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Lorenzo Ricci & Mikael Nyoman

Just a few weeks ago we introduced you to Lorenzo Ricci. This week we are thrilled to bring you his first hardcore scene. As Lorenzo is not a romantic type we paired him with Mikael Nyoman who loves to be fucked wild. After a short interview with Marty Stevens, Mikael and Lorenzo start sucking each others cocks before Lorenzo penetrates Mikael’s nice bubble butt with his slightly curved dick. Mikael is in control of his partner’s cock and shows him some of his favourite positions. When Lorenzo takes the lead and rolls Mikael on his back, the couple soon shoot volcanic rivers of cum.

Mikael Nyoman
Lorenzo Ricci
J******** - 11/30/2022 3:16:22 AM

Love these two sexy guys!

d***** - 06/29/2022 2:25:22 PM

Two sexually aggressive men together is a good pairing resulting in hot action. Love Mikael's smooth, tight body. He needn't attain more mass for me! I'd take him just as he is! Both boys have cute faces, especially when smiling. Lorenzo needs to either manscape his leg hair or tan those legs. The view while Mikael is riding them shows them sickly white with the contrast with black hair.

t**************** - 06/25/2022 1:38:24 PM

I pay for another studios inferior work? It's bad enough that 1/3 of the releases per week are photos or documentaries. What's going on here?

l********** - 06/21/2022 10:08:40 PM

These guys are veterans form other czech or slovak studios of inferior quality. It truly escapes me why they are displayed now on this site with the name FRESHMEN. I don't like them. I am sure the vast bunkers and archives of BelAmi contain better stuff than this.

C*********** - 06/20/2022 2:39:21 AM

Fucking HOT!!! Very sexy bodies, cute faces, delicious cocks and great CUMSHOTS!! :)) Love how they keep moaning and making that little dirty talk!! Please more!!!

S****** - 06/19/2022 8:15:16 PM

A big NO. These boys are not BelAmi worthy.

d******* - 06/18/2022 6:12:57 PM

Lorenzo so very handsome.

g******* - 06/15/2022 10:13:51 AM

Mikael is cock hungry and Lorenzo is incredibly handsome. Love his hairy crotch.

J****** - 06/15/2022 2:50:53 AM

Yes please, more of both of these two boys. I like them a lot.

M****** - 06/15/2022 2:27:49 AM

I have a huge crush on Mikael. Lorenzo is wonderful, too, and I can't decide which of the two has the more mischievous smile. Great chemistry between these two, excellent rimming, and a satisfying fuck. Thanks for showing Lorenzo's initial penetration. One of Mikael's charms is the way he demonstrates his hunger for cock. Camerawork, lighting superb. I'd have selected less garish bedding, but if that's my only complaint it's a pretty fine scene.

h******* - 06/14/2022 6:24:35 PM

Lorenzo has such beautiful body hair, gorgeous man!

c********** - 06/14/2022 1:09:54 PM

Beautiful bos, beautiful cocks, some cum eating and swapping would have been a beautiful addition, however more of Mikael and Lorenzo please.

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