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Kirk Gauguin Derek Caravaggio

Here are two divergent philosophies cuming together. Kirk wishes to invest his porn earnings wisely for a comfortable retirement. Derek, believes money, like youth and beauty is fleeting and should be enjoyed as much as possible before the upcoming stock market crash and old age take both away. 

Derek’s point of view, augmented by his stunning physique, perfect ass and other oral skills, wins the day. Kirk puts off his long-term gains for short term yields and some quality fucking with Derek. The return on his investment is worth it as his offering rises with every stroke. Soon Kirk gives Derek a valuable cum investment all over and inside his hungry hole. 

Kirk Gauguin
Derek Caravaggio
d******* - 11/24/2020 9:19:52 AM

Love Derek lovely shape and great body, sweet lips to kiss with nice ass to fuck..

h********* - 08/14/2020 4:04:59 AM

Hot pairing of two sexy brunettes. Derek’s hairy pits are hot. How about his scene partner get his face in there and lick those erotic zones? Would love to see Kirk with his natural body his pubes would be gorgeous. Nice to see some cum eating. But why did we never see Kirk’s ass when he was fucking, and why the overdone cumming on the guy’s ass? Otherwise a beautiful scene.

w****** - 03/29/2020 1:12:12 PM

Kirk is pretty good I must say. He doesn't have the most aesthetic face I've ever seen but he's still cute enough & everything else he has more than makes up for it! I hope he bottoms more. Very hot guys.

a******* - 02/15/2020 9:22:06 PM

love Derek

C************** - 02/02/2020 9:32:01 AM

Kirk and Derek; two of my favourites together! It does not disappoint.

R************ - 01/27/2020 11:17:56 PM

Qui mi sono fatto una bella sega!!

m******** - 01/27/2020 3:10:07 AM

Amo Derek !!!

T******** - 01/23/2020 3:45:30 PM

Is it just me or is it super hot when they do frot. I really wish that the front shot was longer and more sensual

m********* - 01/23/2020 8:01:59 AM

I loved this scene for the reason it was two young guys who with no fanfare took to the task of pleasuring each others erotic bodies ending with Kirk using his rigid shaft like as piston, that was made so much hotter because bravo to the cameraman who allowed the focus to clearly witness Kirks hard cock pounding Derek it was almost hypnotic. I was so turned on seeing in such clear detail Derek laying there, with those really sexy legs spread taking it. Did I say sexy legs? but it may have been his last solo that also left me hard as a rock when Derek wore simple but modern (and not the gross bikini style you Europeans just cant part with) clinging boxer briefs that highlighted his perfectly muscular and hairy legs and that perfect bulge that had me shoot. Thats all Great scene.

b***** - 01/22/2020 11:25:16 PM

Kirk and Derek make a nice and cute pairing and are sexually a good match. Both are handsome in their own way but for me Kirk wins the prize here, he is so incredibly handsome. Derek may seem a bit passive in his scenes but he always manages to make the top more affectionate, apparently he knows how to get what he wants without being overly demanding. Kirk did understand what Derek needs anyway and was very willing to give it to him. Scene could have been better with a more continuous style of filming, and some more shots of Kirk’s butt while pounding Derek would have been nice, but it is a five star episode for sure!

t****** - 01/22/2020 2:06:36 PM

It doesn't get better than this!

D************* - 01/22/2020 10:36:09 AM

Derek Caravaggio is just so lovable! Derek has the innocent smile of a cute little boy, and the handsome sexy face of a hot young man. I especially love the hairy belly, ass and legs on Derek. I am so glad he never shaved his lower body. A perfect partner for Derek would be Jim Durden! Jim would make up for some of the energy and enthusiasm that Derek lacks. I don't mean to criticize Derek because he is so special in his own way. I love him the way he is. But put him in with Jim Durden and watch what happens! Jim Durden has a way of bringing out the best in his partner(s).

g********** - 01/22/2020 4:13:21 AM

Great scene, though I agree about the lack of rear view shots of Kirk "pounding" Derek's gorgeous butt. For some mysterious reason BA cameramen/directors hardly ever do rear view shots of the real action, which is a pity. However, Derek is adorable and Kirk is a great performer. Lots more of both, please!

A********** - 01/22/2020 12:14:33 AM

5 billion stars !!! I love both wonderful guys: sexy, hot with perfect bodies...... absolutely perfect for me !!!!

g******* - 01/21/2020 11:08:49 PM

Wonderful. Great to see Kirk relishing Derek's lovely cum.

w****** - 01/21/2020 9:47:51 PM

I love these two.Derek's lovely hairy legs and bum are magnificent but I would love it if he did not trim his pubes and belly hair so much. As for get rich quick books, if you are rich you do not need to write books. The only reason people write books about how to get rich is so they can get rich on the aspirations of the suckers who buy their books.

m***** - 01/21/2020 9:11:14 PM


x****** - 01/21/2020 7:15:34 PM

Derek and Kirk really make sexual magic together! Derek grabbed my attention when he first appeared on FM and he continues to turn me on. Love his hairy legs as he slides his beautiful ass up and down Kirk's cock. Sexsational!

V************ - 01/21/2020 5:17:38 PM

Nice scene with two dark haired beauties. They do a nice job of kissing and Kirk does a decent job of eating Derek's ass. Also both go deep throat orally. So, a lot of pluses here.Would have liked to have seen Kirk penetrate Derek fully after cumming. Loved that Kirk went down on Derek's cum covered cock clearly taking the cum into his mouth. Once again I am disappointed by the BA cameraman's reluctance to give us any full views from either behind or below of the top's as they are fucking their bottoms. I see others mentioning this from time to time and just do not understand BA's reluctance to give us these views. It wold add more variety to your camera angles and bring great pleasure to the ass lovers in your audience. Derek must be making progress on some of his financial goals as we have seen him quite a lot on here lately.

m******** - 01/21/2020 4:13:48 PM

I wanna see Kirk and Riff flip flop. Love both. I loved this scene entry. It is cool that the scenes start showing a little about what they think and like, agree and disagree to generate explosive sexual tension. Kirk is one of my favorites and Derek looks great.

a********* - 01/21/2020 2:30:05 PM

I think it's a nice adventure between black hairy velvety dark views... "that opens up and allows itself eager for sex to his dude"...with a bad directorial choice of his usual paralyzed shots. (I hate the filming from the floor of this director during the fuckings, which instead of shooting "from behind" constantly distracts us by going on the faces every two breaths, escaping from the profile of the ass before a breach is opened. However, he remains the champion of how blowjobs should be filmed.)

o****** - 01/21/2020 9:30:12 AM

Breathtaking lovemaking!!! So gorgeous and hot pairing! Love both but I have a passionfor Derek! Kirk you are a great top but want see you bottoming again… Please! Great foreplays, nice kissing,peculiarly the last wet cum! But I should prefer Derek cums first while fucked… Both very horny, they enjoy sex! Good filmed, great angles and close-ups!

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