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Manuel Rivero

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Manuel Rivero in this „First look“ photo set. Manuel comes from Slovakia and was first recruited by Joaquin Arrenas. After a couple of photo sets, we decided to try filming him as well. But after a few scenes, we felt that his performance needed improvement and decided to give him some time to work out whether he wanted to continue with us or not. In the meantime, we can admire his beauty, youth and innocence.

c***** - 01/03/2024 12:43:34 AM

Manuel has a great body and really cute face, he has my attention along with Hugo Carter.

g******* - 12/27/2023 11:01:39 AM

Very cute guy - I just hope, we will see more of him soon...

b******* - 12/18/2023 12:36:47 AM

He's a stunner. So beautiful.

C***** - 09/13/2023 11:21:18 PM

Manuel looks stunning and super awesome and I hope there will be more of Manuel to come.

D************* - 08/25/2023 9:46:14 PM

These photos are outstanding! It doesn't mention who the photographer was, but he needs to know what a great job he did with the lighting and composition. Re: We can admire his beauty, youth and innocence: Manuel has that boyish smile, and is so lovable. My heart aches knowing I will never get to make love to him. It would be the pleasure of a lifetime. Please give him another chance at filming him. I know with some training he would be a star.

F********** - 08/04/2023 5:21:39 PM

Grow back the pubic hair please otherwise beautiful with a gorgeous hairy ass...

R***** - 08/03/2023 5:54:18 PM

Manuel is a gorgeous, sexy cutie with an adorable smile on his cute, boyish face. A very hot, sexy, lean, toned body; with lovely silky smooth pits. I love his shaved pubes and silky smooth cock & balls; together with a his furry, fuckable ass. A beautiful suckable cock both soft and fully erect. I'd love to lick up the cum from his smooth tummy. I hope we get to see more of Manuel in the future - I'd love to see his lips wrapped around another Bel Ami Boy's stiff dick and see his furry ass eaten out and stretched open by a thick dick and fucked hard.

a****** - 08/03/2023 3:44:19 PM

Very good-looking guy but he definitely needs some pubes.

g******* - 08/02/2023 11:00:36 PM

I like it now when the cum shots are shown. He has a beautiful smile and a lovely body with a hot hairy bum. Just needs to grow back his pubes.

t****** - 08/02/2023 1:48:16 PM

Cute face. Looking forward to seeing it covered in cum.

s********* - 08/02/2023 7:05:23 AM

He's lovely! I hope he comes back soon so we can see him in action.

c****** - 08/02/2023 3:56:08 AM

Working out? Why not but IMO that's not a prerequisite. letting grow out the pubes is much more important and easier to do.

w****** - 08/01/2023 9:50:02 PM

He might be attractive once he has grown some pubic hair.

B***** - 08/01/2023 7:52:11 PM

A beautiful fellow .... a keeper!

b********* - 08/01/2023 7:19:05 PM

Manuel has a great face and beautiful furry ass, but the shaving of his pubic fur makes the whole set look lopsided and well, just unnatural and strange.

t******* - 08/01/2023 5:59:27 PM

Such a nice face and set of lips. It just takes a little time for some of these guys to settle in. I will patiently wait to see more of Manuel. Hopefully, sucking hard cock and offering up his furry ass.

B******** - 08/01/2023 5:23:46 PM

Love the shaved pubes with the hairy ass crack. Want to get my face into both and taste! Hope his acting improves so he can perform for us.

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