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Mateo Diaz & Peter Annaud

Here is the first of two scenes we filmed with Mateo Diaz. Is Peter Annaud too much the challenge for your first porn scene? You won’t think so after viewing Mateo eagerly handling every inch of Peter’s peter. We briefly considered not releasing this as Mateo, having first scene jitters, was unable to cum. But the fucking is first-rate and both boys are cute with great chemistry. Plus, we couldn’t deprive you of the image of Mateo’s perfect ass bouncing on Peter. GD: For those disappointed in not seeing Mateo’s cumshot, he graciously agreed to film a jack-off scene which he is filming now and we will try to bring to you as soon as we can.

Peter Annaud
Mateo Diaz
F***** - 12/11/2022 3:48:02 AM

The opening scene was well done. Those of us who have been in 'open relationships' know the double edged sword of freedom and jealousy. It could have gone into a threesome but separating the Czech guys gave it a bit of an edge. Mateo was an incredible addition albeit temporarily. I guess he would be 22 today - wonder what life brought for him so far?

D************* - 11/30/2021 7:12:55 PM

Mateo Diaz is incredible. Handsome and beautiful. Mateo is very experienced and versatile: fucked by Peter in this film and then goes on to fuck Pip Caulfield in his next sex scene. It makes me wonder how an eighteen year old boy can become so professional and experienced at such an early age. I just know I am going to dream about kissing those beautiful lips and licking his tongue.

t********* - 02/05/2021 12:18:45 PM

I am always amazed at the girth of Peter's cock and lovers that can handle it so well.

d******* - 05/29/2020 2:00:35 AM

Mateo so handsome with nice thick lips and Peter so very cute. Lovely sexy two..

s********* - 01/02/2019 8:11:17 PM

I assume that a substantial section of the membership, especially Central European members, prefer models whom would appear comfortable in a uniform of the Arrow Cross Party or the Nasjonal Samling or the Frewillige Schutzstaffel. Nevertheless I feel non-Aryan Mateo is the sexiest model on the site. Sign him up!

p****** - 07/28/2018 5:59:07 PM

Mateo and Peter that is it. More sex and erotic is not possible. Great. Best eher 1000000 Stars.

h********* - 06/06/2018 12:28:35 AM

Sorry, but Mateo just doesn’t do it for me.

a******** - 05/09/2018 11:24:57 AM

What a super hot scene..... Peter's tool inside the cute Latino twink.....

s******* - 03/14/2018 1:23:39 AM

Great scene, Mateo is a champ and a beauty can't wait to see his next scene!

t****** - 02/23/2018 8:31:09 PM

When I first heard of this pairing, I presumed it was going to be Peter doing the bottoming, so props to Mateo for taking on Peter’s beautiful torch. As Peter is one of my ultimate favourites and Mateo is my favourite Colombian so far, this was a really enjoyable scene and great pairing. I didn’t even notice Mateo didn’t cum tbh. No disrespect to BA, but I’m glad you decided not to shelve this scene, as that would’ve been an unwise idea IMO, because the scene and guys were super. The sexy Mateo is a natural and does Colombia proud. It’s a shame this scene has an undeservedly low rating (as of now), as it is a ★★★★★ scene.

s******* - 02/23/2018 2:18:24 AM

superhot scene. i wanna see more latino guys with belami boys.

a********* - 02/20/2018 11:34:26 AM


h********** - 02/20/2018 11:22:12 AM

Mateo joined my A-list stars with his 2 scenes. He is an incredibly sexy handsome young man and I don't care about the "obligatory" end cumshot. We need more scenes with him.

B********* - 02/19/2018 2:36:15 AM

LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE CAMERAMAN! FANTASTIC WORK! The shots are what make the scene! You can have huge, power bottoms, everything. But ultimately it's the close-ups and the camera angles that brings us into the action. That makes us feel what they . Yes, it's hot. But it's also art. HOT ART. Unfortunately, there is zero focus on that. That's why there are so many formulaic clips. BJ-1. BJ-2. Rim. 3 position sex. Done. How about for 25th DP chooses his studio's 50 BEST FILMED SCENES. DIRECTOR'S CHOICE. I'd pay big bucks for that. DP needs to secure his immortality as a gay porn director of the first order. Right beside Cadinot and (early) Bjorn

c********* - 02/15/2018 10:35:41 PM

I'll join everyone else to praise this sizzling-hot scene. It'll all due to Mateo and especially to lovely Peter, with his charming, gentle enthusiasm and amazingly thick cock. What a pleasure to see him in action again! He's one of BA's very best.

r*********** - 02/14/2018 4:55:48 AM

Unbefuckinglievable. (I'm not surprised Mateo didn't cum after that - best not even to try to upstage that 97 pounder which he'd had so deep in (and out and in and out of) his purpose-made ass.)

A********** - 02/13/2018 11:16:18 PM

PERFECT !! Extremely hot and sexy: Mateo with his nice young body and huge cock, loving to be fucked by Peter with a oversized monumental cock. Nice job from both and from BA

J****** - 02/13/2018 7:32:26 PM

This is everyone's fantasy afternoon while on vacation in the tropics! Loved seeing Mateo worshiping Peter's gorgeous, heavy-headed penis. Mateo has a beautiful and sizable penis as well, but it is impossible to upstage Peter in this regard. Mateo's not climaxing makes this seem somehow more of a real experience, since no one has a perfect encounter each and every time. I hope you will continue to use Mateo, and not just for his solo. He is a truly beautiful guy!

m******* - 02/13/2018 7:01:56 PM

actually Mateo not cumming but anyway is very sexy boy and love Peter's big dick, very beauttiful hard sex

J****** - 02/13/2018 3:57:40 PM

If I have properly understood this, there are only two scenes with Mateo. This would be a pity extremely because Meato is a perfect choice as scene partner of Peter, who is an absolute favorite of me too. A very hot scene with a perfect performance of both guys, especially from the Newbie Mateo, also without cum shot. Congratulations on the discovery of Mateo! I'd wish to see much more him in action :-)))

L*********** - 02/13/2018 2:33:55 PM

Nice to know you´ll try to bring an extra scene with Mateo´s shot - even this is missing in the present clip, this scene is a real highlight. It looks like there are two guys in action and they are made for each other, a perfect pairing shows us a first class sex performance. Peter´s fantastic dick and Mateo´s super sexy ass in action together are very erotic and the filming job shows it the best way - congratulations!

g********* - 02/13/2018 10:28:13 AM

Joaquin's heroic act of unselfishness paves the way for this beautiful and highly erotic coupling. Peter is well known as a star performer, while Mateo proves to be a near perfect partner, who is lovely, with an attractive personality and hunger for sex I hope BA will return to Colombia some time, so that we shall have the pleasure of seeing him again

K************** - 02/13/2018 10:25:58 AM

What a great movie scene Really love peter and mateo Looking forward more mateo sex and with jack harrer

o****** - 02/13/2018 10:12:20 AM

A sexual delight!!! Wonderful as cute Mateo fucks himself, empaled on Peter's big cock! Hot Peter re-entry! Him and Mateo are stunning! Mateo who has a big dick too but he seems not cumming or I miss something...

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