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Kirk with Freddy & John

Today's video opens to a picture perfect morning featuring our Freshmen dream team. Like almost every young guy, John Leto wakes up with a hard on which needs to be put to use. After a quick shower with his mates Freddy McQueen and Kirk Gauguin, they all get into bed where a circle blowjob leads to more fun. Kirk is the lucky top today while John and Freddy pile up on each other and offer their holes for fucking. Kirk lives up to his fame and bangs both holes mercilessly. John and Freddy enjoy some deep fucking as Kirk switches between worshiping their young asses and hard erect cocks. Finally this fresh young couple use Kirk’s body to reach climax and cum all over his face. Kirk then delivers his load to the couple who are always hungry for cum before they all take another shower together.

Kirk Gauguin
John Leto
Freddy McQueen
S****** - 07/15/2024 9:46:13 AM

Kirk's cum facial was a super hot surprise.

g******* - 06/20/2024 8:06:11 AM

What could be better? A hot real life gay couple have a hot gay guest. Beautiful facial all over Kirk's sexy face.

g********* - 06/15/2024 12:32:31 AM

In the past years Kirk has become more secure and developed in a perfect fucker for eager newbies!!!

J****** - 06/12/2024 12:24:16 AM

A perfect hot and wondertful scene!

u***** - 06/11/2024 10:39:18 PM

What a wonderfully delightful and erotic scene with 3 absolutely fabulous looking young men! I have to agree with a former comment putting Jerome and Freddy together with their sense of "mischief and fun" as was the melding of Freddy, John and Jorak. I would love to see as well the impishness and passion of Freddy and Pip in a scene. I think it would be extraordinary!

a***** - 06/11/2024 8:37:17 PM

Before I'll find a chance to watch this, let me say that, I suddenly think of Sammy getting fucked by 5 guys, for some reason.

c********** - 06/11/2024 6:34:01 PM

This was a great scene with enthusiastic models. Only drawback was the over emphasis on close ups, especially at the beginning. I don't understand why BElAmi hires good looking models and then only shows their asses or dicks in extreme close ups. Would love to see Jerome and Freddy do a scene together. They both have a sense of mischief and fun. They are also instinctive sexual performers knowing how to display their bodies to best advantage. Jerome is obviously more experienced but he could rase Freddy's game to star status.

f******** - 06/11/2024 3:26:22 PM

they're all so sexy - but it looks like they're afraid of cum at the end ­čĄö

H***** - 06/11/2024 11:13:18 AM

Freedy and John are such a fresh, eager and hot couple! Adore them! Kirk did his best to keep passion with them..

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