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Mael Gauthier & Jordan Faris

Mael, like everyone else, has his faults. However, as he’ll demonstrate to you- and Jordan- in this scene, a low sex-drive is not among them. Mael plays Jordan as a virtuoso with a fine violin, starting slowly and building intensity and tempo until he is fucking him into a crescendo of cum. Please let us know if the boys made beautiful music together, or fell flat. GD: Forgive Mael’s occasional strange facial expressions. You crave authenticity, right? Well, we all make weird expressions during sex at times.

Jordan Faris
Mael Gauthier
d******* - 07/05/2020 12:05:59 AM

Mael is so handsome along with Jordan thick lips leads to an entertaining evening.

g******* - 11/23/2017 11:48:07 PM

So much to like here. Jordan's hunger for cock is wonderful and I love his hairy crotch. Mael is a powerful lover and quite intense but found time for lots of kisses as his terrific orgasm approached.

S******* - 11/17/2017 5:01:53 AM

Two beautifully endowed guys lovely cocks vert pretty

J****** - 11/09/2017 8:08:48 PM

Wonderful tender passionate scene. Loved the eye contact. Mael is the first BA boy I recall who has borderline phimosis. If it makes his erections painful he seems to overcome any inconvenience. Jordan exudes a gentle sweetness. His pillowy lips must be delightful to kiss!

t****** - 11/09/2017 2:03:54 PM

Mael is a cutie! I wish we could see more of him in future

p***** - 11/09/2017 12:49:03 PM

A very enjoyable scene. I can't find a lot of faults with Mael. He is attractive, sexy and a caring and gentle lover. I don't mind his facial expressions as he is concentrating hard on what he's doing. Perhaps this is more noticeable as Jordan smiles broadly & often. I'll watch both of these boys any time.

a********* - 11/09/2017 11:44:24 AM

Delicious like licking, here the master filmmaker celebrates the divine ass of Jordan in all of his erotic attraction. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from 5 to myriads

g********* - 11/08/2017 7:27:47 PM

Mael is a fine top, who is understandably enthused by sweet and sensual Jordan, with his beautiful butt and hungry hole.

L*********** - 11/08/2017 1:36:43 PM

These two guys made a very good music together, the result is a high erotic scene with a very sexy bottom and a perfect acting top. I would like to see Mael more often. Fine for 4 stars to Mael and Jordan and their well done performance.

s******** - 11/08/2017 12:39:20 PM

Positive Talk: Maelvenly fuck scene with sizzluscious facial sexpressions!!!...the gents complimented one another into a well-fucked well-frothy milkyway galaxy decorative hole coating of Jordan's ass........Last Observation: .negative criticism of facial sexpressions ought to be considered of the lowest stupidest comments coming from the minds of cretins

H***** - 11/07/2017 9:34:30 PM

Two super hot guys! The camerawork was sometimes very sensual, but ,hélas, not exciting again. Jordan is so hot, but all the pubic and ass hair is realy a downer for me. Could have been a super scene, but this way 3***

m******* - 11/07/2017 8:25:29 PM

Jordan arse is super and Mael ( cute new boy ) lick very well and with passion, good scene

b***** - 11/07/2017 11:52:15 AM

Wonderful episode! I find Mael very attractive and his face of a very unique beauty. I love his facial expressions during sex, they show him to be a very eager and involved performer. Jordan has always been one of my favourites and there isn’t a scene where he let me down. Once again he proves to be an outstanding bottom and very sweet in his love making. Mael has shown in every scene so far that with him it is all about sweet and caring sex, from the Summer Break documentaries we know him to be a fun guy too. Once again: wonderful!!

c********** - 11/07/2017 11:04:12 AM

Sexual playfulness and youthful erotic pleasure at it's best...Mael is such a natural BA boy...and teaming him with Jordan for such perfect rimming and pounding is a sheet joy to watch....I lack the descriptive phrases and eloquence of Sidemoon but George and team has cornered the market for the best sensual sexual play between gorgeous young men....all others pale....more please...and thanks

S******* - 11/07/2017 10:49:30 AM

OMG, just OMG, - one of the most passionate and intense lovemakings I've ever seen at BA. Mael is Hungarian, isn't him? That would explain everything, - from his prominent cheekbones (at last, I have another "ugly beauty" to admire, enjoy and accept that I would never change him for a squadroon of classical pretty boys) to his fiery sexual temperament and memorable topping skills, - skills that charming and experrienced Jordan has enjoyed fully and openly. BTW, did I get it right, - the guys have cum together, at the same time? A rare sight to see! :))))))))))

o****** - 11/07/2017 9:46:17 AM

Classic fucking scene! But adorable Jordan lights up these moments! Love him, peculiarly his smiling face, nice body, natural body hair! His so appealing and greedy hairy asshole is a treasure of which Mael enjoys a lot! The too serious Mael is very skinny but happily all his limbs are not lean... His cumshot is great and his semen on Jordan's haired ass is exquisite! Alas no re-entry...

t****** - 11/07/2017 9:42:25 AM

Mael is superb. What a magnificently attractive and sexy guy! For my part, I didn’t find Mael’s faces that strange, a bit intense maybe, but I’m not opposed to seeing Mael exploring his more freaky side anyway. :P

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