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Mark & Ryan

This Cape Town photo Sampler with Mark Sullivan and Ryan McKenna marks your introduction to Ryan. His full roll-out will occur later this year so we’re anxious to hear your “thoughts” *. *George’s original word was “bitching” but I softened the language as I know customers never do that (walks off whistling a happy tune).

h********* - 10/11/2018 7:10:18 PM

OK, it’s been more than a year now, and still no sign of the promised video of this photo shoot. Does it still exist? These two are very hot, and seem to have a real chemistry, too. I’ve been in love with Mark since he first appeared, but his absence is not encouraging. Is he working with BA?

J******* - 01/02/2018 12:40:08 PM

When are you featuring Ryan??

x******* - 10/03/2017 5:53:03 AM


d****** - 08/25/2017 6:58:35 AM

Bitching?? Really?? This from the people calling their own models fat or plain etc. Gurl, please!! Ryan looks fabulous BTW.

p******** - 08/23/2017 3:08:19 AM

Ryan is amazing!!! He is fantastic to look at, and paired with wonderful Mark? Splendid!!!! ***** 😊

m***** - 08/22/2017 8:44:40 PM

More of those guys, please!

J****** - 08/22/2017 8:05:30 PM

Parfait amant splendide les photos beauté de deux jeunes hommes superbes

o****** - 08/22/2017 7:53:37 PM

"Bitching" really? I love Ryan!!! With awesome Mark he does a great couple!

S******* - 08/22/2017 7:50:43 PM

A perfectly beautiful couple. Together Mark and Ryan do look like they were born for each other, - that's definitely the best compliment I can make to a couple. :))))))))))

a****** - 08/22/2017 7:03:18 PM

Gorgeous young guys with great bodies. Can't wait to see much more of these treasures. GD, thanks for investing in Ryan. His solo was very good but your makeup/grooming department turned him into alluringly beautiful young man. Kudos!!!!

x****** - 08/22/2017 5:55:38 PM

Wow!! 5 Wows for Mark, 4 Wows for Ryan! A stunningly beautiful twosome. Can't wait for a flip-flop between them!

m********** - 08/22/2017 4:54:41 PM

Spectacular couple

d*** - 08/22/2017 3:28:22 PM

Splendid photos of two gorgeous young men...looking forward to more of these two...💕d.r.

w************* - 08/22/2017 2:28:05 PM

Ryan McKenna may not be the most handsome model, but he has a great body, as shown in pic #8. And pic #1 shows his face can photograph nicely. Mark Sullivan is as alluring as ever.

L*********** - 08/22/2017 2:19:56 PM

Very nice photos from two perfect looking young men, it´s great to know there will be more than photos only, come with these more very soon please!

b***** - 08/22/2017 2:07:14 PM

Only one complaint: not enough pictures of these two gorgeous young men, what a wonderful pairing.

p***** - 08/22/2017 11:52:54 AM

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of Ryan

J********* - 08/22/2017 11:25:18 AM

💕 Ryan Mckenna 💕 I hope we can see a lot more of him in the future, i can not wait for his full roll-out later this year.

g********* - 08/22/2017 10:50:02 AM

One would have to be very demanding indeed not to enjoy these delightful images of two lovely young men, who seem made for one another.

t****** - 08/22/2017 10:46:56 AM

Nice images. I find Ryan compelling.

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