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Nikk Lanier & Kristian Bresson part 1

Today Nikk Lanier gets together with another fresh face from our website, Kristian Bresson. As Nikk is slightly more experienced, he takes the initiative in the foreplay. Both boys are fully versatile so the decision regarding who will bottom is entirely spontaneous. Nikk‘s sexy butt is the first to be served and the beautiful lovemaking is not finished until his body is covered in cum.

Kristian Bresson
Nikk Lanier
G********* - 06/06/2024 2:23:11 PM

No view of Kristian's beautiful face when he comes, so a total waste. Any recognizable view of Kristian is cut completely out of the frame as we watch an absurd close-up of a disembodied cock (which could belong to almost any Bel Ami model) spurting cum. How STUPID can these Bel Ami videographers be??!! (Pretty damn stupid, I have come to realize.)

d******* - 09/12/2021 10:36:46 PM

Kristian very well done as you fucked Nikk very well, loved your hair style makes you look so cute.

g******* - 07/30/2021 4:11:46 AM

Very nice scene and well done to both. Kristian is so hot. Love his hairy legs and crotch and he has beautiful eyes. I would loved to have seen an angle showing his sexy ass as he fucked Nikk.

J****** - 07/28/2021 10:05:37 PM

Many thanks for a new scene with Kristian, especially to see him also as top! Nikk is alsways a pleasure to watch! Hope to see mutch more of both guys in future!

S****** - 07/28/2021 1:24:57 AM

I would LOVE to see a 3-way between Kristian Bresson, Guilio Passolini, and Derek Caravaggio. That would be absolute HEAVEN...!

D************* - 07/27/2021 11:38:16 PM

Nikk Lanier is the most lovable performer. Kristian Bresson is so sexy and has improved a great deal. They make a handsome beautiful couple. I love the way Nikk uses his tongue and Kristian has a big wide tongue. I loved seeing them tongue kiss: a big turn on for me. I also am glad Nikk has kept his beautiful white skin and doesn't try to tan it. White skin is beautiful. White skin matters!

b******** - 07/27/2021 11:02:29 PM

we need to see more of Kristian. He's so handsome with such a beautiful hairy asscrack

w****** - 07/27/2021 10:31:24 PM

I thought I was going to be the first to comment on these two. For me, sultry, enigmatic Kristian is the star here. I love those hairy legs and crotch and he is the better top. When he says he worries about his partner's size when he is bottoming, does that mean too big or too small?

L******** - 07/27/2021 9:49:05 PM

Let's bring back a little bit the original spirit of BelAmi: no cut cocks, please.

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