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Lorenzo Ricci & Joe Angelli

Lorenzo Ricci arrives at the BelAmi studios to start his shift on the live-stream platform BelAmiChat. But he soon realizes he will have a lot more fun working offline instead. Joe Angelli is already in the studio and having some internet connection problems so he convinces Lorenzo to use their spare time wisely. Joe is pretty direct and Lorenzo is completely up for the suggestion. Once his pants are down and Joe is sucking his cock, Lorenzo completely forgets the purpose of his visit today. He returns the favor by sucking Joe’s juicy dick before kneeling down and inviting Joe to rim his ass before fucking it. Joe is excited to top such a sexy guy and gives his partner the reward he deserves, allowing us to watch up close. The cumshot at the end however is not the end of the story as they then head to the shower...

Lorenzo Ricci
Joe Angelli
u***** - 04/07/2024 12:52:51 PM

Two good looking passionate young men in a well filmed erotic scene. Joe's hair accents his handsome face and his playfulness.

k******* - 04/01/2024 5:45:22 PM

Joe’s hair is hot and Lorenzo’s ass is fire, don’t listen to the perennial complainers in the comments!

m********** - 03/13/2024 4:58:39 PM

I like Joe's haircut in this scene. Both guys have great bodys, especially Lorenzo´s hairy leg is a real turnon for me.

M*************** - 03/13/2024 5:42:26 AM

Lorenzo is a smoldering hot fire. Interesting. Joe is sexy, hot and gorgeous but NOT until he gets rid of that hair. I'm sorry, I usually have no problems with models hair and I love tattoos, and I'm really supportive of having the models maintain their natural look as much as possible. Gene Allen for instance, IMO I think looks hot all hair disheveled, its suits him and looks sexy. On Joe, his finer facial features and beauty are destroyed by a look that is just not for him. ERRR

J****** - 03/13/2024 2:04:53 AM

More of Lorenzo please!!! Joe isn't my favorite ....

g******* - 03/12/2024 11:35:57 PM

This was so hot from start to finish. I get hard the minute I see Joe and his hair was great in this scene. I loved the way he licked up his cum and enjoyed his facial. Lorenzo is a sweetie and his hairy legs and crotch are real turn ons.

L************* - 03/12/2024 10:54:10 PM

I just can't get into joe. My opinion would change if he got a good hair cut.

H***** - 03/12/2024 10:35:36 PM

Realy not in to this scene. Don't like Joe's hair and absolutly no fan of hairy asses. Not for me.

d******* - 03/12/2024 3:39:36 PM

nosyaj, i don't know when we ever did 'true breeding' as you suggest. we've never done internal cumshots (unless by accident when the model doesn't get the timing right) :-)

n***** - 03/12/2024 2:41:12 PM

This scene would have been very HOT George if you would only make some changes to the scene script. Let's get to changing up the scene from the same old fuck and pullout to climax on either the back or the chest. Perhaps a true BREEDING scene for the future as you did in the old days of B.A. when we had a BREEDING scene every now and then. What do you guys think who like me pay for this subscription to BA???????????

b********** - 03/12/2024 2:29:30 PM

I'm really not a fan of Joe's hair :l

p***** - 03/12/2024 11:58:32 AM

Both of these guys are 🔥🔥🔥 as hell. I would have enjoyed the scene even more if Lorenzo smiled more & didn't look like he was in pain much of the time🥰

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