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Louis Thauvin & Jerome Exupery

We should call this edition our “Covid Special”. Louis Thauvin was in the process of filming his training sessions with Jerome Exupery when this dreadful pandemic forced us to cancel all production. So, this is the only hardcore material we have with him. Usually our “training” consists of several sessions with the same trainer. Louis’ trainer for these sessions was Jerome Exupery. Because of these extenuating circumstances, it was necessary for us to edit together these sessions as this is our only hardcore material we have with Louis. Please forgive the slightly disjointed editing and the lighting not quite meeting our normal standards. We thought it prudent to allow you to get to know Louis should we try to hang onto him after we resume our normal filming schedule.

Jerome Exupery
Louis Thauvin
a********* - 02/09/2021 7:13:03 PM

L'assurdo ha colpito la regia realizzando un video insostenibile. Uno dei peggiori mai visti.

M****** - 12/18/2020 11:50:56 PM

This seems more like a BTS segment than a standalone sex scene. Kind of interesting from a "training the newbie" standpoint, but useless for wanking.

h********* - 10/30/2020 7:24:59 PM

A hot mess, just awful.

m********* - 10/20/2020 10:05:51 PM

Jerome is so annoying

e********* - 10/15/2020 1:41:37 PM

We demand the former KinkyAngels site to be restored asap …and preferably right now! The scènes on KA were just so great and the performers incredibly talented!

C******** - 10/12/2020 5:49:22 AM

Except for Jerome’s great looks, enthusiasm and know-how, this video would have been of no interest. In my opinion, Louis has none of the attributes needed for success in this medium.

S****** - 10/11/2020 7:44:53 PM

Very disappointing. It reminds me to ask myself again WHY do I subscribe to the extra cost of Freshmen.

R************ - 10/11/2020 5:16:32 PM

Io a Jerome vorrei fare tanti pompini!!

V************ - 10/09/2020 2:43:15 PM

Absolutely horrible scene. First of all, I am not a Jerome fan. Secondly, his hair looks ridiculous here. Thirdly, Louis is NOT BA material! He was little more than a very skinny rag doll here with a bad complexion. Fourthly, the whole thing was disjointed and poorly filmed with bad lighting in a lot of places. Please, no more Louis. I know Jerome has his fans, so I won't say the same for Jerome even though he is NOT my cup of tea,but please do something about his hair. The two tone look does not work for him.

g******* - 10/09/2020 12:35:55 AM


m***** - 10/07/2020 5:34:43 PM

Louis has filmed a lot of scenes as Curtis Cameron. That was after filming for Bel Ami because he has a huge ugly tattoo om his arm in those scenes, and one more in his latest scenes for Boyfun.

d********* - 10/07/2020 9:34:12 AM

no passion and Louis looking like he just wanted to be elsewhere!

s************* - 10/07/2020 3:21:55 AM

This scene is just ok. I LOVE Jerome but his hair is WAY too bleached….Louis isn't my favorite but he gets a passing grade. I wish Kevin would have jumped in the scene, that would have spiced things up, a tad. Can NEVER get enough of Kevin!!!!

w****** - 10/06/2020 10:31:36 PM

Less a sex scene, more a documentary giving an insight into the complexities of initial training. A number of members have commented that Louis has many scenes on other sites yet here he says he has little experience and has not sucked a cock before. Am I wrong to call him dishonest because of this? Coupled with those unnatural looking lips and the way he seemed to be just going through the motions in this scene I am inclined to consider him a fraud.

r********* - 10/06/2020 8:19:28 PM

Not a good week of updates from FM. FM needs to do better. Although if there are production issues due to covid, that could explain it.

x****** - 10/06/2020 5:28:52 PM

I certainly hope things improve so we can get some decent sex scenes SOON!

H***** - 10/06/2020 2:54:32 PM

Just not my cup of tea and no Freshmenstandard.

P****** - 10/06/2020 2:03:23 PM

Comments so far from otrebor and valeryfan are on the mark. Who needs Kevin? But I'm not a Jerome fan either, and Louis while handsome has no muscle at all. So this scene is pretty much a bust for me.

b******* - 10/06/2020 1:09:23 PM

Louis has a very attractive, sexy body, but he is not a ""newbie" : he has appeared in about a dozen porn scenes on another site, and he has never looked at ease in front of a camera or, indeed, committed to the sex. I hope that if he continues, he will acquire confidence in the Bel Ami family, as he has great looks.

v******** - 10/06/2020 12:59:28 PM

It would be better without Kevin. Don't get me wrong, Kevin was great but it is too distracting to have him invade the scene. Jerome is still amazing and Louis shows promise. Love his sexy lips.

d******* - 10/06/2020 11:03:53 AM

Needs some work, but worth persevering with - the combination of hairless upper body and hairy legs is very sexy.

o****** - 10/06/2020 10:28:23 AM

Strange disjointed scene! With camera or without Kevin is always invading! Louis very skinny is not so cute! Love his hairy crotch, crack and legs though! Not bad faces shoots! Hope a better next week!!!

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