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Matthieu Pique & Jerome Exupery

Even though Jerome Exupery recently moved over to the production team, he still sometimes finds ways to jump in front of the camera. Especially when he's offered to fuck a hot guy. This morning, Jerome joins Matthieu Pique on the terrace and the sun is not the only thing that is rising. Jerome and Matthieu start kissing and even before they're properly undressed, Matthieu feels Jerome’s hard cock inside his butt. This hot „quickie“ encounter is the perfect way to start the day for both of the boys and for us.

Jerome Exupery
Matthieu Pique
w****** - 03/03/2024 8:51:10 PM

Jerome's a bit on the skinny side for me but I just love his attitude. For sure, no one can accuse him of being mechanical in his scenes. :-) This is a great scene of him with Matthieu who I'd love to have seen more of.

d******* - 06/18/2022 11:34:16 PM

Jerome and Matthieu two very sweet guys!

M********* - 06/11/2022 12:17:59 PM

What's better than a fuck in the morning, when anyone else slepps? Matthieu is amazing, sweet and sexy and Jerome horny like everytime. I like that Matthieu take his shirt later off and not hurry to get completley naked. Great orgasm of Matthieu, but why don't lick Jerome dick and body of his partner clean? He need this protein-shake for his work!

t****** - 06/10/2022 5:53:20 AM

I love watching Matthieu take it up the ass.

M****** - 06/08/2022 3:55:58 AM

Silly setup, annoying POV cam, but some nice scenery on the way to the other house. I liked the immediate anal, and I like watching Jerome fuck. It was a deliberate quickie, but even in that context I hoped for a rise in desire and passion but it didn't happen. Tiresome moaning. Similar wobbly camerawork as the Jim/Peter scene this week. Morning light was lovely; very romantic location. Puzzled by some of the earlier comments about Kevin -- did I miss him here somehow?

b********* - 06/07/2022 11:52:58 PM

Matthieu certainly has a delightfully furry ass! : )

l********** - 06/07/2022 8:59:10 PM

Don't even think of letting Jerome go already. He is a motor of many scenes, very sexy and funny. I love Kevin's personality.

M****** - 06/07/2022 7:43:42 PM


t****** - 06/07/2022 2:34:06 PM

I simply do not understand what drives BA to imagine Kevin is Freshmen material, or even BA material. He is low down on on Pg 5 or 6 on the list of favoured models.

p********** - 06/07/2022 12:13:30 PM

two beautiful guys....

a****** - 06/07/2022 10:29:54 AM

Still a fan of Jerome, and there's just something about Matthieu that is so cute, sexy, and hot in every scene he is in.

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