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Mark Laysson & Peter Annaud

When Mark Laysson finished his training period, we introduced him to Peter Annaud. Peter is a nice and fun guy and always makes you feel good when he is around. That is until he takes out his massive cock! At that point, many of our boys start to get nervous and a few have even refused to continue shooting with him. Luckily for all of us, Mark was up to the challenge. After sucking Mark‘s cock, Peter takes off his pants and Mark gets on his knees to return the favour. His mouth is filled and his excitement slowly grows until he lays down and asks Peter to fuck his ass. Peter is gentle at first but when he feels his partner can take more, he makes Mark moan with pleasure. This hot lovemaking only finishes when they shoot warm loads over each other.

Peter Annaud
Mark Laysson
M******** - 01/30/2024 6:45:18 PM

Why don't you show the boys when they walk naked to the shower? That would be the most beautiful part.

R***** - 02/14/2022 9:46:13 PM

Mark is a gorgeous, sexy, young hunk; with a cute, boyish face; fantastic pecs, nipples, pits,. ass & cock. He looks even sexier sucking Peter's thick, stiff dick; before being fucked. Mark has a great cumshot over Peter's face; before Peter returns the favour.

t********* - 01/30/2022 3:44:21 AM

Love Mark for his cheerful personality and fantastic physique - those nipples, pecs and butt are magnificent! But, I also like to see him as a bottom and Peter is a great top. But, would have much more liked to see a full-on fuck scene where Mark cums as he is still getting fucked by Peter rather than this 1990s BA mutual jack off technique (go back and check the older scenes). It might be great if Mark can hit the gym with Peter or Adam (who have both perfected cardio and anabolic exercise to have a really ripped near NPC-physique) AND, in addition to trim the chest fuzz to better show the chest muscle separation and tie-in (something that genius brand guru GD I think was way ahead of us on), getting him to diet like Peter and Adam in addition to weights to maintain a ripped physique as it is easy to lose a six-pack on beer, as maybe Helmet might attest. BUT, getting him to regularly tan to have Peter's fully ripped look, would be awesome if possible because of those awesome nipples (which, if in his next hopefully bottoming scene, Mark could to keep a tan like Peter's near- NPC physique look) and the director or cameraman might get Mark's scene partner to spend just 1-2 minutes more on nipple sucking and licking, it would for me set up the fucking much better, along with intense tongue kissing. I must also say the Netherlands trip seemed to let Peter to relax a bit and lose that super-intense low-budget porn face where he seems to look shocked or faking it or both. Lastly, thank you for allowing me (us) to express our opinions in this instant-post format. I am a very long-time subscriber as well to Corbin Fisher and remember it's glory days of 2011-12. When Corbin redesigned the website and improved his technology platform from what he was using when he first started in 2003-04, a BIG requirements screw-up was not to modernize his customer intake mechanism to instantly poll subscriber thoughts and impressions. It only left us this 2003 IT helpdesk ticket format where, even though Corbin often responds cordially to, I'm sure he must eventually tire of. Think of how often long-time BA and Freshnet subscriber post their opinions and feedback on content. It to me is what keeps Belami the global market gorilla. Lastly, tip the hat to the continuing presence of the Belami founding genius, George Duroy, to keeping, like Corbin, his hand in brand impactful issues like content, the next chat channel and its hopeful breeding ground (no pun intended) for the future Lukas or Dolph or Torben or Helmet or Adam, not as the new revenue center onblierating the proven approach to brand management, which George, like Corbin, is a genius at, not the heartless private investor group with no context and only looking to reward its investors - the product be damned. Again thank you for this opportunity. I just appreciate, like I think other long-time subscribers like Pianist or Octrebor or Csam or Teejay or Georgep2 or Ajames or Badboybrent do, the opportunity to give our personal preferences and be heard respectfully. It is part of the beauty of Belami!

d******* - 01/29/2022 3:26:25 PM

Mark is very loving to Peter with his sweet kisses and nice cock, lovely body, gorgeous eyes, gentle smile to and Peter enjoys his cock too.

g******* - 01/28/2022 12:19:07 AM

Peter is as wonderful as ever but Mark ---- what a sexy hunk. Beautiful face, abs and legs sitting on the sofa with his legs apart as they talked. One destination for my face (in my dream).

c********** - 01/27/2022 10:47:31 PM

Mark Laysson has a great body and an engaging personality. He is absolutely great in combination with Peter. Can we expect to see more of Mark soon? Paired with Jason Bacall perhaps?

J****** - 01/27/2022 12:57:59 AM

I really hope to see mutch more of Mark, also as top please!

P****** - 01/26/2022 8:30:51 PM

This video captures Mark Laysson at his most sweetly innocent. I've been watching him on Chat for two years and sad to say, he's lost some of his initial playful flirtatiousness. Now on Chat he often seems unhappy and bored, and he's going in for things like wrapping his nude body in plastic and using a "fuck machine" that don't much appeal to me. Good to see a reminder here of the Mark I used to like so much.

b******* - 01/26/2022 6:04:51 PM

Mark is both manly and beautiful, and a very pleasing bottom.

B***** - 01/25/2022 4:27:42 PM

Mark is great ..... more of him please!

c********* - 01/25/2022 12:40:34 PM

Five stars from me, too! Mark is full of charming smiles and sweet, gentle enthusiasm. He's also magnificently built -- a real beauty and a match for the always wonderful Peter the Great. I love how Mark is so impressed when he first sees Peter's unbeatable cock... his murmurs of admiration...Loved it all.

a***** - 01/25/2022 10:16:20 AM

5 stars

J******** - 01/25/2022 9:40:10 AM

Peter hat Mark's Samen im Gesicht und dann haut er seine Ladung auf Mark's Brust - so geil!

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