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Matthieu Corne & Andre Boleyn

There are currently two Matthieus on our roster: Matthieu Pique and Corne. There should not be too much confusion as the two lads look completely different. Unfortunately, one of the boys won’t be around much longer and is in our “Flirting with Freshmen” category. Mathieu Pique is currently part of our filming team. Our “flirt”, Mathieu Corne has just three scenes and this is the second. His partner is Andre Boleyn. Always helpful, Andre is providing “assistance” to Kevin by making sure he’s “trained” the models correctly. Rather than taking the time to observe a training session, Andre decides to take matters into his own hands, mouth and dick by seducing the boy. Thus, observing for himself the skills Kevin has taught him.

Andre Boleyn
Matthieu Corne
V************ - 11/22/2018 5:44:17 AM

I agree that Matthieu has a really cute face and nice cock. Very unfortunate about all of that tatoos though. Most of the time they were not too visible, which was nice but at the end they were very visible. Overall a nice performance and very romantic kissing.

S****** - 11/18/2018 10:54:15 PM

I love Andre - he's always hot, and always shoots a wonderful massive load of cum - but I do wish he would shave his balls...

i******* - 11/17/2018 8:00:50 PM

I want to see more of Matthieu Corne! Great performance! There's just something about him that is so engaging and natural. I think Matthieu and Jack would be a great combo! Of course Andre is always great.

t***** - 11/17/2018 9:07:20 AM

Great scene, Matthieu is very beautiful and Andre is a man angel as always. Because matthieu is beautiful i just wanted loads more kissing, especially with Andre, as my Andre is such a passionate naughty man angel. Can you re edit and add more kissing in please? LOL.

m******* - 11/16/2018 11:56:08 AM

Matthieu is a love, so cute, Andre is always a champion

g******* - 11/14/2018 8:41:52 AM

Mr Corne is a treasure - so cute. To see all that rich cum pour out of his lovely cock was a treat. Andre looked after him beautifully and as is wont, sprayed his juice everywhere!

i***** - 11/14/2018 2:05:57 AM

Wow couldn't be more disappointed to hear Matthew C . has left he really brought out the best in Andre who has always been one of my favorites. But I must admit ever since matthews interview and solo. I have looked forward to see his videos and he doesn't disappoint. Good luck to you what ever path you take in life if your as good at that as you are in sex you will be a success. THANKS

a********* - 11/13/2018 12:51:21 PM

💚 💙 💜 ❤️ 💛 Excellent camera work, good free interaction between the guys, good active sex, great fuck.

b***** - 11/13/2018 11:23:22 AM

Andre is being very gentle and affectionate with Matthieu, the result is one of the most romantic training sessions ever. Matthieu is good looking, sweet and responsive, pity that he did so little work for BA/FM. Andre is looking glorious here and shows what a splendid lover he is. The way he savours Matthieu’s cum is very enticing.

o****** - 11/13/2018 10:18:52 AM

Nice Fucking scene! Matthieu is cute, like his blue eyes and haired belly! But Andre is younger and more gorgeous than ever! Love his cock is very hard yet while asking about Matthieu's tastes. Great rimming and sweet fuck. Andre's cumshot is always stunning! But Matthieu's load seems delicious and Andre enjoys to eat it! 5*

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