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Mark Sullivan & Torsten Ullman

There is obvious chemistry and good humour between Mark and Torsten.  This continues despite Mark's somewhat clumsy blow job.  Fortunately, Torsten's veteran oral skills makes up for the newcomers shortcomings.  We believe you will find the encounter as enjoyable as the boys did.
Torsten Ullman
Mark Sullivan
h********* - 06/07/2018 11:03:42 PM

Two hot blonds in one scene! Mark is clearly nervous here, but that doesn’t bother me at all. It’s clear that Mark has bottomed before the way he suctioned Torsten’s big cock. Very nice, sexy scene. More Mark!

M****** - 10/06/2017 5:06:19 AM

Stunning. Loved every second of this pairing. Mark is beautiful with a fantastic body. Oh to be able to eat that perfect ass! Mark certainly wasn't overly responsive to Torsten's treatment, but I found it quite erotic the way he lay there taking that athletic fucking with just hint of a smile. He's a real keeper. But Torsten's magnificence is what knocked me out. Wonderful rimming, and those undulating hips and torso as he fucked Mark missionary -- few tops can match that flexibility, control, and stamina. I loved it.

J******** - 03/24/2017 9:45:04 AM

Die Rimming Szene, wenn Torsten seine Eichel in die Matraze bohrt und sein schön gewölbter straffer Arsch und sein unglaublich muskulöser schöner Körper, das ist wirklich eine Freude anzuschauen. Wenn Mark den Torsten reitet, Torstens Schwellkörperstrang quillt raus und dem Mark sein Schwanz ragt auch ganz steif nach oben, die zwei haben richtig Spass, süss auch wenn sie beim Reiten anhalten und sich küssen, wünschte ich steckte in ihm. Mark explodiert mit einer gewaltigen Ladung.

a***** - 02/26/2017 10:52:05 AM

Mark is gorgeous, especially with longer hair! I can't wait to see him in more scenes!

g******* - 02/12/2017 7:44:52 AM

Torsten, the greatest hunk in BA recent history, coupled with a new and rather cute boy. I think Mark was over-awed but hopefully he enjoyed the experience.

x******* - 02/09/2017 4:57:38 PM

Wonderful scene!! even though Torsten did carry the scene(He was beautiful, as always), Mark did a fine job and I do want to see more of him in action!!

N******** - 02/06/2017 5:55:35 PM

Sadly Mark doesn't live up to his still photos (which are great) for some reason. Torsten is a good (although far from exceptional) performer but hasn't really got "the look" has he? I will not be bothered if we don't get any more scenes with him.

t********* - 02/03/2017 12:35:30 PM

Torsten rules! He's the top of the tops!

o****** - 02/03/2017 8:13:09 AM

Enjoyable encounter yes! Beautiful blond pairing! Torsten'silken tanned skin and slender muscled body are magnificent! Funny opening! Torsten's oral skills are great but Mark is a newcomer yet, he will improve...Good fuck which would be hotter if deeper sometimes and it's a pity Torsten comes first and his re-enter was too short so that Mark comes while fucked.

J****** - 02/02/2017 8:43:25 PM

L'évidence même que le courant passe très bien entre le jolie Mark Sullivan et le maître Torsten agréable et léger, belle scène beaucoup aimé...

r***** - 02/02/2017 1:10:40 PM

Very nice!

t********* - 02/02/2017 9:40:03 AM

Strongly disagree with sammy3 and agree with geoffrey27: This clip was worth twelve months of subscription! I LOVE the nipple licking & sucking!!! Please more of this. And, this casting is outstanding -- these two make a FANTASTIC couple. Ten stars!! Please, GD, much more of these two!!!

s***** - 02/02/2017 9:07:35 AM

mark is way below standard.Boring

A********** - 02/01/2017 1:35:24 AM

Torsten is very good as always, but Mark seems not hot, not sexy for me, different from photos

P****** - 02/01/2017 12:46:29 AM

Expected better of Mark from his pictures, but letting his hair grow could help.

l****** - 01/31/2017 11:53:34 PM

Il cazzo e le palle di torsten sono prrfetti

b***** - 01/31/2017 10:12:46 PM

What Geoffrey says.

J****** - 01/31/2017 9:56:19 PM

Torsten is a god, while Mark is someone you could conceive of actually connecting with in the real world. Both boys have beautifully shaped penises. Mark also has very attractive feet, with toes you could nibble on with much pleasure. A tender, believable encounter. Let's see Mark some more!

g********* - 01/31/2017 8:52:26 PM

Beautiful Torsten is the star, while Mark's bottoming debut is very promising.

j****** - 01/31/2017 8:38:51 PM

This clip is worth one month's subscription! Mark's position is awkward for him sucking, but it gives us wonderful views of Torsten's magnificent cock! Then the close view of Torsten's glans slowly entering Mark's hole and the long perfect shaft slipping in to the root is erotic perfection. This is such a hot but sensual fuck, then Torsten's ample load jetting up to Mark's hole, and Torsten re-entering is great in itself, but crowned by seeing Tristan's shaft still twitching in orgasmic spasm is beyond perfection in porn. Congratulations all round!!

m***** - 01/31/2017 8:22:59 PM

I would prefer to describe Torsten's "veteran oral skills" as professional and accurate!

r******* - 01/31/2017 8:19:27 PM

Let Mark's hair grow out a bit. Then he would be perfection.

m********** - 01/31/2017 6:51:45 PM

Beautiful. I look forward to more!

p******** - 01/31/2017 6:37:43 PM

Torsten is always fab! So elegant. I agree with pancho. At that awkward angle Mark was at a distinct disadvantage giving Torsten head. Not Mark's fault in this case. Fun start to the scene. I really liked Torsten and Mark! ***** : )

s***** - 01/31/2017 1:07:40 PM

I like Torsten, and I thought he was the strongest of the two. I thought Marc was a bit too immobile, and didn’t look as good as he does in photos, in the same way Torsten does.

H***** - 01/31/2017 12:46:18 PM

I found this scene average and to be honest a bit boring. Because of the bad film angeling not very exciting at all! A pity!

p***** - 01/31/2017 12:32:24 PM

It's nice to see Torsten, Greek god of my dreams, so animated & seemingly turned on by Mark. It's a bit cruel to characterize Mark's blow job as somewhat clumsy considering that he is lying on his back with Torsten straddling his chest. He has very little freedom of movement from that position. I found Mark to be perfectly adequate although not extraordinary. An enjoyable scene overall.

S******* - 01/31/2017 10:47:55 AM

Despite of Torsten's proclamations of punishing Mark for playing a practical joke on him, the scene that followed them was 100% of sweetness, - gentle, tender, romantic lovemaking of partners wanting each other in the most obvious and open way and trying to please each other as much as they can. Well, if Torsten really desires his partner, he's an absolute perfection of a lover, that's a law, - and young cutie-pie Mark, as inexperienced as he is, was responding with an equal desire. Cuteness itself!.. :)))))))))))

a********* - 01/31/2017 9:34:09 AM


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