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Niko Vangelis & Riis Erikson

Niko is back in front of the camera this week but this time he has brought along a buddy, the handsome and sexy Riis Erikson!

We saw Riis in hardcore action last week, so we can think of this as a double dose of happiness in getting to see him again so soon.

m******* - 09/19/2022 4:02:08 AM


m******* - 07/09/2022 1:57:12 AM

Like visiting a museum of Greek gods. Wow.

C*********** - 04/01/2022 6:23:50 PM

Always love outdoor photosets, especially the scenic ones or at the beach. Plus the fact that Niko and Riis are two beautiful beings too. Love it!

d***** - 02/08/2022 12:30:16 AM

It doesn't get more beautiful than this.

S****** - 02/06/2022 10:28:47 PM

Niko is like a Greek God. Stunning. Riis is VERY lucky to be kissing and groping with a gorgeous muscle stud like Niko...

M********* - 02/04/2022 6:12:00 PM

Amazing pictures of both guys in the greek sunshine. Wonderful sexy bodies.

J****** - 02/02/2022 3:18:16 AM

I also r e a l l y hope, that we get the fuck scene with them soon. Best thing would be a FlipFlop scene :-)))))

g******* - 02/01/2022 11:16:52 PM

Beautiful, now I hope we see them fucking.

t********* - 02/01/2022 9:10:28 PM

Please tell me that these guys actually did a fuck scene beside these stupid pictures. Two of your very most handsome models and they just did pics? I know there are guys who like these but it just seems like such a missed opportunity. I hope we get to see Riis bottom in more scenes??? He is so hot!

a***** - 02/01/2022 9:20:36 AM

Great pictures that look bright and sunny with hot models! Does Riis' cock look a little thicker than Niko's? It may be against others but whenever I notice this, I wanna see Riis' cock bouncing when he rides another boy's cock. I hope we get to see him getting plowed from behind by Niko, the way Niko was fucking Nikk, so hot!

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