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Liam Efron & Justin Saradon

Both Justin and Liam have become accomplished performers by now, and it is very obvious that they like what they do. I know that some of you would prefer them more muscular, but it is not necessarily what we are looking for on the Freshmen website. We tend not to interfere with their looks or natural youthfulness in the early stages of their shooting. Their appeal is in being fresh and natural.


Liam Efron
Justin Saradon
x******* - 04/28/2017 5:52:59 PM

Delicious scene....with an adorable couple!!

e********* - 04/26/2017 4:31:05 PM

absolutely love how slim and lean Liam is, and what a superb bottom, more of Liam getting rimmed and pounded please!

g******* - 04/26/2017 4:06:09 AM

That was a fantastic scene laden with youthful energy. Two deliciously pretty guys with an insatiable love of cock. Beautiful bodies, energy and great sex tinged with delightful humour.

o****** - 04/24/2017 4:58:25 PM

Intense and delicious sex love making! Youthfful, playful, passionate, tender, wild! Great pairing with stunning top Justin and eager bottom Liam!

d********** - 04/20/2017 9:07:39 PM

A great scene, from the humorous foreplay, through the kissing, rimming and cocksucking, to the sexy and vigorous love-making. These boys kept me hard all the way!

N******** - 04/19/2017 12:30:15 PM

Notwithstanding the enthusiasm of others and the fact that I've tried hard to like Justin I'm afraid this did little for me. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it is just that they are a bit too wiry.

s******** - 04/19/2017 2:35:49 AM

wonderfully lithe and thin and coquettish and confident with understated masculinity ....always sexy always tantalizing...these are the qualities that make the Freshmen site perfect and while not decidedly non-Kinky Angel Freshman is empahtically affectionately quasi-Kinky Angel ...all is GD-Genius

m******* - 04/18/2017 7:19:15 PM

i think in totally accor with Pancho and HetLoo

p***** - 04/18/2017 5:48:10 PM

Delightful. Wonderful eye contact & kissing throughout. No need for more muscles as no one comes to FM for those anyway. Justin looks so young here that he could pass for jailbate. I only wish we might see more of Liam with single partners rather than the group scenes he has appeared in more often. Both guys are very sexy

H***** - 04/18/2017 4:05:45 PM

They are both splendid, beautifull and cute boys as they are. Please let them be who and how they are. Freshmen is Freshmen and not a muscle site. Good scene , great chemistry boys! Thanks.

g********* - 04/18/2017 3:36:34 PM

I love the playfulness and affection between Justin and Liam/ Justin is becoming a fine top, with Liam an insatiable bottom

b***** - 04/18/2017 2:24:13 PM

Justins body is so sweet and sultry, as is his face. And he proves to be a very good top too when he is with a younger guy. Nice!

t****** - 04/18/2017 1:59:54 PM

Splendid, delightfully sexy episode. One of the very best! And Justin Saradon joins the club of cute BelAmi boys with dimples, like Claude Sorel. ...Now there's an idea for a feature! BelAmi cuties with dimples!!!

a********* - 04/18/2017 12:39:30 PM

💜💜💜💜💜 5 hearts to youthful freshness uncorrupted and that the "unwatchable armored muscle mammoth" become less and less also on BA site.

S******* - 04/18/2017 12:39:20 PM

If I could rate this sheer delight of a scene 100 stars, I'd do it gladly. Young passion as it is, - enthusiastic, not especially elegant, honest, fiery hot, somewhat naive and innocent in its mindblowing youthful energy. Experience will come with time and practice, sexual techniques will improve, - but this irresistible, boyish honesty will go away. So let's enjoy watching Liam and Justin while they are boys yet, not men, - boys who are making love to each other in their charmingly boyish manner! :)))))))))))

c********** - 04/18/2017 10:45:28 AM

A delightful, delicious twink romp...both Liam and Justin are the cute young boys who tease us daddies with their sexual energy and innocence and pleasantly playful....and such rewarding cum it

s***** - 04/18/2017 10:28:43 AM

An enjoyable scene, which really is a freshmen scene. I can’t blame Liam’s cat for wanting to get its claws into the wonderfully sweet and handsome Justin. I have such a big crush on the beautifully cute Justin. I also enjoyed seeing the wild and charming Liam, who is also a cutie.

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