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Nils Tatum & Torsten Ullman

Here Nils Tatum and Torsten Ullman, both blonde and blue-eyed, are paired in front of the camera for a heavenly photo shoot. The mutual attraction between these two divine boys is undeniable and we are delighted to show you them at their very best. Enjoy today’s photo set and remember that the follow-up video, including cumshots, will be coming one day.

b******* - 12/12/2022 2:44:51 AM


e********* - 12/09/2022 4:39:18 PM

i miss real freshmen content this week

J****** - 12/07/2022 2:01:40 AM

Nils and Torsten are absolutely hot and very welcome, but these guys haven't been Freshmen for quite some time now. If only we got at least an action scene with this two boys, but why are we only getting one action scene again this week?

m***** - 12/06/2022 10:45:40 PM

@ dustyday: average? you cannot be serious! Nils and Torsten are sex gods!!!

w****** - 12/06/2022 10:44:21 PM

Pictures of Torsten are never disappointing.

b********* - 12/06/2022 10:03:26 PM

Artsy can be sexy, so please keep these types of photos coming, especially when there's a forthcoming video to follow up!

d*** - 12/06/2022 7:51:14 PM

Two of my favorites, so handsome, so sophisticated looking...DadRich :)

s******* - 12/06/2022 5:23:06 PM

Artsy rather than sexy photoset. Disappointing.

J****** - 12/06/2022 5:04:30 PM

Beauté rayonnante que sont Nils et Torsten. La vidéo avenir oui mais pas dans x mois.

V************ - 12/06/2022 2:09:34 PM

I am beginning to wonder why I continue to subscribe to Freshman when often we only wind up with one sex scene for the week. I generally find the Freshman Photo sets, this one included, to be mediocre at best and hate the format they are presented in on Freshman, as opposed to the format they are presented in on BAOL. In my opinion Freshman ought to have two sex scenes every week without exception, and one other feature (photo set, interview, solo, or documentary). Otherwise I am not sure I see the value in continuing to subscribe.

d******* - 12/06/2022 1:54:44 PM


f******** - 12/06/2022 1:54:05 PM

Two very handsome young men. Nils is beautiful. Torsten is special. He is handsome, muscular, and also an excellent hairdresser. His current hairstyle, relatively short and with highlights, works very well. Haircuts he has given the other men are always very good and often give them a better, more interesting appearance. He rarely smiles, but he has a beautiful smile and good teeth, as seen in the third photo. I hope he tries to smile more. Congratulations and thanks to both Torsten and Nils.

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