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Nils Tatum & Jerry Hannan

Here is our promised blond overdose starting with Nils Tatum and Jerry Hannan. Apparently, blonds do have more fun as evidenced by the boys waking up after a wild night of partying and sex. Perhaps they had too much fun as neither boy can remember what happened and the only evidence that they have of their sexual foray are the Nils sized love bites on Jerry’s neck. Since they can’t remember they decide to recreate their encounter for themselves (and us). While this sober sex might not be as wild as their drunken dalliance, we are still treated to some great oral action, nice rimming and deep steady fucking.

Jerry Hannan
Nils Tatum
d******* - 05/27/2020 6:34:48 PM

Jerry gets fucked by Nils in the ass.

v******** - 10/26/2019 12:24:50 PM

NILS is superb as usual but jERRY may not deserve to have one of the best looking man in his generation making love to him.Jerry is cute and far from beeing bad but he is slightly passive and shy and not very energetic

C************** - 10/24/2019 4:12:51 PM

Love Jerry’s beautiful eyes, and Nils’ hot body. Close-up of Jerry sucking Nils from below is hot.

V************ - 10/22/2019 7:30:09 AM

Completely unconvincing sex between two very good looking boys. Nils is so hansome with a great body nut this scene is so mechanical and uninspiring. The kissing is superficial as is every other part.

g******* - 10/20/2019 7:25:48 AM

You could say that it was just another nice fuck. Nils is beautiful and he relished Jerry's sexy cock but needed to add fire and fun to the while experience. Jerry is becoming more and more handsome - he is stunningly good-looking and who did give him the love bite?

s******* - 10/18/2019 3:54:54 AM

What a dream pairing!

j********** - 10/18/2019 1:27:57 AM

Nils and Jerry as beautiful as they come.

p***** - 10/17/2019 1:25:47 PM

Much as I like looking at Jerry, this scene is just two good looking guys going through the motions. It just didn't move the needle at all.

R************ - 10/16/2019 4:11:38 PM

A Jerry glielo metterei tutto in culo!!

b***** - 10/16/2019 10:21:58 AM

Jerry is such a sweet guy (with a cute and attractive dick I may add). He may be a bit passive in his love making, but if he is treated right he can be very responsive. Unfortunately Nils is too cold and detached a lover for him and so it becomes difficult for him to blossom. And yet when I focus on Jerry the episode is quite agreeable to watch, somehow he always knows how to excite me and hopefully other viewers get excited as well. And when you look at the scene as quiet but sweet morning sex it is actually very good.

m************ - 10/16/2019 2:26:37 AM

Nils is another Hoyt - the supremely good looks can’t make up for lackluster, boring, zombie performances. There are models who are good looking, though do not have supermodel good looks, like Dylan, for example, who offer so much more than Nils and Hoyt and are preferable in that case.

l******* - 10/16/2019 12:41:36 AM

Jerry is always beautiful.

x****** - 10/15/2019 11:25:47 PM

As always, Nils gives me thrills!

t********* - 10/15/2019 5:49:22 PM

Agree with my friend otrebor — I prefer Nils — who is one of your most underused but amazing models — as a bottom, not top. I enjoyed the sex in this scene and thought Jerry did a good job but he has never been a fav of mine. Perhaps he needs more chest muscle...

a********* - 10/15/2019 2:13:35 PM

There are about a dozen puppies in FM / BA who own a delightful paradise-like open portal in which to enter and sink by filling it with entire pleasure ... with the tongue, the fingers, the eyes, the dick, the sperm, and again endlessly ... with the tongue... deeply ... one of these is definitely Jerry happy puppy hole! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

o****** - 10/15/2019 9:30:27 AM

Sweet morning love making! Perhaps a little bit too sweet! Jerry is a cute Bottom! Nils is beautiful as ever! What such a magnificent chest and gorgeous nipples! But I think I prefer him bottoming...

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