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Nikk Lanier & Kristian Bresson part 2

In this video, our two boys switch and Kristian becomes the bottom. Nikk wastes no time in convincing his friend to start the next round. After some nipple play, a deep blowjob (including a 69) and a hot rimjob, Nikk gets to penetrate Kristian bareback. Both Kristian and Nikk prove to be excellent lovers in our two videos today. Kristian cums first on his stomach and then Nikk produces a huge cumshot onto Kristian's ass.

Kristian Bresson
Nikk Lanier
G********* - 06/13/2024 12:26:52 AM

Glad you showed Kristian's face when he comes (for once!). But you didn't show Nikk's!

d******* - 09/12/2021 11:01:12 PM

While Nikk fucked Kristian well and deep, I thought Kristian had improved a lot too. Something about his hair style and dark hair offset his thick lips which makes for good kissing. 👄👄👄👄😍😍😍😍

T******* - 08/24/2021 9:02:29 AM

Kristian is a great kisser and gets great suction on a blow job. I love seeing a furry but rimmed and what a. beautiful butt. The guys make a great pair. Thank you BA

b****** - 08/02/2021 7:19:49 PM

Nikk may be he newer player but his cock sucking skills are better & he may be new to topping but it was at least as good as his partner's..

J****** - 07/28/2021 10:01:41 PM

Strongly agree with DavidJamesGray. I also want to see mutch more of both boys - they are absolutely hot and sexy!!!

b********* - 07/28/2021 3:55:55 AM

I like both guys but am especially smitten with Kristian and his long, furry legs! : )

D************* - 07/28/2021 12:02:56 AM

Nikk Lanier gives another great performance. I ❤️love Nikk very much. Kristian Bresson has improved so much since he teamed up with Nikk. They make a handsome beautiful couple. I hope they both go on to make a long career with BelAmi/Freshmen.

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