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Logan Ramsey

This week we have one of our BelAmiChat boys as a guest star with this set of sexy pictures. Although we started our chat operation as a chance for our regular models to make some extra money, it also quickly proved to be a rich ground for recruiting new models, although it tends to take a lot more work and time for these guys to want to do anything other than live cam work. With his cute, boyish face and splendid cock, Logan is definitely one that we will be working hard to convert.

c****** - 02/12/2022 3:01:09 PM

While it may be true that if BA backed a dump truck of cash up to Henri's front door, that would convince him to do a hardcore scene, it really wouldn't make a good business model. There is a limit to how much BA can offer chat models to transition before the video models would revolt at getting paid less. There are limits to how much BA can pay any single model and get a return on the investment. D said long ago there was no way they could pay what Niccolo Neri wanted. Also, its kind of hard for us to tell how successful the chats have been at recruiting video models. Ethan and Derek were chat models for a long time, but because of the lag time with posting scenes, we don't know whether they were recruited as video models or chat models first. Jorik did chats for quite a while, then disappeared, then showed up as a video model and started doing chats again, but during that period there were a few glimpses of him during the documentary videos and quickies. BA does not show its hand until it wants to let us know something.

M********* - 02/11/2022 6:57:41 PM

Very hot boy, but no hair over his beautyful cock! His bum is amazing and the balls too.

J****** - 02/10/2022 12:54:43 AM

I really want to see more of him. Hope to see him in action with the other boys.

s******* - 02/09/2022 3:59:39 PM

This guy doen's look so interesting. But I know, as topdog and pianist know, there are many really hot guys on chat. That said, I am sure the Company is able to do the math, and works the best way to earn money as much as it wants. And not all the guys are ready to shot gay porn. Especially now with this chance to earn money in a more comfortable way. I know it's a hard work for many of them, but if it weren't so worthwhile they wouldn't be in there.

t********* - 02/09/2022 3:02:52 AM

Strongly agree with Pianist - you say it is a strong recruiting ground but you have NOT convinced many of the amazing Chat models to do sex scenes - I trust Pianist’s tastes and I am sure Joey Evans, Belami Colton et al are muscular, tan and handsome. But, what about all the others you have failed to convince like Ben Auletta, Paolo Areola, Henri Theroux, and many more. You could convince if you assigned more revenue as rewards for top Chat models to transition over and actually do sex scenes. EDITED TO RESPOND TO PIANIST: I'm from the business world. Financial incentive ALWAYS drives human behavior. Make it worth their while and they will convert. You should use the same principle in your recruiting of the very best models from Chat. Maybe then Noah and Ben and Henri will actually do a sex scene. Make it an offer they cannot refuse. If you want them, make it happen.

P****** - 02/09/2022 2:23:17 AM

Topdog's post followed mine but let me update: ORIGINAL from 3:43: I have yet to see him on Chat and can't even find him there, but he strikes me as rather average from these stills. But there are so many guys on Chat you could recruit (and if you started looking at the Colombians for guest appearances, that would be really something - Belami Colton, Frank Dwayne, Owen Wolfe, the incredible Joey Evans). EDITED TO RESPOND TO TOPDOG: I wish to emphasize again that just like Henri Theroux, I don't think any of these guys would do man-to-man sex. Mark Laysson is a rare exception to the rule that Chat models are almost always solo acts. However, if you just want to see beautiful men (and I'll add Juandres, Dylan Rivera, Jonas Lewis, and Jeyko Black, while Joey Evans has moved to Chaturbate, where you can also see CWModels/aka Badbunny, Esteban Stud, and Maxandtam), the best of these Chat guys are simply wonderful.

g******* - 02/08/2022 8:56:18 PM

Well, he must be 18 at least but please Mr Ramsay, grow back your pubes!

H******* - 02/08/2022 8:21:14 PM

Yes, great guy and equipment. Please try hard to film more with him!

s******** - 02/08/2022 6:46:42 PM

No! If not a child he looks like one which is creepy enough. Please return to showing adult men.

k************ - 02/08/2022 6:40:10 PM

I would totally love ❤ to see this sexy twink get fucked! A close up of his boy pussy would have been great !

J******** - 02/08/2022 9:13:14 AM

Bild 9: da will man ran: ans Vötzchen, an den Sack und an die Eichel - am besten mit der Zunge und wenn steif dann rein in ihm!

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