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Mario Texeira & Luca Carrera

“Reality Television” is an oxymoron. Once you point a camera at someone it inevitably changes their behaviour. That’s why Luke, who was tasked to film scenes in the “classic” Bel Ami style had, in many ways, an easier job than Kevin who was charged with filming more spontaneous and candid sexual encounters. His desire to have free flowing scenes was thwarted by models still asking for direction. An exception to this rule was this scene between Mario and Luca. In this case the camera changed their behaviour to make them hornier. As soon as he started filming the two boys were so into the action that Kevin had a hard time pulling them apart to take them to a better filming location. Speaking of “hard time” Kevin’s other challenge was keeping the camera steady as the action he was watching was making him horny! You’re about to see a display of genuine attraction and affection between two very hot and cute guys. We hope you enjoy it as much as Kevin did!

Mario Texeira
Luca Carrera
M****** - 12/03/2020 11:42:37 PM

There were enough minor camera and lighting problems to make this otherwise wonder scene nearly unwatchable. So shaky throughout with unfortunate shadowing of the action. Really a shame, because this is a beautiful couple and their lovemaking should've been captured better. This attic doesn't make a good location.

d******* - 06/29/2020 4:00:44 PM

Yes, Kevin jabbering was not part of the scene as you learn from experience but the sex was great especially the kissing .

b****** - 04/26/2020 7:36:41 PM

Please, please add zip files!!!! Stop with the hair bit it is how they act not their hair. And yes Luca should bottom, it would make him a better top.

s***** - 04/14/2020 7:45:26 PM

i love Kevin as always - without him it would be just another porn...anyway two nice guys !

R************ - 03/15/2020 11:50:27 PM

Bella leccata di culo pieno di sborra.

V************ - 03/13/2020 7:31:25 PM

I don't remember seeing Luca before. I really like Mario. However, I didn't like this scene very much. Did not enjoy Kevin's talking to them during the filming. Both had decent cum shots, and I loved seeing Luca lick up his own cum at the end. A lot of the rest of it I fast forwarded through. I give it 3 stars.

w****** - 03/11/2020 10:37:31 PM

I can find no fault with Luca. He is good looking with a perfectly proportioned body and manages to put in a great performance in spite of Kevin's grannying. I too would like to see him with Riff or Nate but for the opposite reason to gcmcgrath56.

j****** - 03/11/2020 8:27:18 PM

I like it shaved

N******** - 03/11/2020 9:27:09 AM

These models were reasonably well trimmed, but I'd have shaved them further for the perfect look!

R********* - 03/10/2020 11:18:12 PM

I agree 100 % with Arrivame:Ban the razorsand the scissors.

a******* - 03/10/2020 9:40:11 PM

please stop trimming and shaving your models body hair

g********** - 03/10/2020 1:50:18 PM

I am very fond of sweet Mario, but personally I do not find Luca at all attractive. If you must employ him, give him to Dornan or Donaghy or your beloved Jerome so that I can skip the scene entirely. You make most of your attractive models bottom for them.

j******** - 03/10/2020 12:04:18 PM

Let them get on with it, Kevin. They don't need any interventions or directions from you. This is a 5* performance.

o****** - 03/10/2020 10:14:01 AM

Energetic fucking but… I like the final cum licking!

u***** - 03/10/2020 9:07:23 AM

Will luca ever have a scene as a bottom?

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