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Liam Efron & Benoit Ulliel

The simplest things bring our boys the most happiness. Here, Liam is content to spend the day on the beach with a drum. Benoit likes nothing more than a day on the beach with a beer. In exchange for Lukas Ridgeston escorting them on this perfect day of surf and sand, they agree to let Lukas film their fucking. A good deal for Lukas- for the price of some fuel he got to hand in this high-energy fuck between two cute and horny guys.

Liam Efron
Benoit Ulliel
C*********** - 10/04/2021 3:53:58 AM

The BEST SCENE I've seen on this site so far. Both Liam and Benoit are so f***ing hot and also sweet, shining personalities :) You can tell they really enjoyed this time together. Also, great introduction in a very beautiful scenery. We all need to get back to those times pre-2020, rid the world of that terrible virus (which we certainly can, see smallpox, polio, rubella, measles...)!

b****** - 05/04/2019 9:54:17 AM

As usual the comments run the gamut reflecting the differing tastes of the members. I try always to enjoy a scene as I have here.

o********** - 03/31/2019 12:10:51 PM

The landscape shots are gorgeous and brilliant. The actors, however, disappoint to the utmost.

g********* - 03/14/2019 2:20:07 AM

Probably one could categorize this as " ADHD" -sex and dito filming.

V************ - 03/09/2019 7:25:39 PM

Clearly a lot of people like this kind of scene though I find it quite frustrating. The frantic pace is exhausting and everything is blurry because they are constantly in motion. The camera angles are not always the best as I am sure it is difficult to film this kind of scene. Everything is shallow, the kissing, oral, and fucking with Liam having a hard time keeping his cock in Benoit's ass. The best shots were from the rear showing Liam's cock balls deep and giving us a full view of Liam's ass as he fucks Benoit. Even though a lot of time was spent in the beginning on the outing, I felt like the actual sex scene part was very long due to the frantic pace and I found myself clicking through parts of it just to get through it. Glad that not all BA scenes are like this, but glad for those who enjoy it that it is here as well.

o****** - 03/08/2019 7:37:20 PM

Enjoy this video a lot! Delightful scene! A true Freshmen scene! First part at the beach is already a delight of youthful fun, joy, freedom! Then the energetic and passionate sex between these two cute and horny guys is so naturally hot! Benoit and Liam at their best! Great filming Lukas! Thanks so much everybody!!!

a***** - 03/08/2019 1:51:28 PM

OUTSTANDING scene!! Their desire for each other was amazing! Really want to see the flip of this scene!

b******** - 03/07/2019 11:14:25 AM

Liam is so cute and sexy, I love his skinny but ripped body so much I wished to see him more often here. On the other hand he is so hyperactive that I wonder why the other boys don't tie him up and keep him in bondage all day long. Something I would love to see although I know it will never happen here.

s************* - 03/07/2019 8:49:17 AM

I absolutely love Liam's playful personality! He always puts a smile on my face. I also think Liam's hotter than hell who always turns in a A+ performance!

b***** - 03/06/2019 10:09:20 AM

Nice pairing! The sex may have been a bit clumsy but in the context of the story line it also was endearing and kind of hot. Liam is far from being a romantic guy but he is funny and that counts for something, he is also a pleasure to the eyes. Benoit is such a cutie-pie, can’t remember seeing him ever without his big and sweet smile. The play going on after the deed was very pleasurable.

N******** - 03/06/2019 9:50:05 AM

Two lovely lads. Nice to see that the transitions between positions wasn't edited out for a change, but I didn't think the fucking was particularly well filmed and the cum shots were something of a disappointment.

w******* - 03/05/2019 11:00:32 PM

two fabulous fuckers and both so sweet and sexy and lithe

B********* - 03/05/2019 8:49:26 PM

Liam and Benoit certainly bring a lot of energy to their fucking.. And Benoit has a beautiful shaved gay hole, just begging every hard cock that sees it to cum inside. No hiding in the bushes here. Too bad we just get prudish little peeks of it opening for Liam's cock, Unfortunately, Liam's cock just isn't big enough for Benoit's commodious hole to grip it. So it keeps falling out. Which makes for a disappointing scene for me at least. But it prompts me to watch Benoit's hole's other scenes. Benoit has one hot hole!

l******* - 03/05/2019 4:34:39 PM

So much fun! These guys are the perfect match for ea other. Enjoyed this thoroughly! Thanks so much FM/BA.

b******* - 03/05/2019 12:26:58 PM

Take two beauties, add natural friendship + passion... mix with good direction and editing and you have the perfect outcome. Superb scene, one to watch over and over again! Thanks BA! :)

a***** - 03/05/2019 10:45:46 AM

Fan-fucking-tastic 👍👍👍💕💕💕💕

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