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Kyle Brady & Gene Allen

There is nothing shy about Kyle Brady, and we are happy to complete his introduction here today before shipping him off to BelAmiOnline where he stars in our upcoming 'Sun & Sangria' series. Today he is paired up with the super cute Gene Allen. We start off the scene with a little bit of self-admiration from Kyle, who is taking some pics for Social Media (we are pretty sure that they are not going to be for instagram) when Gene wakes up and decides that he has a better use for Kyle's raging hard-on that just some pictures.


Gene Allen
Kyle Brady
C***** - 02/15/2024 5:43:57 PM

Gene Allen is Sweet

M****** - 01/20/2024 3:18:17 AM

The standing fuck beginning around 10:40 was stunning, visually -- marvelous composition of those bodies against that bold background and bright backlight. I loved that after Gene came, Kyle went back in for another full round in the missionary rather than blowing his own load immediately (which is often the editing choice). I'm really growing fond of Kyle -- he's sort of dangerous and predatory but also caring of his partner. And so handsome and virile. Kyle brings a cockiness to the screen like Jack Harrer so often does. The two couldn't be different in appearance, but I feel a similar vibe from each.

P****** - 12/14/2023 9:09:19 AM

Good camera work.

A******* - 12/13/2023 11:14:51 AM

Reading all these likes & dislikes of members, shows what a diverse group we are. Luckily there’s something for every taste at Freshmen, and also BAOL.

g******* - 12/09/2023 4:18:43 AM

Gene is really cute with a hot ass that I would love to fuck. Kyle is ruggedly handsome but the tattoo on his left humerus is not humorous.

t*********** - 12/09/2023 2:01:01 AM

I usually don’t mind tattoos, but it’s distracting to see a woman’s face staring at me when I’m trying to enjoy gay porn.

S****** - 12/07/2023 4:49:59 AM

Kyle is hot. Who cares about the tattoos. To those of you who complain, if Kyle stood naked in your doorway offering to plunge his cock into your mouth, would you turn him away? Oh, sorry, I can't hear your muffled responses because Kyle's cock is in your throat....

U****** - 12/06/2023 12:32:39 AM

I like the haircut, nipple piercings and tattoos of Kyle... Gene is also super cute :)

M********* - 12/05/2023 8:37:27 PM

Finally, Gene bottoming and get fucked by sexy Kyle, wow! I like the intro and following sexplay, Higliht for me is the sucking and rimming. The fucking is very hot too and I love Kyles muscular body, explicit his butt is so beautyful. Gene is here not so wild as we know him, but very sexy too. Thank you guys.

M*************** - 12/05/2023 6:31:16 PM

Fantastic scene ! Gene is so hot and certainly well on his way stardom. And Kyle is so sexy with a great body and I think he is ready to move to the main screen and I can’t wait to see him in action there, but Gene is certainly the star. Thank you to them both for treating us such a great scene. There are a couple of things I’ve been mentioning or been thinking of mentioning that I would love to see in the future and for you to consider is a lot of the studios here, on the other side of the Atlantic Have beautiful models as well but they start off wearing their clothes quite often and well fitting jeans or pants and if you’re going to Mando then every now and then it’s great to see that they’ve got boners and that they’re tenting in their pants. it’s very sexy and if they’re wearing underwear which I prefer and good underwear like you know that once it looks so hot on the models back when you did the addicted photo shoot, which was just incredible and didn’t the models look so hot in that style of underwear, so seeing them and incorporate that into part of the scene is always really hot. You know starting out naked in bed is one thing you know for once in a while, but not very often and I really find that all the shower scenes in the beginning or bathtub , just don’t get me going at all for the scene it when I see that it’s like how often just skip the scene altogether because it’s not I don’t know I think it’s no fun when you don’t get to see them go through the process of addressing, and that kind of thing. Also , how about a gangbang sometime in the future and maybe a DP because we don’t do those very often I don’t know I’m just trying to mix it up but you know starting off naked it is OK not showing that they’re lovers but sometimes strangers or one night stands, or boyfriend, you know meeting at somebody’s apartment And wearing you know pants that show that they have a bulge or a Boner I mean it’s add some kind of hotness to the scene. I don’t know maybe some of the others will agree with me. Thanks for listening. I appreciate it take care and merry Christmas everybody

n***** - 12/05/2023 5:18:53 PM

Great scene, however, Kyle why not breed Gene for a fantastic CLIMAX????!!!!!!!!!

B***** - 12/05/2023 3:22:46 PM

Agree with all comments. Gene is so beautiful and natural.

t****** - 12/05/2023 2:55:45 PM

Please find a nicer partner for super cute Gene Allen

p***** - 12/05/2023 12:37:50 PM

Gene Allen is very sexy🔥🔥

K************* - 12/05/2023 9:48:33 AM

I don't like the haircut, nipple piercings and tatoos of Kyle... Gene is super cute :)

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