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Matthieu Pique & Nate Donaghy

In BelAmi Land, being a sleepyhead can lead to getting head. Had Matthieu not slept in, his angelic countenance might not have captured the attention of the sexy Nate Donaghy. Matthieu’s slow start in the day is reflective of his time with us and explains why he didn’t have a proper porn name when this was filmed. Over his first six months, the number of scenes he filmed was so sparse that we didn’t bother coming up with a nom de porn. Fortunately, GD didn’t take Nate’s naming advice. Had he done so Matthieu would no be known as Marilyn Pique! Don’t blame Nate if he comes across a little harsh here. This was one of those days Lukas had a hard time coming up with a storyline so any seeming dickishness is the result of Nate playing the part Lukas gave him. Fortunately, Matthieu is fine with dicks which he demonstrates by taking Nate’s long, thick dick in a variety of creative positions.

Nate Donaghy
Matthieu Pique
s******* - 12/25/2019 11:56:04 PM

Nate needs to sit on someone's face soon!

R************ - 09/14/2019 11:10:36 AM

Bellissima leccata di sborra.

V************ - 09/11/2019 3:31:23 PM

Not a great scene at all. Matthieu barely goes down on Nate's cock at all orally. The kissing is horrible. Nate has no ass to speak of and a weak underdeveloped chest. The tattoos add nothing. The cum shots were unremarkable. I had to fast forward through 90 percent of this scene. 2 Stars.

b****** - 09/08/2019 7:44:05 PM

For me this scene was as good as the first.

a********* - 09/05/2019 10:12:11 AM

It's a real pleasure to see Nate again. I agree with Campomanes and bwjant. Would it be possible to have a photo set of Nate. I mean other than the one on BAOL. Thanks.

b***** - 09/04/2019 12:14:46 AM

Not Nate’s best scene but still good enough, he is such a pleasure to look at and his performance never fails. Matthieu is an all right partner and as this presumably is one of his first scenes he actually does well. About the story line: better have none than a stupid one. There is no romance in a line like “Today, we should have romantic sex” but Nate manages to turn this weird situation into affectionate and sweet sex anyway, so hurray for Nate!

w****** - 09/03/2019 9:48:19 PM

I seem to recall hearing the Marilyn chestnut in a previous scene and it caused a fair bit of controversy. I can't recall the argument at the time but why poke an old fire?

c********* - 09/03/2019 5:58:19 PM

Always great to see Nate again.... I've had a soft spot for him from the start. He's got a wonderful face and an extraordinarily beautiful mouth. And a luscious big, long dick. Like many BA guys he seems so sweet and gentle, like a lovely, generous boyfriend. Thanks, again, BA for another treasure from the gorgeous Czech/Slovak heartland.

b******* - 09/03/2019 4:56:29 PM

Agreed, not the most exciting scene, but Nate is so handsome and I love that big cock and those hairy legs. The light covering of hair on Mathieu's legs and around his eager, open hole make him look very sexy.

p***** - 09/03/2019 12:28:49 PM

It wasn't the most exciting sex ever but I never tire of watching Nate and his long, thick dick. Love you, Nate.

o****** - 09/03/2019 11:32:57 AM

Difficult to comment after the scene with Derek and Jon…Though I like these two models... Sorry

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