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Kirk Gauguin & John Leto

This is John Leto’s first scene after training and we can still see the shyness in his eyes. His cute innocence is a huge turn-on for Kirk who eagerly awaits the go-ahead from Marty Stevens to start exploring John's body. Kirk starts slowly by sucking John's thick cock and rimming his beautiful bubble butt, revealing new sensations to his novice partner. When Kirk begins to penetrate John’s hole, we can all enjoy the beauty of this romantic and sensual lovemaking. John’s early orgasm shows how much he has enjoyed Kirk's dick deep inside him. Finally, he takes Kirk’s cock in his mouth and sucks him till his face is covered in cum.

Kirk Gauguin
John Leto
G********* - 05/24/2024 1:37:17 AM

THANK YOU, mj10940 for your comment on 4/3/22! SO TRUE! Just as Kirk starts to come, literally JUST as his orgasm begins, the camera moves down and cuts his beautiful face out of frame, depriving us of any view of his facial expression of ecstasy. This is criminally stupid!!!!!!

m****** - 04/03/2022 7:14:29 PM

Yet another facial completely missed. Very disappointing. So many of these cum shots completely miss the mark lately. The models are attractive, although cutie John has alot to learn, but the director disappoints. I miss the Bel Ami scenes when the director actually knew how to position the guys and the cameras.

D******* - 01/21/2022 12:14:32 PM

Kirk and John are fantastic. their interaction shows the great class of Kirk in dealing with John. The future at freshmen definitely belongs to John. i love john and kirk

g******* - 07/20/2021 12:58:55 AM


j********* - 07/16/2021 2:48:49 AM

I can live with a site dedicated exclusively to Kirk! More, much more of him. Kirk, papi, do not shave your pubes please.

w****** - 07/14/2021 7:55:36 PM

I could watch Kirk all day. Many thanks for a great scene. Lots of love to both.

d******* - 07/14/2021 6:35:59 PM

Kirk was so sweet and romantic, very nice, but John he was just great with those dark eyes, nice thick eye brows, such sweet lovely lips to kiss with lovely thick cock for Kirk to suck while he was so romantic too, lovely nude body. John any time any time lets kiss. Kirk nice sweet teacher for John. 💘💘💘💘

J****** - 07/14/2021 12:54:17 AM

Wonderful hot new scene with John, an absolute favorite of mine with another all-time favorite, Kirk. Really, really hope to see mutch more of John in future (but not only as bottom - please also as top!!!)

a***** - 07/13/2021 8:59:16 PM

John's smile is so sweet! It's a shame we won't see his training like we saw of Sammy. So John is passionate? Wow, you're making me wonder what John did during his training sessions! And when he's on all four, did I pretty much notice goosebumps on John's skin? And fucking is nice and tender throughout. Also, the cumshot is great, seeing both the boys' face their organs are out here

a***** - 07/13/2021 10:19:14 AM

I always love Kirk! John is a nice addition to BA.

B****** - 07/13/2021 12:07:25 AM

John Leto is honestly the hottest boy and model on Bel Ami n Freshmen…Mael and Ashton as well. I live in the states n a lot of people are big fans of John more videos and photos of him maybe topping!

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