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Kirk Gauguin & Zac Haynes

The long-awaited return of Zac Hayes to our website is finally here. Zac is without doubt one of our best-rated models and we are happy to bring this little nugget to his fans. Zac is introduced to Kirk Gauguin who takes the initiative to slowly undress the Hungarian beauty. When Zac discovers what Kirk is hiding in his pants, there is only one possible outcome. Although our couple cannot understand each other's languages, their intense moans of pleasure show how much they enjoy this encounter. After Kirk’s orgasm, just wait for our star's massive self facial - it is incredibly hot!

Kirk Gauguin
Zac Haynes
m******* - 03/17/2023 5:08:09 PM

OMG.... ZAC HYNES is so gorgeous, showing his muscular chest and body in this man to man encounter video. I really love to see, ZAC HYNES getting undressed, his strong chest and nipples are so hot. I like nipple play on guys. Watching the touching and massage of his sensitive nipples was amazing to see. How about sucking his perky nipples while he strokes his huge uncut banana dick?? Hot encounter with Kirk Gauguin who enjoy playing with his strong muscular smooth chest, while he strokes his huge uncut cock was so hot.. That hot fucking of Kirk Gauguin of Zac Haynes his hot ass bareback was great. Zac Haynes from the Czech Rep, you are my most favorite man since I watch your hot video's, love your performance at Freshman, bring him back again producer, he is so Hot !! I have heard that you are on Flirt4free too on a new name Aiden Kay

t********* - 10/11/2022 5:16:25 AM

can we get a Kirk and Helmut scene?

M********* - 12/26/2021 10:20:35 PM

Long waiting to see Zac again: Here in super hot action with Kirk, who is a powerful top. From the first time I've seen Zac naked I want to see him again and again, because he is so beautyful. Wonderful sex!

S*********** - 06/21/2021 12:10:15 PM

Zac is amazing. Beautiful face and bod - immediate hard on! He needed a more enthusiastic top. Andrei would have really given him a good workout!

a********* - 06/17/2021 6:30:22 AM

Kirk and Zac both beautiful and passionate performances. Glad to see Zac back. And wow, quite the cum shot from Zac!! HOT dudes.

J****** - 06/16/2021 9:21:13 PM

Loving scene, punctuated by tender kisses throughout. Zac's body is a work of art. It's always exciting when the volume of semen ejaculated is not just a few "heat drops" (a reference to the 1749 novel Fanny Hill - some things never change!). Love the way Zac is in no hurry to wipe the cum from his face. Too bad Kirk did not slurp it up and then share it with Zac in a lingering cum kiss. What a waste of the elixir of youth!

J******* - 06/16/2021 8:13:09 PM

Since Zac is now on Flirt4 Free (Aiden Kay) and a major hunk, BelAmi should entice him to return to hardcore porn.

d******* - 06/16/2021 6:12:26 PM

I will say that Kirk and Zac were fantastic. Two cum shots at the same time, great lovers.

w****** - 06/15/2021 9:26:17 PM

Simultaneous orgasms? I don't think we have seen such before. Joel, you will always be interesting and it is always a delight to see you in whatever role. I am sure there are many new young models who would love to be pounded by your magnificent member and many subscribers like myself who would love to see it happen. Kirk, you already have a beautiful body, please don't spoil it by excessive bodybuilding. Many thanks and lots of love to all. Could you not have found Zac a pair of shorts that fitted?

c********** - 06/15/2021 9:06:13 PM

OMG Zac, Amazing cumshot !!!!

r*********** - 06/15/2021 1:13:15 PM

great cumshot,that's the way i like to see it a total shot of cumshot and face

J****** - 06/15/2021 12:27:26 PM

Absolutely hot scene with two very hot guys whe shows us a perfect performance.

t****** - 06/15/2021 11:55:50 AM

What a fantastic cumshot!!

a****** - 06/15/2021 10:12:35 AM

Breathtakingly beautiful. Sublime!

T******* - 06/15/2021 9:39:55 AM

Love this hairy guy shame he has not been shown for such a long time. Fantastic cum shot I want to eat it all up.

m******* - 06/15/2021 5:06:09 AM

Zac’s hot cum shot made up for any issues that I had with this scene!

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