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Kyle Brady & Jamie Eliot

We are excited to announce that Kyle Brady has finally made his first hardcore video. Yes, this is the first time that he has had sex on camera and it's clear from his natural performance that he is a born Porn star. The scene starts with a short interview but it's soon interrupted by Jamie Eliot's hard cock. Without missing a beat, Kyle grabs it and starts sucking. But Jamie also wants to feel a hard dick in his mouth and soon shows why we call him „the sex machine“. He sucks Kyle's dick, rims his hole, fucks him from several angles and cums all over his butt. He then uses his mouth again to bring his friend to an explosive climax. Kyle's career could not have got off to a better start.

Jamie Eliot
Kyle Brady
S******* - 02/19/2024 4:14:18 AM

More Kyle as bottom. Like see strong guy as bottom.

A******* - 02/12/2024 9:01:44 AM

A very hot scene. Jamie is always good, but Kyle is a hottie. Good as a top or a bottom.

R***** - 02/05/2024 9:16:28 PM

Sexy Kyle has a fantastic smile on his cute face. Jamie looks gorgeous; as Kyle licks his thick cock & fat balls; before sucking each other’s big dicks. Kyle loved having his ass licked; before Jamie slid his dick deep inside and fucked him. After spunking over his ass; cum loving Jamie looked great with cum smeared over his lips; as he sucked Kyles spunk coated cock.

n******** - 11/19/2023 7:15:37 PM

Love Kyle's debut! If this performance is any indication, I'm sure future pairings will be equally or hotter than this! He seems truly into it and I hope he gets to the same stature of legendary Kris Evans! Hot handsome and versatile!

S****** - 11/14/2023 7:24:44 PM

While Jamie Eliot is not exactly my favorite, I must admit he really does a good job dominating sexy Kyle. And, yes, I agree that the zombie-woman face tattoo plastered on Kyle's shoulder is unpleasant on many levels. They should adjust camera angles to prevent showing it as much as possible.

p********* - 11/13/2023 10:24:17 PM

great and hot sex scene Kyle is so sweet hot and remember Me the face from Adam Archuleta and He is a hot botom hope to see more of this very sexy boy

J********* - 11/12/2023 8:24:58 PM

Tremendous scene, love everything about this!! Kyle matches Jaime's skilled and naughty performance , and just wonderful! So turned on about this scene and Jaime never fails, and he draws in his partners each time to have fantastic sex!

t*********** - 11/11/2023 7:53:15 PM

Great scene. Kyle seems like he's had sex a lot more than three or four time before this... I hope we'll see more of him, but I must admit that I normally don't mind tattoos, but the face of the woman tattooed on his arm is a bit disconcerting.

g******* - 11/10/2023 11:15:27 PM

Yum. Loved Jamie's enthusiastic rimming and Kyle is very handsome.

l********** - 11/08/2023 9:50:33 AM

I don't like the way Mr. Eliot spits and drools. It's kind of disgusting.

M********* - 11/07/2023 7:22:57 PM

Jamie is the right partner for Kyle and both guys show here a hot sexplay and they so horny from beginning to orgasms. I want to see much moore of Kyle with other models.

p***** - 11/07/2023 1:08:06 PM

This was a pleasant surprise 😋 Jamie is a very imaginative & skilled partner. I loved all of the kissing throughout the scene.

M*************** - 11/07/2023 11:27:12 AM

Both terrific but Kyle will skyrocket with the right partner and while Jamie is a fan favorite, he’s not the one. Exactly the situation in the Tony Zusko scenes. Poor choice in my opinion….

a***** - 11/07/2023 9:56:40 AM

I'm super excited to watch this real soon!

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