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Kyle Brady

Kyle Brady’s first video update is a solo, starting in our outdoor gym. Kyle clearly spends a lot of time exercising so this is a great place for him to get comfortable before heading to the shower and revealing his divine body in all its glory. Kyle likes being watched and starts to stroke his cock until it's fully erect. Now we can observe his body up close: his hole, armpits, nipples, and a big uncut cock, all the things that dreams are made of. In one month's time he will feature in his first hardcore video with another boy. Can you wait?

Kyle Brady
S****** - 11/14/2023 7:38:42 PM

Kyle is definitely a keeper, in spite of that annoying shoulder tattoo. A very, very sexy man. 😍😍🥰🥰😍

j********* - 10/28/2023 4:01:47 PM

Why can't I allot a minus number of stars? This guy maybe right for BA, but he really doesn't belong on Freshmen. He's waaaay too overblown, the tatta are revolting and he just screams 'gay-for-pay'. His face is really lovely, his cock is suckable and his hole looks nice, but unfortunately the surrounding bulk and ink makes him unwatchable for me.

R***** - 10/22/2023 3:41:45 PM

Kyle is a gorgeous, sexy, young hunk; with a cute, boyish face; a fantastic body; sexy pits; suckable nips; a very suckable cock and a muscular, fuckable ass. I'd love to lick up every tasty drop of his thick, creamy load of cum. I'm looking forward to seeing Kyle in hardcore action soon. Hopefully as well as seeing him put his cock to good use; I hope to see Kyle's kissable lips wrapped around a stiff cock and to see his gorgeous ass fucked hard.

R****** - 10/16/2023 3:41:25 AM

Glad to see him here. He has joined a male pageant last year.😍

M*************** - 10/13/2023 9:03:25 AM

Insanely buff with a body and cock meant for action . Beautiful manly handsome face and some nice tattoos. I just returned from Eastern Europe (Prague included) and I was astounded at the sheer number of locals covered in tattoos, mainly poorly done, but they certainly are very much part of life. If the artwork is beautifully done, I like it, but most was cheaply done and uninspiring. I cant wait to see this hunk in action. A good hard fucking up his beefy butt seems just the ticket.

a***** - 10/04/2023 6:03:42 AM

I look forward to the day he puts that ass to use and get fucked. But I should let you know that I'm super happy he gets to be part of BelAmi despite the tattoo, if the amount remains like this, and not a huge tatt in the middle of chest, I'm just as happy. Now all I hope is he gives good show and enjoys himself shooting it!

J****** - 10/04/2023 12:22:53 AM

absolutely not for me - sorry :-(((

w****** - 10/03/2023 11:09:48 PM

He'll do for me. Lovely big cock and equally lovely bush of pubic hair (but I wish he didn't shave his belly). As for the tattoos, is that his mum on his left shoulder? I look forward to getting to know him better.

d***** - 10/03/2023 7:29:51 PM

Such a shame about his tattoos. Were it not for them, he would be exceptionally attractive.

g******* - 10/03/2023 3:48:42 PM

drop dead gorgeous. Can't wait to see more

M********* - 10/03/2023 12:57:03 PM

What a man! Sexy, powerful and beautyful masculine. Kyle, are you every time erected, when you under the shower? I like your erotic selfplay every second of this (for me to short) video. Very enjoyful and your moarning show your feelings. The moment of orgasm is the crown of this szene. Thank you, Kyle for not shaving your armpits and pube-hair. Hope to see much much moore of you, good luck!

D******* - 10/03/2023 11:08:46 AM

I like him. I like him A LOT 1

b******** - 10/03/2023 10:15:44 AM

Kyle looks incredible. I'm looking forward to seeing much more of him

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