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Kirk Gauguin & Freddy McQueen

Kirk Gauguin asked GD if he could be paired with sexy newcomer Freddy McQueen. He happily agreed because, as well as being a great match for Freddy, Kirk is a great „instructor“ in the erotic arts.

Our cute freshman Freddy has had some sexual experience, but when it comes to intimacy today, he lets Kirk lead him.  After some oral foreplay, Kirk prepares his lover’s butt for some deep penetration. Freddy might look a little stiff while being fucked, but Kirk’s dick can be a challenge for even the most experienced models. As our couple continue to switch positions, Freddy starts to relax and, when they reach the last position, both shoot impressive loads of cum.

Kirk Gauguin
Freddy McQueen
G********* - 05/24/2024 7:15:52 PM

Hot guys, hot orgasms, what could have been a really hot scene: totally ruined by shitty camera work and stupid excessive closeup during the orgasms. No view of their faces!!! Yet again, I am disgusted by Bel Ami's incompetence with videography, wasting their beautiful models and all their hard work!

a******* - 03/26/2023 10:30:51 AM

Please more vids from Freddy. This boy is by far the most sexiest and gorgeous of the boys and he is a fucking good porn actor.

a****** - 03/08/2023 4:08:35 PM

Freddie is so cute with his arms akimbo standing in his underwear!

p******* - 01/02/2023 6:26:11 AM

love it but would like to see more of kirk's ass from the side yum yum

g******* - 01/02/2023 4:42:04 AM

Freddy is just so beautiful and clearly relishes having a big cock up his gorgeous ass. That smile!

M********* - 12/30/2022 6:17:24 PM

Lucky Freddy to get all parts of his beautyful bum an stomag full of cum. Hot sex-szene, and thank you guys for not shaving your hair over your crown-jewels!

j********* - 12/30/2022 4:49:02 PM

Would like to see Freddy paired wth Jorik. Freddy is new and cute but I'd like to see him be more involved, more active and much more passionate with his partner. I'd also like to see an option where the viewer can turn off subtitles as I find them quite distracting.

j******* - 12/28/2022 12:29:00 AM

This an AMAZING paring with beautiful Freddy and fantastic top Kirk. We need lots more of Freddy maybe also over at BELAMI!!

H***** - 12/27/2022 4:31:19 PM

Freddy is cute, adorble and hot! Love him.

J****** - 12/27/2022 3:39:18 PM

A wonderful hot scene with the hot newcomer Freddy, perfect paired with another favorite of mine, Kirk. Hope to see mutch more of Freddy in future here. I'd wish to see Freddy also as top or in a hot FlipFlop action.

O******* - 12/27/2022 12:28:29 PM

I Love this Szene with Freddy and Kirk

p***** - 12/27/2022 12:12:02 PM

What a nice pairing ­čśŐ Kirk with anyone is always excellent & Freddy is dreamy.

d******* - 12/27/2022 12:02:36 PM

Freddy is so cute with such lovely body and Kirk picked an excellent one for Christmas. Freddy with those lovely eyes and those sweet lips to kiss.

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