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Kristian Bresson & Eluan Jeunet

Eluan, is so excited at the prospect of breaking in his first newbie that he’s almost at a loss for words- and he speaks seven languages! His excitement is understandable considering the desirability of his “pupil”, Kristian. Tall, dark, sexy and hung Kristian can render anyone speechless. Though this is Kristian’s first proper scene, we will be bringing you special edits of his training sessions with Jerome and Andrei in a couple of months.

Eluan Jeunet
Kristian Bresson
t********* - 08/27/2021 3:35:54 AM

I only have eyes for Kristien, extremely near to perfection itself

h********* - 12/30/2020 3:55:26 PM

Coming back to this again after several months, I have to ask what happened to Kristian? He is perhaps the singular most gorgeous young man of the year, and we have but two episodes with him, neither of which flattered him at all. His radiant face, big cock and luscious natural body hair, not to mention that hungry hole are stuff of heaven. Where is this sexy hunk?

H***** - 09/02/2020 10:03:04 AM

Its a waste of hot guys, film and space using no good litning. Could have been so hot. in stead boring because of the filming cpacities of someone.! What a waste!

S********* - 08/29/2020 4:44:52 PM

LOVE Kristian, so cute, boy-next-door cute, especially with cum on his face.

s********* - 08/10/2020 6:33:14 PM

This is a train wreck. Casting Kristian as a bottom makes no sense to me at all. He's sexy as hell, for sure, but it just doesn't work for me. I'll be looking forward to seeing more of Kristian but only as a top.

b****** - 08/05/2020 6:07:51 PM

Aside from the sucking it was a good episode. Now Kristian has a reason a large cock & inexperience & while Eluan is a bit better he does not deep throat which for me is important.

w****** - 06/14/2020 11:38:24 PM

Eluan is, as always, just brilliant! Kristian has a lot of potential. Hoping to see more of him on BA!

M******** - 06/02/2020 1:11:48 AM

I want to see the boys when they walk to the shower in the end.

k********* - 05/31/2020 10:31:53 AM

Kristian is so huge balls and so tall ! he is Jerome and Helmut mixed brother !! keep him and make him come here again !!

S******* - 05/29/2020 11:11:54 PM

Kristian is a great model, as for Eluan for me!

t*********** - 05/24/2020 4:26:08 AM

Kristian is beautiful! I just don’t understand why changing his name from your own site, Belami! Plus he is featured in other sites too! It is the internet after all and you can find anything! Anyways more scenes please!

x****** - 05/23/2020 5:22:27 PM

Hope there are many, many more scenes to cum with with Super Handsome Kristian!

g***** - 05/23/2020 3:48:50 PM

Kristian (or is it Giulio - he has a different name on the BA website) is hot; hope to see more of him, including topping. Really liked it when he's sucking Eluan and Eluan is playing with his own nipples. More nipple work, please (and armpits too).

n***** - 05/21/2020 3:42:17 PM

Kristian est absolument incroyable ! J'ai hâte de le retrouver !

R******** - 05/21/2020 10:17:23 AM

Hot scene. Love Kristian‘s eyes. Please Never make him cut that cute hair 😘

w****** - 05/20/2020 10:38:31 PM

If Kristian has a personality to match his looks then I am in love. Gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, they all apply. Borrowing from the current social distancing rules, can I suggest you keep him at least two metres from anyone who might be carrying a razor.

R************ - 05/20/2020 6:40:24 PM

Kristian è un ragazzo che ti fa sborrare appena lo vedi ed Eluan ti costringe a farti la seconda.....

s***** - 05/20/2020 6:36:28 PM

what a lame trainer ! But Kristian is hot. 3 Stars...

b***** - 05/20/2020 12:46:00 PM

Kristian certainly lives up to his promise, very tall and impressive but also cute and eager for the sex. I like this scene but it could have been so much better had not the cameraman been afraid of moving around the guys in action, that would have captured the urgency of the sex so much better. Still, the full five stars for Kristian of course.

b******* - 05/20/2020 12:29:38 PM

Eluan is a great partner and devotes himself to giving pleasure to Kristian, who is a young Greek god - manly, with hairy legs and arse and a masculine face which is also pretty. I would like to have seen more of him on his back while being fucked (That is not criticism - just that I find it wildly exciting. when a boy with a great body offers up his arse with his legs in the air.) A great scene, and with much to look forward to with Kristian, John and Allan.

