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Mario Texeira & Jason Bacall

Our headlining scene with Mario Texeira and Jason Bacall is a romantic morning encounter that takes us from the bed, to the shower, and onto some impassioned lovemaking. Since Mario’s introductory/training scene with Adam last year, he has been in a second crowd-pleasing scene with Nate. Now he is with another blue-eyed cutie, Jason Bacall. We suspect that the raves for this scene will be as abundant as they were for Mario’s previous two encounters.

Jason Bacall
Mario Texeira
c********** - 05/08/2023 1:40:18 AM

A lovely couple, very well filmed. Jason is as always adorable. Has he given up fucking women as well and is he now totally into cute men?

h********* - 09/14/2020 1:40:30 AM

Mario is the bomb, but his shaved ass looks silly. Who’s idea was that? He’s a real bottom boy, seems unable to have enough hard cock in his hole. Nice cum shots, and Jason sharing cum with Mario was nice.

a******* - 02/20/2020 12:45:32 PM

Please, please STOP shaving them - this is getting bring and predictable - they are supposed to be men, or is the fresh referring to freshly scraped!

V************ - 01/20/2020 4:06:57 PM

Wonderful scene with two handsome models. Love Mario! He is so cute. Great camera work here. So different from most scenes here. Loved both cum shots, the sexy kissing, lip and tongue play,. Very well done.

R************ - 06/21/2019 9:18:07 PM


b****** - 04/23/2019 8:41:14 AM

Another great scene by two wonderful guys

g******** - 04/18/2019 3:11:41 AM

Awesome, awesome camera work. The close-ups are phenomenal.

p******* - 06/02/2018 6:56:33 PM

Nice scene with two sexy models - Mario is a great newbie who I hope to see a lot more of. The top re-entering the bottom through his own load is by far the hottest way to end a scene - far better than a facial!

i***** - 06/02/2018 6:07:09 PM

couldn't add much it was awesome watched several times, still COULDN'T get enough JASON IS GREAT MARIO IS great get the idea WOW thanks guys and of course Belami

a***** - 06/02/2018 2:27:26 PM

Need to see more of Mario. Sizzling hot scene!

g******* - 06/01/2018 1:26:02 AM

I do love Jason. He fucks with such passion and seeing his spunk covered face as he kissed the hunky and sexy Mario was just beautiful. Better still was the loving re-entry and the enticing ring of cum. Fabulous.

t********* - 05/31/2018 1:10:45 PM

Nominated for best cream-pie and cum-eating awards. Jason is charming and Mario does not stand behind - or on a second thought does... but very nicely! Lovely faces and bodies

b***** - 05/30/2018 10:57:52 AM

Jason can come cook me breakfast every time! I think he is one of the handsomest guys in the current BA/FM stable, sexually very attractive and a stable performer. He comes across as a very pleasant guy also, so based on his presence alone this episode deservers 5 stars already. Mario proves a worthy partner, who is so much more attractive in moving images than in picture stills.

m******* - 05/29/2018 7:25:34 PM

last but not for quality 'I found the scene very beautiful with Jason and Mario, the first and' very very nice and sexy, the second even if it is not among my favorites (maybe tomorrow morning I found it in my bed) has a beautiful body and rides Jason's cock with passion, enjoying it fully

c************ - 05/29/2018 3:12:19 PM

Mario is so horny & slut, i love him

L*********** - 05/29/2018 1:08:09 PM

What a breakfast! Already this pairing is a dream itself. A wonderful scene with very creative action in passion, also sensitive but no less erotically. The very professional camera job gives an extra top to the action and makes this clip to a real highlight. Congratulation, Jason and Mario, can´t be done any better.

o****** - 05/29/2018 10:36:22 AM

Burning breakfast with two superb hot Young men! Mario gets a gorgeous body and his peculiar face is attractive too! Like Jason's hairy crotch and legs! Great cumshots Jason one with creamy re-entry and Mario one feeding greedily Jason! Great cameras work with hot close-ups and angles!

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