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Nate Donaghy & Alec Morrison

This second scene with Nate and Alex was shot as part of our summer break series and is here for those that criticize us for only bringing our A material to Freshmen. Our editors found this scene somewhat dull with the oral to be a bit timid. The occasional average scene makes it easier to appreciate all the great ones.

Nate Donaghy
Alec Morrison
m****** - 04/26/2019 6:25:39 PM

A shame that there isn't more of Alec on the site, He is an exceptional bottom. Nate is handsome but never brought much to a scene besides his looks.

B****** - 02/27/2018 10:56:26 PM

I found this ordinary representation. I love Nate but in couple with Alec I did not like the film's senario. The actors were not at their best and the story of the film without much interest!

x******* - 12/05/2017 8:33:56 AM

A truly delicious scene!! The opening was so steamy and Alec and Nate worked perfectly!!

D****** - 11/21/2017 5:13:32 PM

I must reiterate once again how much a truly adore Alec. He is a little gem!

g******* - 10/29/2017 11:32:15 AM

Alec will be a god member of the team. What a great butt! Nate is slim, trim and incredibly sexy - it's not just the amazing cock but his crazy hair. He loves to fuck and 500 scenes of him will be about right!

o****** - 10/21/2017 8:50:36 AM

Just a delicious scene! I appreciate more and more Nate completely involved on the love making. And I see a sensual powerful top, forgetting his invading tattoo. Lean, dark hairy body, with nice legs and a wonderful straight cock. Like his haircut. Alec is a nice next-door boy who likes what he is doing. He has a wonderful inviting ass and gaping pink hole! True kissing, rimming and more... Alec cums while fucked. Good Nate 's cumshot, nice re-entry! A pleasure to watch! Good filming with pretty reflections on the mirrors! This bath room remind me of "Scandal in the Vatican" great scenes. Just moanings are a bit unpleasant. 5*-

K************** - 10/20/2017 4:49:16 PM

Nate Donaghy... Very handsome.. Wish to watch more movie of him Really good...

M********* - 10/14/2017 9:45:06 PM

It's bad enough that Nate has those very distracting tattoos, but I would have thought that at least he would have trimmed his pubes. When you got such a beautiful cock as he does, why not show it? Alec has a truly beautiful body! And such stamina!!! How he could hold off pumping his beautiful cock while getting a fuck of a lifetime is beyond me. Such self control! Again, Alec has a beautiful body!

s******** - 10/13/2017 5:30:33 AM

Nate is so sexy and historically sensual looking like he walked out of an EM Forster with his Maurice-like floppy mane that only enhances his uberslutty-fuckstudlitude...Alec was so lucky to be given the gift of Nate's thrusts and breeding.

b****** - 10/13/2017 12:33:33 AM

I really enjoy watching Alec getting fucked...please keep those scenes coming!

b***** - 10/11/2017 11:34:30 PM

Nate is wonderful, his beauty is different from the general BA/KA appearance but I find him very attractive and he is a good performer too. He and Alec are a cute couple, I enjoyed this scene very much.

j***** - 10/11/2017 8:06:18 PM

I always like Nate. Always!

p***** - 10/11/2017 12:49:05 PM

I should train myself -- not -- to read the introductory comments before I watch a scene as they immediately influence my thinking. When I read that "our editors found this scene to be somewhat dull etc" it's harder to appreciate the positive aspects of the episode. While I love Nate & his spectacular dick & I will always watch his work I agree with MDindon that he should learn to vary his technique, which would more readily engage the viewer. I did like the blow jobs in the bathtub but the fucking was somewhat hohum. For some reason Alec just doesn't do it for me.

N******** - 10/11/2017 11:06:32 AM

Alec is wonderful - much more of him taking cock please.

p******* - 10/11/2017 8:11:06 AM

Alec is great anyway...

P****** - 10/11/2017 4:20:14 AM

While I don't hate Nate, I don't think Nate is great.

e********* - 10/11/2017 12:46:14 AM

Love, love, love Nate! So tall, slim and exotic. Can we please see more of him bottoming!

M****** - 10/10/2017 4:21:10 PM

Heavenly scene. Both models are beautiful (Nate in a more offbeat way that I adore). Stunning videography with lovely rays of sunshine favoring the action in the bathroom. Wonderful, tender, open-mouth kissing throughout. And a superb rimming by Nate. I loved how he really got into eating and really savoring that pink, open asshole. Just lovely. Fucking was good and I especially enjoyed the missionary portion on the table. I'd like to have seen more variety in technique from Nate -- he set a rhythm and kept it up with great stamina but I was waiting for him to slow down, really go balls deep, pull out and reenter after teasing the gaping hole a bit. But I'm quite satisfied with what was presented. Loved watching Alec open his asscheek at the end to lovingly accept Nate's creampie. Audio was a little distracting when the moaning got out of control. I liked better when it was very quiet and we'd hear just a hint of response, including words (I don't care if I understand them and would prefer NOT to see captions during the sex, but it turns me on to hear some whispered pillow talk in the boys' native languages).

L*********** - 10/10/2017 4:05:55 PM

Honestly I expected more from Nate and Alec, one little kick in these scene is how Alec´s sexy biker ass could take the big dick from Nate, but that´s it. This clip is a little bit "flat" being compared with the one with Kevin and Pip from today. But I can´t see any brick in the pairing of Nate and Alec! Finally this scene is o.k. for 3 stars.

D******* - 10/10/2017 12:34:39 PM

Can't take my eyes off Nate's amazing cock.

H***** - 10/10/2017 11:45:51 AM

Cute boys, boring filming and editing. In the bathtub was the most exciting. A pity!

t****** - 10/10/2017 10:45:00 AM

Poor Alec, might as well of paired Alec with a brick! The brick would probably be more riveting. Thankfully, I got to see Alec, who I do like.

m******* - 10/10/2017 10:15:54 AM

NATE and ALEC adorable, young, cute and enthusiastic, the arse of Alec is extraordinary!!!!!!

a********* - 10/10/2017 10:09:51 AM

❤️ N ❤️ A ❤️ T ❤️ E ❤️ adorable

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