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Nils Tatum

I know the deep abiding hatred you all have for athletic blonds, but unfortunately, we can't shoot only with boys like Damien and Andre I also hesitated in releasing this interview as his solo goes out in September, but my curiosity on your opinion of him got the better of me, so here he is in all his blond athletic glory. Hope you're not too upset.

Nils Tatum
a***** - 12/26/2020 2:58:37 AM

That's a nice interview he has there, very sexy and seems like a sensitive boy. Wish he talks a bit more about sex and how he feels with his journey with you guys and the boys there but he's a nice kid and I'm super happy you have him. I find some similarity between him and Christian, I don't know why but I sitll like Nils loads and loads more.

h********* - 08/25/2020 4:12:30 AM

What a babe! Handsome, hairy, and a hunk. Love all the blond fur, even on his chest, and the shot of his ass and crack was hot. He’s one I could kiss all over.

v******** - 11/03/2019 5:16:14 PM

yes will love to be his sponsor

D********** - 02/06/2019 8:01:05 AM

I would like to be his sponsor

o************* - 09/18/2017 7:10:40 PM

What's wrong with athletic ? Bring it (him) on ! I love athletic which in Nils' case is on top of drop dead gorgeous !

a****** - 08/05/2017 6:26:27 PM

Beautiful blond. Nils dis a very good job of seducing us. Can't wait to see more!!

g****** - 07/15/2017 7:45:32 PM

i wanna eat that ass like a mad man

K***** - 07/12/2017 1:10:00 PM

Nils is a gorgeous guy in every way.

i****** - 07/11/2017 4:58:42 AM

The more I see the more I like. I love his attitude

d*** - 07/10/2017 7:08:59 PM

In many ways, he reminds me of Jack Harrer. His looks, attitude and voice the way he talks so offhandedly...that's a good thing ❤️dr

d****** - 07/07/2017 4:29:40 AM

Simply put...a stunner. Nils is the complete package and love his little "treasure trail" leading to that lovely brownish/blond bush. A stupendous addition to the Freshmen roster!

g******* - 07/07/2017 1:41:37 AM


m********* - 07/07/2017 1:26:50 AM

Incredibly sexy and stunning more please😉

J****** - 07/06/2017 6:22:43 PM

Nils Tatum à un corps de rêve personne n'en doute.Vous devriez le mettre dans la rubrique modèle sur le site BelAmi. Mais pourquoi tant de temps entre la présentation de Nils et son solo avenir en septembre et plus si possible...

j******* - 07/06/2017 3:25:37 PM

The only upsetting thing is waiting until September and only a Solo then.

a****** - 07/05/2017 7:14:41 PM

hot hot hot hot!

b******* - 07/05/2017 5:45:26 PM

What's not to like? 10/10 ;)

P****** - 07/05/2017 4:53:20 PM

That pic of him standing with a blue towel over his waist has to be one of the hottest things I've ever seen in my life.

p******* - 07/05/2017 4:29:01 PM

Incredibly hot - could be the next Kris Evans! Let's hope is performance skills match his physical assets.

P****** - 07/05/2017 10:01:36 AM

There's a lot of us that like different body types and different looks. This guy is great looking and fills the bill with his muscular build!! Can't wait to see him in a sex scene. Please continue to give us more diversity.

A********** - 07/05/2017 5:04:45 AM

Very handsome, nice body, sexy....really fantastic. Please show us sex scenes with him/Diva... Thanks and congratulations to find him !!

r******** - 07/05/2017 2:16:06 AM


e****** - 07/05/2017 1:25:00 AM

Gorgeous guy!! A ten-star body! And a very good face. Hope to see a lot of him. It surprises me that in interviews so few comments are about the interview... They are only about if you like or dislike the model. This interview was average. It was rather disorganized. A lot of talking and joking, but too few really interesting questions. Mr. Duroy has done many fantastic interviews, so he really knows how to do it. But didn't practise that knowledge here (in my opinion). No questions about hobbies, active sports, if he is more of a top or a bottom (short comment on doogie style). How did he find BA? Is he single (I suppose so). I also lacked the sensitive questions if anyone in his family or friends know about BA. How many scenes he has done etc. So a lot of unasked questions. But the guy is fantastic - a real beauty.. Rather self confident, but not very precise in his answers.

