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Niles Curran & Kyle Brady

Just when you thought this first issue couldn't be any more special, we present this lovely video featuring a completely new star. So let us introduce you to Niles Curran. Or more accurately,  let's let Kyle Brady introduce you to this insatiable boy. Kyle Brady is in the process of moving over to the BelAmiOnline website, but we got to use his skills today to initiate Niles into the art of hardcore action in front of the camera. Niles wastes no time in ripping off Kyle’s pants and then sucking on what he finds there. After switching positions, our more experienced boy gives the newcomer a rimjob in readiness for penetrating his ass. Niles fully trusts Kyle’s experience so after finally feeling his hard dick inside him, follows Kyle’s lead in every position they try. The cumshot at the end of the fucking is the perfect finale to this first issue of 2024.

Kyle Brady
Niles Curran
A******* - 02/11/2024 9:15:53 PM

I like both of them. This was a very good scene. I agree about Kyle’s large woman tattoo but also agree he could be shot from the other side, to make it less visible. The hand tattoo is impossible to conceal, unfortunately. Both good looking guys in different ways. Kyle had a nice buff body.

g******* - 02/10/2024 12:30:19 PM

Great scene! Niles is a cutey, and the sex is hot. I also like Kyle, except for that woman face on his upper left arm. Usually, I don't mind a little ink, but this tatoo I still find highly disturbing...

g******* - 01/26/2024 8:15:29 AM

Big, strong Kyle pleases me. He rims and sucks well and cute Niles is well suited to hot cocks.

8********** - 01/08/2024 7:16:05 PM

I like Kyle. He is very sexy.

2***** - 01/07/2024 10:13:11 PM

Kyle is so hot! What a masculine stud!

M****** - 01/06/2024 8:09:43 PM

Kyle is fantastic -- ink, piercings, and all. Don't change a thing. He also seems funny, enthusiastic, and caring of his partner. A detail: he fucks with his whole cock, something we could use more of at BA. I'd like to see him get together with another fun-filled muscular guy -- maybe Andrei Karenin. Some mutual body worship preceding a flip-flop, please. I'm also noticing many references to Ken987's comment but I don't see it.

d***** - 01/05/2024 6:55:43 PM

If the camera man had shot this scene from Kyle's right side, we would not have seen the macabre tattoo on his left shoulder. A simple solution to a problematic feature of an otherwise sexy and attractive young man. I admire anyone's dedication who builds his body as Kyle has done.

t********* - 01/04/2024 4:01:30 AM

Kyle is fucking hot. His shoulder and hand tattoos are not at all. But, I still enjoy watching him because he has a very muscular build and those nipples are screaming to get sucked and licked all night long. Conversely, Niles is not much to write home about …

s******* - 01/02/2024 11:33:00 PM

Maybe I just like to defend underdogs, but I have to say a few words in defense of Kyle. He's an unusual choice for this site or for Belami in general, but he's no more unusual than Kris Evans, Steve Skarsgard, or Marcel Gassion. Like Kyle, they were all extremely well-muscled young men. However, what does set Kyle apart are the tattoos. I would say that we just have to get used to tattoos, because it seems that nearly all young people have one or more. But Kyle has a few more than are acceptable to the patrons of Freshmen (including me). Maybe make-up could hide a few of them? Other than the tattoos, I like him a lot, but he would fit in better on Belami Online.

M********* - 01/02/2024 7:30:33 PM

The reason while this pairing is so enjoyful is the difference between the models I think. Niles and Kyle pretty sexy, everyone in his own stile. What I like is how Kyle rimms his partner and later he is so gentley against Niles during fucking him, so I mean Kyle is a great lover. Niles did a good job too, I like how he rides Kyle. Orgasms make lust for moore and the difference makes life so wonderful.

n******** - 01/02/2024 6:09:19 PM

Love the new hunk Kyle! I hope he'll bottom more in the future as his previous scene was just so scorching - we need to see more of his versatility! Kyle DEFINITELY DOES BELONG here and at BA - we need variety and diversity, not everyone want's to see clones of the same old... Those who don't like him - don't watch his scenes as I and others relish this hot stud!

f****** - 01/02/2024 12:18:21 PM

Kyle has no appeal. Niles is the attraction here and is a keeper.

p***** - 01/02/2024 12:16:14 PM

Niles is cute👅 & he has a really nice dick. He gives the impression of having bottomed before. I'd like to see more of him 😘

k************* - 01/02/2024 9:39:35 AM

Niles is a very handsome guy, but kyle, with those tattoos and nipple piercings, I don't like him at all

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