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Kristian Bresson & Mario Texeira

Kristian made his Freshmen debut last May in a scene with Eluan. He’s back for an encore this time with Mario Texeira. Elegant and cerebral Eluan is almost the opposite of beefy and carefree Mario. Kristian seems attracted to both opposites. We’re interested to hear from you as to which of the two seems to turn Kristian on more. The opening illustrates a philosophy most of our boys live by; that which is fun to do, is more fun to do naked- especially if it involves physical contact. Today’s scene reminds us that Mario is multi-talented, almost as adept at topping as he is at bottoming. Though Kristian’s cock is long and beautiful, you will have to wait a bit longer before you see him put it to good use inside a hot boy’s ass. One thing is clear, he really loves getting fucked.

Mario Texeira
Kristian Bresson
D************* - 07/20/2021 9:55:45 PM

Kristian Bresson is just perfect. He needs more experience, but I love him. Kristian has the most stunning eyes. I just wish he opened his eyes more so I could see them during the sex scene. Also when I saw Kristian's big wide tongue I really got turned-on. I love boy's tongues. Kristian has a beautiful head on his penis and a sexy hairy ass. I want to see much more of him.

r*********** - 05/15/2021 2:08:01 PM

like to see more of kristian,great looks and a nice body

M****** - 12/18/2020 10:13:54 PM

I wish you had edited out Kristian's fall. Once I saw the bruise starting I couldn't stop thinking about the poor boy's injury. I presume it wasn't anything too serious (probably looked worse later), but it really took me out of the moment. Kristian is gorgeous, BTW, and I really want to see his eyes. Like fellow newbies Ayden and Allan, his eyes are his strongest feature. This apartment is amazing, also, and would make a great location for an orgy.

d******* - 11/16/2020 4:26:32 PM

Kristian is so very cute with nice body and cock to suck.

S******* - 09/21/2020 11:51:12 PM


w****** - 09/21/2020 10:31:35 PM

It would be easier if you were naked? I am not too impressed with Mario's seduction technique and even less with Christian for falling for it. Like baptists I was also amused by the sight of Mario on tiptoe fucking Christian while Christian still had his knees bent quite a way to enable him to reach. Mario isn't exactly short so Christian must rank among your tallest models. I love his hairy legs and bum and look forward to seeing much more of him.

V************ - 09/14/2020 8:28:48 PM

I was so looking forward to this scene because I really like Mario as I think he is just so very cute. But I was sorely disappointed for several reasons. 1. The kissing was pretty much upper lip/lower lip kissing which is not sensual at all. 2. Seemed like a lot of too far away shots and way too close zoomed in shots with not enough good in between shots. I had the facke "cum in my mouth shots" where they hold their mouth op[en by their parnters cock but at an angle that they are sure to get little to no cum in their mouth. even though these two did go down on the others wet cock and got a small amount of cum in their mouth. 3. This was a mismatched pair as Mario had to stand on his tip toes to fuck Kristian from behind which didn't really work the best.I will have to check to see if Mario has ever fucked Sven, but that would be a much better combo height wise. I did appreciate the full ass view of Mario fucking Kristian missionary style which is rare on this site, so I gave it a 4 star rating which I feel is very generous under the circumstances.

b***** - 09/14/2020 4:13:14 PM

Kristian is very handsome, he is also a sultry bottom. Nice scene, especially with all the cum eating at the end.

g******* - 09/11/2020 1:30:52 AM

Two beautiful, incredibly sexy boys doing what they love. The cum eating was great - nothing better than a tongue and a sexy cock covered in creme.

R************ - 09/10/2020 11:52:38 AM

Adoro i cazzi e i culi pelosi e la sborra in bocca quindi per me una coppia perfetta!!

f********** - 09/09/2020 2:06:03 PM

Tall drink of water ! Wow

b******* - 09/09/2020 9:53:23 AM

I was amused (amazed?) to see Mario straining on tip toe to keep his cock inside Kristian, but it didn't impair the sex.. Both boys are beautiful, Kristian especially so, and his hairy legs and arse are a superb bonus..

s********* - 09/09/2020 6:26:06 AM

This answers the age-old question: can comedy and porno mix? I mean, it's kinda like watching a dachshund try to fuck a great Dane, up on his tippy toes just to get a whiff of the dane's ass! Seriously, I love both these guys. Mario has been around and Kristian is just about the personification of my fantasy husband. Even his voice is sexy. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his hairy ass and legs! I would chow on that ass 'till the cows come home! But, come on. Let's think about moving up that debut as a top.

J****** - 09/08/2020 10:50:01 PM

strongly agrre with otrbor, can't say it better!

a***** - 09/08/2020 3:46:09 PM

If he loves getting fucked then all we have to do is let him do what he loves! :D

h********* - 09/08/2020 2:46:28 PM

Wow! Two hunks in hot man sex! And finally, two oral/facial cum shots with cum eating. Love Kristian and his furry legs, ass, pits, and nice pubes. Don’t touch a hair on that sexy guy. Mario was really hot before the awful manscaping. Good scene, hard, intense fucking. Kristian is the bomb!

m***** - 09/08/2020 11:52:14 AM

Well said, otrebor.

g********** - 09/08/2020 11:06:44 AM

Nice scene, though I think Kristian needs to be paired with your taller models like because of his obvious height. This is not a criticism of Mario, whom I really like (apart from the ghastly haircut), and I agree with otrebor about both models and the scene in general.

H***** - 09/08/2020 10:36:05 AM

Both are cute and hot, but Kristian has to much butt-hair, wouldn't like to rim all that hair! At the same time there was hardly any light, so not much to see. But that's my opinion. 3* from me.

o****** - 09/08/2020 10:10:41 AM

Another delight! Mario can be a good top and Kristian is so cute! Love his pretty face, his abundant bush, hairy krack and legs! Nice filming with good close-ups! Two great cumshots and cumeating! More...

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