R********* - 05/20/2020 10:04:12 AM

I do'nt which choosen between John and Kristian . both or super beautiful,sexy,desirous and much more.Pairing this boys with asthon Montana will be heaven on earth

a***** - 05/20/2020 6:23:27 AM

Love Eluan and Kristian Bresson is gorgeous! He very much reminds me of movie star Robbie Benson when he was young.

e********* - 05/20/2020 5:10:05 AM

Watching BAOL movies I sometimes Wonder wether male homosexuality is a mere sexual trend among some Young men , or rather the National sport in the Czech Republic practiced by teams of Young athlètes particularly sexy and beautyfull. In fact the question is, Is there any Young czech guy between 18 and 28 y of age who, though sexy and good looking, is not gay at all? Is it that common among young men in Czech Republic to get casually fucked by schoolmates or gymbuddies anywhere anytime and to swallow their semen on all occasions that happen to come along and whatever the circumstances.... If so, Czech Republic is a unique sort of earthly paradise…. Is it really common in that country and does it go practically unnoticed to be such a beautiful youth with such a gorgeous face and looks as this Young guy Kristian Bresson ? oh my!...

D************* - 05/19/2020 11:32:09 PM

Kristian Bresson is astonishing! I love everything about him! I was going to list all of the things I love about him, but Kristian is self evident. He is too obviously beautiful. I must comment at what a large and beautiful Tongue he has. And he knows how to use it. Thank you George Duroy for finding such a beautiful young man for me to love.

b******** - 05/19/2020 10:50:14 PM

Please sign Kristian up for many further scenes. That hairy ass of his is beautiful and really needs attention

i******* - 05/19/2020 7:23:50 PM

Yes, more Kristian PLEASE!

0****** - 05/19/2020 5:24:42 PM

Eluan is an outstanding model - great physique, handsome face, big dick. Surprised that he isn't the active in more scenes. Kristian, whoooo, what a dreamboat. Talk about tall, dark and handsome. There seems to be a decided concentration of beautiful men in Czech Republic.

W****** - 05/19/2020 3:33:55 PM

Very promising debut from Kristian. Felt like a scene from the much-missed (by me) Personal Trainers series.

d*** - 05/19/2020 3:30:00 PM

Kristian is perfect. I love the dark hair all over his hott body. His ass is to die for and his hairy legs are so damn sexy. I could have watched more kissing and maybe some of that delicious cum getting eaten by Eluan. As always I want to follow the boys into the shower, I love hot wet men...😋🥰...d.r.

a********* - 05/19/2020 3:18:31 PM

The cameraman remains distant, perhaps he respects the safety distances ... but here we should be in a imaginative fantasy world ... so I don't understand what does here a squeamish director who doesn't dare to go near an ass!

s******** - 05/19/2020 3:10:15 PM

Yes. Uber star models. How much hotter would it have been to see a rear shot of kristians ass while Eluan went beneath him to suck his dick !? ... missed photographic opportunity.

p***** - 05/19/2020 12:40:43 PM

OMG! How is it that all of our FM/BA guys with French-sounding names are sooooo fucking sexy?? Kristian is a god & I can hardly wait to see more of hum. This was some first time on camera, phew

o****** - 05/19/2020 10:18:50 AM

Kristian is stunningly gorgeous! Tall, slender, muscled and haired just what he needs! His face is superb, with a voluptuous mouth and magnificent eyes like two gems! Great attractive body! He is talented and did a perfect job for his first time on camera! Good cumshot but badly filmed! Hot ending facial! 10* and more for him!!!

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