H***** - 07/04/2017 11:48:54 PM

Don't like his attitude, sorry, not my cup of tea.

g********* - 07/04/2017 11:39:26 PM

Nils is not only gorgeous, but charming and intelligent, relaxed and with a good sense of humour. I found this interview both interesting and enjoyable, not least because of the rapport which developed between Nils and George.. I detect star quality in this lovely young man.

b***** - 07/04/2017 11:30:12 PM

Very handsome young man and the last part of the video when he is lying on the bed shows that there is a lot of sensuality in him. I am very eager to see him in action. As for his demeanour: he is young and indecisive, not an uncommon combination. At least he is open about it and understands his current situation. He’ll manage somehow, most young men do. I think GD liked him, probably because Nils is capable of understanding GD’s sarcasm (next to having a beautiful body of course). Nils is a bright young man.

J****** - 07/04/2017 10:54:24 PM

Absolutly hot and sexy new guy with perfect body and beautyful face. Can't wait to see more of him in action !!!

t****** - 07/04/2017 9:42:42 PM

Alas, I can’t join the tributes below. As of now, I don’t see a spark in Nils.

o****** - 07/04/2017 7:07:12 PM

Magnificent Nils!!! Gorgeous face! Splendid body! Peculiarly his chest is a wonder! Great golden fuzz body! But I not so sure about his too proud and moody personality...

d********* - 07/04/2017 6:18:48 PM


j******** - 07/04/2017 5:43:40 PM

Nils looks GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see more of him.

p******** - 07/04/2017 5:26:56 PM

What a gorgeous hunk! I like his smart ass demeanor, too. He's got it and he knows it! 😊 Like George, I really like his thighs, too! ***** 😋

t****** - 07/04/2017 4:04:58 PM

Hahahaha VERY funny! We love natural blondes, especially when they are as stunning as Nils Tatum, love child of Tatum O'Neal

N******** - 07/04/2017 2:43:05 PM

Nils looks amazing - can't wait to see more. Amused that your sarcasm George has apparently been entirely wasted on some of those commenting below!

k****** - 07/04/2017 2:27:21 PM


s****** - 07/04/2017 2:20:42 PM

I didn't think BelAmi catered to one particular taste, but rather part of a greater spectrum that is male sexuality. I count on BelAmi to bring gorgeous male specimens to my computer screen daily, and you don't disappoint. And I would regret if you narrowed you slice of the spectrum more. I didn't particularly care for Jack Harrer upon his introduction, but I got past my initial reaction and I can't imagine my time here without him. I trust the judgement of George and whoever makes these decisions along the way implicitly. As long as they are good, solid performers I will take my place in line. Variety is the spice of life. Keep them coming and cumming. Especially if they look like Nils. He is gorgeous. Can't wait to see him plow some fine ass and get plowed in his turn. Keep us all cumming.

w********* - 07/04/2017 2:07:02 PM

Like I said in the forum....rally hot guy!!!!

n***** - 07/04/2017 2:01:01 PM

Topdog2013 you are spot on! Bravo! Are you reading this GD?

s******** - 07/04/2017 1:13:19 PM


a********* - 07/04/2017 12:57:11 PM


S******* - 07/04/2017 10:39:11 AM

Oh, I understand now why the hell I've noticed this boy from his very first cameo appearance in Summer Break, - it's the new Jeff Daniels, and I was absolutely, totally crazy about Jeff Daniels. The same mimics, the same type of beauty, the same charming mix of laziness and inner fire, the same easygoing personality, the same mighty and 100% gay sexuality, - even Nils' sense of humour resembles Jeff's one. And I'm sure that irresistible Nils will find a helluva LOT of fans at BA! :))))))))))

r********** - 07/04/2017 10:23:09 AM

As long as he doesn't have a body like Kris Evans its ok with me. When they get to athletic they tend to look very synthetic,

t********* - 07/04/2017 10:03:23 AM

Well, being an athlete myself, let me say that not all of BelamiOnline & subscribers have "deep abiding hatred ... for athletic blonds." In fact, Lars Norgaard is an athletic blond and I am sure that his scenes send a lot of subscriber underwear flying. Nils Tatum is my favorite of the new models, along with Lars, Jon Kael, Antony Lorca, Miguel Estevez, Raphael Nyon, Patrick Rogan, Miles Aiken and Steve Skarsgaard, which -- while not all are blond-- are all athletic & slightly muscular. Each has their preferences but I do think the athletic male like Lukas, Ion, Dolph, Sebastian, Julian, Marc and Kris help epitomize the Belami brand. Please, please GD, more -- in fact MUCH more -- of the god Nils.

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