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Nino Valens & Jamie Durrell

In this scene we decided to pair up a passive, brunet Hungarian with an active, blond(ish) Slovak. In this scene, shot in Budapest, Nino is bottoming. This is the situation he prefers, and as you can see he enjoys it enormously!


Jamie Durrell
Nino Valens
r******* - 02/18/2024 4:43:28 PM

So lovely to see Jamie's tongue licking sweet Nino's beautiful ass. Very sensual. Then the wonderful fucking. Yummy!

O****** - 11/17/2020 7:05:07 PM

Jamie's cumshot ruined as usual by the everlasting close-ups! Nino's was great as we get to see his facial expressions simultaneously,

d******* - 07/04/2020 10:02:16 PM

Nino so gorgeous with those lovely eyes and sweet lips to kiss, big dick too, I cannot find enough to say about Nino, just wow, but Jaime I do not care for..

D************* - 12/28/2019 8:29:18 PM

Jamie Durrell was great as always. I loved those deep pelvic thrusts from Jamie. I loved everything about this film. But what I liked the most is how Nino Valens really got into it! You could tell Nino really loved Jamie (from the expressions on his face). This couldn't have been acting. Nino really loves Jamie! I also love the hair around Nino's ass hole. It got me so turned on to see Jamie eat Nino's ass like that. This was a great match. I loved them both!

w******* - 10/05/2018 12:25:53 AM

two of my faves both so luscious and lascivious wow oh wow

x******* - 04/05/2017 4:14:24 PM

Gorgeous....just like the beautiful men presenting it!!

R*********** - 04/02/2017 5:03:43 PM

Jamie Durrell is always great ;) Give us more of that cutie - please - Nino is cute, and does a good job with Jamie

g******* - 03/31/2017 12:35:28 AM

Jamie did some wonderful deep throating of Nino's gorgeous cock. Nino stayed hard throughout and relished the fuck. Jamie's hip flexing as he fucked is a real turn on - just wish we could see more of his ass as he fucked. Very soft and gentle warm down at the end.

o******** - 03/31/2017 12:30:15 AM

Is Jamie still in love? He seemed to have other things on his mind. :)))) Not one of his liveliest performances. On the plus side he had all the technical points in full display and was quite interested in Nino's very nice dick, playing it with much interest for a long and varied time. I always enjoy Jamie, along with his various moods and personas. Nino is hardly a freshman anymore. He has a body that will stay young for a long time. Good for us.

J****** - 03/30/2017 10:08:02 PM

Jamie et Nino deux petits gars mignons et adorables excellent couplage!

p********** - 03/30/2017 2:26:57 PM

i want to see jamie shooting his cum once he is always only shooting it on somebodys mouth or ass i want to see it !!!!

J******* - 03/30/2017 1:04:04 AM

A winning combination! Jamie is always so beautiful and natural and he and Nino definitely have some chemistry. Sexy, hot with some sweetness thrown in and you have some great entertainment!!

N******** - 03/29/2017 4:08:36 PM

Excellent scene. Jamie is a stunning looking guy and has great cock sucking skills. Very impressed.

b***** - 03/29/2017 9:29:01 AM

As always Nino delivers! He is cute and intriguing at the same time, and very handsome of course. It is always nice to see Jamie, so I liked this pairing in their quiet and relaxed fuck.

o****** - 03/29/2017 9:28:34 AM

Nino and Jamie look so young and hungry! "Le vert paradis des amours enfantines" A delight with two delicious lovely sex-loving boys! Nino is adorable! Jamie became a great lover, a powerful top more and more sexy! The manner he looks greedily Nino is stunning! Great cumshots and eating! Nino one's while fucked! WOW!

l****** - 03/29/2017 8:11:57 AM


H***** - 03/28/2017 11:03:53 PM

Nino is so great, cute, adorable and above all eager with a Jamie who realy is out of pairing with him! No exciment from his side or what so ever, not even a hard-on! Don't pair Nino, Danny and the other newbies to the gay for pay boys BA. It shows it doesn't work. 5* for Nino, 1 * for Jamie. 2 * for the filming..

m******* - 03/28/2017 10:20:55 PM

Nino mon amour, Nino so beautiful, Nino adorabe, think that you have understand that i love this little cute boy (too Jamie is cute but not of level of Nino)

s***** - 03/28/2017 7:41:12 PM

Nino is tremendous and stunningly beautiful.

R********* - 03/28/2017 6:34:02 PM

For nino 7 stars,for jamie 3 stars.Why ,well after8 min kissing and sucking,jamie had'nt a hard on ergo it was for him only "only an ordinary gay for pay

g********* - 03/28/2017 5:16:49 PM

Nino's enjoyment is palpable and very endearing. Jamie has become an excellent versatile performer; . both are adorable.

r*********** - 03/28/2017 4:31:28 PM

Having had another long slow watch of this video, my main objection to it is that there is NO way that Nino could possible be in a real sex scene with Jamie Durrell. Nino is refined; Durrell’s not. Nino is right for many BA boys but not this one. Nino’s a reflned kitten (thanks Sidemoon for that concept) being set upon by a superficially lusting guy who, when he finally gets his pants off, displays absolutely no sexual arousal. Odd? Very. Nino’s and Durrell’s involvement is superficial displaying no real affection. Put Nino with someone like Christian and, I am sure, many others: Justin, Jason . . . Well acted, Nino, well tried. He is so incredibly beautiful.

t****** - 03/28/2017 12:35:24 PM

Jamie cums like a young teenager!

S******* - 03/28/2017 12:03:09 PM

A predictable sheer perfection of a scene, regarding that we're speaking of two of the most sex-loving boys in this gorgeously sex-loving generation. A fire put to gunpowder, sparkles flying in the air, a heavenly fiest of mutual desire and shared pleasure. And what a bodies, - two Tanagra figurines! :)))))))))))))

a********* - 03/28/2017 11:24:39 AM


s******** - 03/28/2017 10:21:44 AM

Nino has a precious pup look that is adorable and his cum-guzzling is just awesome. Jamie plows Nino well with his dura-cock ince again displaying his skill as a master cocksman while maintaining that hot look of wide-eyes amazement ized with concern for his partner's enjoyment as he fucks Nino to orgasm.

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