cocks and asses. Maybe all male "Homo" sapiens once fucked with each other the way all male bonobos do (52% of the time!).

s******* - 10/05/2021 2:55:56 PM

Nino is (was :( ) a GOD !! Probably he's been the most underrated big star in the company! It's a pity he isn't here anymore. It's out of my mind what could have been a scene with him paired with Jim Durden Viggo, Yorik, and many other who lost the chance to do miracles with him! I wish him anyway a wonderful future life with a guy who can really appreciate his passion and skills!

t******** - 10/05/2021 11:22:21 AM

Three terrific scenes this week - all worthy of five stars. Thanks, guys. I am putting my comment here in praise of Nino's magnificent asset in pic 4!

p******* - 10/05/2021 11:14:52 AM

Please much more N I N O - Memories !!!!

s******** - 10/05/2021 10:59:49 AM


d******* - 10/05/2021 10:44:53 AM

Lovely scene as Tommy with the nice thick lips is more than willing to have Nino screw him in the ass. Nino still has that sweet smile and lovely body with gorgeous .black hair. Tommy's thick lips Nino really enjoyed kissing, umm.

l********** - 10/05/2021 9:21:19 AM

Awesome to see Nino again !

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