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Mario Texeira & Jim Durden

Jim is well-rounded, sexually talented, cheeky and flirty has a nice body, a great cock, is fun to be around and so consequently gets along with everyone. He’s also great at taking advantage of opportunities as demonstrated here. There is always a dearth of privacy that comes with our big productions. So, when Jim reveals to Mario that he knows of a secret, private place Mario jumps at the opportunity to jump Jim’s bones. This scene was filmed by Adam and Joel. They hope you appreciate their efforts to bring you this scene featuring hot and horny fucking between two very sexy guys.

Mario Texeira
Jim Durden
G********* - 05/31/2024 9:51:24 PM

Someone doesn't know how to handle a camera mic. There was some constant bumping or rattling going on through the ENTIRE SCENE causing nonstop distracting audio interference. This is a common problem in Bel Ami and Freshmen videos, but seems unusually bad here. This video was posted in 2019. You'd think after decades of doing this, Bel Ami could figure out basic audio issues! Vabeachguy482 (8/5/2019) calls this a "very nice scene by two dark headed beauties. Mario is sooo cute. Jim less so, but still good looking." Well, tastes really are individual. I find Jim's body AND face much more beautiful than Mario, who has an awful haircut to boot. But the main problem is that yet again, Jim's face is cut out of frame during his orgasm. I'm tired of repeating myself, so won't go on about that here. But this is a wasted and mediocre scene all around.

m******* - 06/06/2020 6:51:16 AM

Great video, I am a big fan of Mario Texeira, this guy has an amazing hot body every man could dream off. Mario is hot as hell and a good companion for Jim Durden ...Love to watch Jim sucking that huge cock of Marto.....Bring both men back soon on stage...

d******* - 05/12/2020 6:17:42 AM

Jim and Mario get away from the others and display their lovely bodies with lots of passion for each other..

D************* - 10/25/2019 11:21:12 AM

Jim Durden makes me feel so alive every time I see one of his sex scenes. I must be his biggest fan. I must be in love with him. Please George Duroy, more downloadable high resolution photos so I can print them and frame them for my wall.

M******** - 08/20/2019 12:26:26 AM

Great scene, but I would have loved to see the boys in the shower as well.

C************** - 08/16/2019 7:47:19 PM

Hot scene with two hot young guys.

R************ - 08/11/2019 4:11:32 PM

Amo le sborrate sul buco del culo.

V************ - 08/05/2019 4:02:42 PM

A very nice scene by two dark headed beauties. Mario is sooo cute. Jim less so, but still good looking. Lots of things to like about this scene. The kissing was sensual, Jim deep throats well, and voraciously eats Mario's hungry ass. Nice cum shots and nice tosee Jim slurp up some of Mario's cum though ti was minimal. Once again though, BA misses the opportunity to show us Jim fucking Mario from the rear when Jim is standing on the bed with Mario's ass in the air fucking him from above. What a great opportunity to give us a rear view of Jim's back side and cock as he pounds Mario's sweet hole. But overall a really good scene.

g******* - 08/04/2019 8:42:58 AM

Great sex with both really wanting it. The cum licking was a turn on but when Jim was sucking Mario's sexy ass, his own beautiful hole was such a delight. Loved the beginning and end so that the sex has a context.

a***** - 08/04/2019 12:06:44 AM

Jim and Mario were WONDERFUL together!

J********** - 08/02/2019 2:46:36 PM

More of Jim, please! I cannot get enough of this sexy stud who is beautiful both inside and out!!!

w****** - 07/31/2019 6:09:53 PM

Jim is a superstar. I love his sexy body and energetic lovemaking and his usual habit of licking up the cream afterwards. I was a bit disappointed he didn't complete the job here.

P****** - 07/30/2019 3:02:39 PM

Two nice-looking guys with really nice bodies.

p***** - 07/30/2019 1:02:45 PM

Jim really is fantastic. Not only is he wonderful to look at but he is such a ravenous lover that one can't help but be drawn into the scene with him. I like to think of him as the "Kevin" of the new generation of models.

a***** - 07/30/2019 10:32:38 AM

Okay...does anyone read the “dialogue” before its published? 🙄🙄. That aside, this was fucking on fire 🔥

o****** - 07/30/2019 9:44:23 AM

Jim topping is a gem!!! Well paired with Mario! Mario's nipples are two jewels but voracious Jim prefers his ass!

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