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Kristian Bresson

Kristian’s debut was in his scene with Eluan back in March. Since then, he has not been given a proper introduction. We hope to rectify that omission with this selection of pictures taken from our Budapest Adventure series.

a****** - 10/21/2020 5:29:35 PM

what a butt !!!!!!!!!!

B******* - 08/21/2020 2:13:32 AM

Kristian is the whole package for me. Gorgeous looks (oh those eyes, eyebrows, that mouth, those thick lips!), stunning physique and a beautiful cock. A sexy magnificent male macho man, who has retained some boyish traits. I love cute hunks and Kristian certainly is one of the best ones here. Can't wait to see some hot action with him. 5*

h********* - 08/12/2020 1:38:32 PM

Perhaps one of the most stunningly gorgeous men ever. A brunette version of Dolph? Perhaps, but wouldn’t it be something to see them together? Perfection for sure.

a****** - 08/11/2020 12:02:01 AM

Beautiful eyes; thick cock; hair on head, legs, and pubes; smile; tall and stately. Kristian has it all - great sex appeal. Sooo many spectacular pictures: 2, 5 (oh, to be near this meat!), 7, 8, 9 (hard, inviting!), 12, 13, and 18(trace of precum). I sing Kristian’s praises. Destined to be a Belami superstar. A gazillion stars, George! Can you interview him nude???

m******* - 08/10/2020 9:35:47 PM

What a stunning man.

s****** - 08/09/2020 3:56:19 PM

the prettiest eyes I EVER SEEN .

b******* - 08/08/2020 5:30:14 AM

Waaa!!! Kristian is amazing

F***** - 08/06/2020 8:51:55 PM

My type of man :-) Cute, charming, nice body and such a lovely hairy butt!

b********* - 08/05/2020 7:27:39 PM

So many things to like about Kristian: beautiful face and eyes, gorgeous brunet hair on his head and body, muscled but in a very natural, swimmer's body way, his smile and sense of humor. Would love to see him with fellow brunets Mr. Kershaw or Mr. Guillory in a crossjerk scene. Thanks for bringing him!

g******* - 08/05/2020 1:20:36 AM

Totally stunning.

b***** - 08/04/2020 10:00:13 PM

I like Kristian, handsome and sultry is good in my book.

b******** - 08/04/2020 8:50:46 PM

Kristian is so gorgeous. Hopefully we'll see some scenes with him. Such a shame these pictures only show one picture of his amazing hairy hole

m***** - 08/04/2020 8:42:10 PM

Kristian is stunning!

x****** - 08/04/2020 8:32:33 PM

What a sexational guy. More scenes with Kristian ASAP!!

w********* - 08/04/2020 3:17:59 PM

Oh, so beautiful!

P****** - 08/04/2020 2:16:10 PM

What everyone else said.

T********** - 08/04/2020 2:10:31 PM

So kind, so sexy

a********* - 08/04/2020 12:54:10 PM

The great tender and virile goodness disposed and divinely modeled with a set of remarkable delights.

p***** - 08/04/2020 12:52:12 PM

OMG. These pictures in addition to his first, enchanting video with Eluan make me crazy. More of Kristian please.

J****** - 08/04/2020 11:03:48 AM

Cruel supplice de caresser juste avec les yeux ce magnifique garçon ! Oui,oui le voir en mouvement...

b******* - 08/04/2020 9:26:22 AM

What a stunning guy! Pics 8 & 9 are outstanding.

o****** - 08/04/2020 9:09:48 AM

Magnificent photos of a magnificent boy! Can't wait to see him in movement...

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