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Nikk Lanier & Tom Houston part 2

When you pair two extreme sex addicts together, you can be always sure they'll be up for a second round of action. Nikk Lanier and Tom Houston take a shower together but Nikk’s hard dick leaves us in no doubt the „next round“ is about to get underway. Tom grabs his friend's dick and sucks it powerfully until Nikk decides to take the lead and show Tom his amazing deepthroat skills. But Tom only needs a nice rimjob and a dick inside him to be completely satisfied. Soon Tom cannot hold on anymore and he cums unexpectedly over his stomach, a first load for Nikk to taste. Next, Tom rides Nikk’s dick and then lays down so Nikk can use his butt and cum over it. The scene ends with Nikk licking his own cum from Tom’s ass, just to compare the flavour.

Tom Houston
Nikk Lanier
G********* - 06/13/2024 2:04:53 AM

Where's Nikk's face during orgasm? If you don't show the guy's FACE when he comes then we can't actually SEE the orgasm, which happens in the brain so the face is the window! Please figure this out and hire a competent videographer! We do see Tom's face, but contrary to strikingviking (5/23/2022), I don't find Tom at all attractive. But ... to each his own taste.

M****** - 05/30/2022 8:29:00 PM

A detail that amused me: in the setup with Jerome, both boys claim they've never topped, yet here we see Nikk achieve hands-free penetration of Tom's hole -- twice! That's quite a stunt for a novice. I'm crushing pretty hard on Nikk for his beauty and sweet demeanor. He seems like Eluan in that respect I hope we'll see more of Nikk and that he'll broaden his approach to include some more dominance and urgency to contrast with the sweetness and romance. He should study Andrei Karenin in that regard.

s************* - 05/23/2022 6:34:17 AM

Tom is BA's up & coming superstar!!! One can simply NOT take their eyes off of him…he's simply BEAUTIFUL!!!

p****** - 05/15/2022 9:18:08 PM


p********* - 05/14/2022 1:38:10 PM

Helmut with he 's beautiful big dick head fuck so good Tom there is a master as bottom and one of Belami' s best Joker

g******* - 05/10/2022 12:36:21 AM

Hot. Nikk is very good looking and sexy but Tom ..... there are no sufficient words to describe his beauty.

d******* - 05/05/2022 1:55:02 PM

Nikk sure did a nice fuck job on Tom, both very sexy!

m***** - 05/03/2022 9:32:59 PM

Tom is such a beautiful, smart guy, paired with sexy Nikk, there is something to look forward to!

x****** - 05/03/2022 5:46:31 PM

Tom is the most perfect man to cum along in a great while. Don't ever let him get away from us!

B***** - 05/03/2022 5:15:34 PM

Yes, Tom and Helmut will be HOT together!

t********* - 05/03/2022 4:18:59 PM

Pair Tom and Helmut is an extraordinary idea or a must

t****** - 05/03/2022 3:23:14 PM

Tom is the new Helmut Perfectly versatile Lets pair them up PLUS Ashton too!!

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