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Mario Texeira & Hoyt Kogan

The Freshmen Hoyt drought has lasted since October of last year.  So, we’re here to quench your thirst by combining him with the delectable Mario Texiera.  While Mario is not a newbie, Philip still thought it wise to have him journey from Bratislava to Prague in order to learn from our more experienced models.  It is up to “old-pro” Hoyt to dispense some love-making lessons on his eager-to-learn pupil.   Not only is Hoyt the most dazzling “instructor” you can ever hope to see, he is also one of the most talented cocksuckers and fuckers we have.  Skills he demonstrates in this exceptional encounter. 

Hoyt Kogan
Mario Texeira
G********* - 06/30/2024 4:00:16 AM

Mario's orgasm is the only redeeming feature of this badly filmed scene (which totally hides Hoyt's face during his orgasm).

M****** - 12/03/2020 11:49:44 PM

I especially liked the missionary section. The height of the bed was perfect to showcase Hoyt's form as he thrusted in and out. Good chemistry throughout. One detail: I very much like is when we see a model's full face with his eyes in frame, but it's distracting in a scene like this to look right into the camera as Hoyt does while blowing Mario. Place the camera near Mario's head and let Hoyt look him straight in the eyes -- it will be perfect.

h********* - 09/14/2020 1:51:58 AM

Hot scene with a dud ending. Mario shoots a massive geyser of cum, and Hoyt ignores all that yummy cream, and instead flips Mario over and finished himself off fucking Mario doggy, shoots his cum on Mario’s back. Totally bad ending. If I’d been Hoyt, I would have dived into Mario’s sexy pits, eaten his cum, then given him a facial.

V************ - 02/21/2020 4:36:58 PM

Mario is one of the cutest models BAOL and Freshmen has. He could use a little upper body work to build up his chest, but otherwise he is just plain great looking. This is actually a pretty good scene, though Hoyt is not one of my favorite models anymore. Though some seem to have found the upper lip kissing sexy I find it extremely superficial and get the impression that Hoyt really doesn't like kissing. I find it puzzling because he will suck cock, and eat ass, but he will not engage in truly sensual full mouth on mouth and deep kissing. For that reason I give it four stars.

C******** - 02/21/2020 1:05:03 AM

I very much enjoyed this video for its showing two great looking guys in warm action, excellent tongue and lip sucking by Hoyt and lots of decent kissing, albeit without tongue contact.

b******* - 02/19/2020 3:08:17 PM

Hoyt is not one of my favorites as although a capable performer he often fails to show much commitment, but here I agree with Otrebor - those beautiful lips kissing and sucking Mario's cock captivated me and I replayed that section several times..

S****** - 02/19/2020 4:48:43 AM

OMG - what's all the complaining about Hoyt's haircut?? His hairdo is sexy. He looks great with any hair style! A wonderful scene - Hoyt and Mario are stunning together.

J****** - 02/18/2020 8:28:41 PM

Mario est un charmeur séduisant, je le préfère au naturel brune que blonde qu'il était à la venue de Blake MitchelL..Oui la scène est moyenne!

a********* - 02/18/2020 6:04:00 PM

Average pleasant scene, without letting me reach exciting peaks, 2 and a half stars.

R************ - 02/18/2020 3:27:02 PM

Splendida scena di sesso. Ho sborrato guardandola.

P****** - 02/18/2020 2:45:42 PM

Mario is nice. Hoyt has always left me cold, and that haircut is horrid.

t****** - 02/18/2020 1:46:50 PM

every couple of year Hoyt gets this crazy haircut that doesnt suit him at all...what a shame. otherwise such a handsome guy and a great pairing

o****** - 02/18/2020 10:15:14 AM

The best scene of this issue! Awesome Hoyt is more engaged here than usual! His gorgeous lips licking and sucking Mario's dick… WOW! Mario who comes first is a great and greedy bottom! His shoot is excellent! Nice Hoyt re-entries! Happy to see Rick at the beginning! Why he doesn't perform anymore?

s******** - 02/18/2020 9:36:16 AM

And yay thou shalt lie back and receive the ministry of the HardRod and the rimming of the PuckeredHole so that thee might truly Savor the Jubilations of Thrust from the Granite Staff of Hoyt applied to thine Wanting wet sphincter and Pulsating prostate. (Lesson 7.2. from the Kabalic Psalms of Hoyt)

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