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Kristian Bresson & Dan Hilfiger part 2

Dan Hilfiger is a natural charmer and today he pulls out all the stops to get Kristian Bresson back into bed and finally feel his cock inside him. They begin with a 69 anxious as they both are to fill each other's mouths with their cocks. This extremely hot blowjob slowly turns into a rimjob as Dan starts to anticipate what it will be like to feel Kristian inside him. Once Dan’s ass is ready, Kristian slowly introduces his dick. Dan initially follows Kristian’s lead but his power-bottom instincts soon take over as Kristian penetrates him ever deeper, just as Dan likes it. Kristian brings the session to an end by shooting a creamy cumshot over Dan’s butt before offering his face for a warm reward from his partner. These young boys sure know how to please one another.

Kristian Bresson
Dan Hilfiger
g******* - 02/12/2024 11:47:34 PM

They have an evident attraction for each other, Lots of cum and they didn't rush to the shower!

M*************** - 02/07/2024 10:03:24 AM

a great pairing, almost superb but one question. Why do so few models penetrate their bottoms full shaft in these scenes anymore, you know pole all the way in the hole with balls slapping.....I know I've seen it happen before. And it's certainly not exclusive to this site, the same thing has become the norm rather than the exception with the competition as well. And yes there are plenty of places you can see some rough stuff, but is full penetration now considered to fall within that category........curious.

b******************* - 02/07/2024 6:50:54 AM

Love Dan so much. Both guys are very sexy.

M********* - 02/06/2024 6:49:31 PM

Hot stuff, romantic pairing and so lustful, horny sex. I love the hairy legs from Kristian when he put them arround Dan during love-play.

a***** - 02/06/2024 4:56:11 PM

As always I'm just happy to watch Dan fucked 🔥🔥🔥

t****** - 02/06/2024 4:06:04 PM

Hot. Love the face close ups!

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