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Mark Laysson & Bobby Kanne

Mark Laysson joins Bobby Kanne at the outdoor workout park and reveals a small secret. Mark’s perfectly shaped body is the result of some very hard work, including on the gymnastics floor. His control over every single muscle in his body is truly astonishing and Bobby is impressed. After heading back to the apartment, Mark shows Bobby that he likes to have control over more than just his own body. They are soon making out and undressing each other. It is highly erotic to watch these two perfect specimens in action together. Mark stuffs his cock into Bobby’s mouth before Bobby offers to give Mark the ride of his life. After switching positions several times, the couple move closer and closer to orgasm. Bobby’s thick load lands over Mark’s balls, who then shoots a nice warm load for Bobby to taste.

Mark Laysson
Bobby Kanne
F******* - 05/08/2024 12:45:03 AM

Very beautiful scene. I like Bobby Kanne's style. He is super sexy. I discovered Mark Laysson. He has a superb body and he really enjoys being penetrated. and Terribly exciting. . I like the moment where his beautiful cock swings while he sits on Bobby's. Well done.

D********* - 05/02/2024 6:24:10 AM

Wow ... hot inviting fuck scene 😍😋

H********** - 04/23/2024 8:26:10 PM

one of the best videos ever !!! Thank you so much!

b******* - 03/16/2024 8:08:22 PM

Bonbys Schwanz bleibt auch nach dem Abspritzen steif und hart. geil!!

M******** - 03/02/2024 7:16:08 PM

Why don't you show the boys when they walk naked from behind?

g******* - 01/29/2024 11:21:39 PM

So damn good.

t********* - 01/19/2024 8:41:32 AM

AWESOME models and fucking smoking HOT sex!! So fucking beautiful - love this scene!! Thank goodness — finally Freshmen is featuring actually HOT guys, not butt-white, skinny, ugly-ass twinks that we have seen unrelentingly for the last three to four months!!! AMEN!

8********** - 01/18/2024 8:21:39 PM

Very nice couple. Both are very attractive.

J****** - 01/18/2024 3:25:36 AM

I'm a big fan of Mark but I don't like Bobby - sorry.

M*************** - 01/17/2024 7:57:21 PM

I'm sure we're all familiar with the phrase "He was born to ...." and that certainly would apply to these two, especially Bobby who seems like then wild horse locked in his stall dying to get out in front of his audience and scene partner and perform hot and intimate and frankly I'm getting an impression he may be without limits when it comes to his public performances. No hesitation, no inhibition, let's get to it shall we. Fabulous! One just hopes we in America still enjoy the freedom to enjoy our internet as we see fit after November. As we continue to circle the drain not unlike your Hungarian neighbors who's to say our ability to control our internet use may simply start to be decided by others, especially in our book burning southern states like Florida where merely using the word GAY in school is now against state law and being found guilty of such a crime may land you behind bars. Believe it..Don't take your eyes off the ball or dare I say the lovely balls.

C*********** - 01/17/2024 2:47:04 PM

Hot scene! I liked the rimming and ATM, more of this please! I hope Bobby's ass get stretched soon too 😈

J******** - 01/17/2024 6:59:14 AM

Bild 17 - die Boysahne auf dem Säckchen das ist aber fein!

D******* - 01/17/2024 1:04:29 AM

Thought so. Perfection. 😍

b********* - 01/16/2024 9:31:44 PM

Agree with soundbdy that Bobby has kind eyes. He also has that casual vibe that I enjoyed in Kris Evans. Love his sexy facial stubble.😋

M****** - 01/16/2024 7:34:07 PM

This is classic BA -- athletic horseplay giving over to passionate sex. Loved the feats of strength and body worship that preceded the action (although Bobby's magnificent nipples were ignored). Mark may be the new Marcel: a muscular, joyful, eager bottom. Note how Mark presented his hole for rimming, how he impaled himself and ground back on Bobby's cock, and how he eagerly went to his back for the missionary -- twice! I wish the rimming had been two parts so we'd getter a better view of Mark's hole. Bobby's fucking technique is getting better (more variety in tempo and depth), but I'd still like to see him power up the intensity, especially with a bottom like Mark who so clearly wants it.

M********* - 01/16/2024 7:17:24 PM

Wow, wow what a amazing pairing! First: complyment to the filming, the close-ups from rimming Mark are so great - thats new in history of filming on FM I think. Bobby's and Mark's performing is so lustful and sexy, that I hope this is not the last szeene we see from this two super-sexy guys.

x****** - 01/16/2024 5:05:24 PM

Mark and Bobby's workout inside the house was way more enjoyable than at the park. Great sexercise with a tasty reward! :)

B***** - 01/16/2024 4:43:24 PM

A really great scene. Bobby has beautiful nips. Always love/worship Mark preferably with longer wavy hair ....... stupendous body he has!

s******* - 01/16/2024 4:10:43 PM

I've just realized that Bobby's best feature are his eyes. They are kind and warm. Mark has a great smile. Of course, they also have other large and attractive attributes! :-)~

n***** - 01/16/2024 3:28:32 PM

Smoking hot dudes!!

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