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Kirk Gauguin & Fabien Jacq

We first met Freshmen newcomer Fabien Jacq back in February of this year and this is our second scene with him. Here he is paired with Kirk Gaugin for this summer fling. Sun, swimming pools and sex. Life does not get much better than this. Both boys will also be appearing in our upcoming ‘Bootcamp’ series which starts in November of this year.

Kirk Gauguin
Fabien Jacq
b****** - 03/12/2020 5:31:30 PM

Onvce again I like tgese two models who appear to connect well & omce again neither deep throats & kirk is no newbie.

d******* - 01/02/2020 10:31:22 AM

Fabien does well with Kirk's cock in his sweet ass. Both so handsome too.

p************ - 12/21/2019 6:14:16 PM

My two Fav's

l******* - 10/01/2019 12:25:39 PM

WOW! Fabien takes a cock up the ass well! Bravo!

V************ - 06/26/2019 6:27:20 PM

Very nice scene with two really cute boys.

A****** - 06/11/2019 6:58:03 AM

Fabien is such an adorable an lovely Buddy. Sweet and so down to Earth. I love him.

h********* - 10/22/2018 3:11:39 PM

Way hot scene! Fabien is way too thin, but he is so erotic that I can almost overlook this. Love his thick natural body hair...legs, crotch, and ass. Kirk’s pubes are too trimmed here, but he is a total babe. Clearly well experienced in sucking and rimming. And great to see him eat cum.

A********** - 10/12/2018 5:46:24 PM

one million stars: awesome, perfect !!

b****** - 09/03/2018 3:53:19 PM

Fabien desperately needs a better haircut.

k*********** - 08/21/2018 1:25:24 PM

Very good video. Kirk is very desirable. I wish I could share my bed with him.

g******* - 08/21/2018 7:29:38 AM

So beautiful such genuine engagement and obvious enjoyment. Kirk's cum-sucking was great.

o****** - 08/21/2018 6:51:36 AM

Nice hot scene! Nice pairing! Fabien is very cute, like his curved up dick but love Kirk's so peculiar beauty and sexiness! His licking and rimming Fabien's hole is extremely hot! Great fucking! Like too Kirk's feeding by Fabien's semen!

v******* - 08/20/2018 9:25:11 PM

Kirk is lovely and loving.

a********* - 08/18/2018 2:28:33 PM

💚 💙 💜 ❤️ 💛 Great cinematography, wonderful guys.

s******* - 08/17/2018 11:44:09 AM

Great scene! Indeed! I want to see Kirk as a bottom as well! Not with Fabien of course but with a hot top.

m********** - 08/16/2018 6:02:45 PM

Fabien is spectacular

u******** - 08/16/2018 8:32:43 AM

Awesome sex scene! Fabien's curved cock is a beauty! Wonderful camera work showing closeups of the rimming & fucking! I felt like I was right in the scene with the 2 guys. When Kirk swallowed Fabien's jizz load at the end----it put me over the top! The models had great chemistry in the scene.

J******** - 08/15/2018 5:15:31 AM

I like the beginning of the film: Kirk's hardon bulging his trousers is just so sexy to look at! Geil ist auch die Szene ab 8:00 Kirk mit seinem herrlichen Ständer und wie Fabi Kirk's Hinterkopf vor lauter Wonne beim Rimmen an sich heranzieht...

s******* - 08/15/2018 5:15:07 AM

Both are beautiful. Great scene.

t****** - 08/15/2018 4:04:45 AM

Just awesome! Kirk and Fabien make a fantastic pair. One of the best yet.

e********* - 08/15/2018 3:56:35 AM

Wow ... Fabien is the most perfect male specimen to my taste - beautiful face, slim, perfect ass in every way. Thank you for finding him! Please give us more, more, more of Fabien bottoming!

D******* - 08/15/2018 2:24:15 AM

Beautiful! They are both beautiful in different, refined ways..... very hot. I would love to see them flip, with Fabien pleasuring bottoming Kirk.

0****** - 08/15/2018 1:59:56 AM

Love seeing Kirk top. When do we get to see him give up his cute ass to another?

b***** - 08/15/2018 12:02:07 AM

LOVE Fabien. Please more scenes with him!

J****** - 08/14/2018 10:39:05 PM

Please mutch more of Fabien !!!!

m***** - 08/14/2018 9:08:04 PM

Kirk is just perfect and Fabien is extremely cute and promising!

m******* - 08/14/2018 7:06:41 PM

kirk and Fabien, beautiful, perfect, Fabien as well as very cute and 'also nice, joyful, smiling, love sex and' obvious, has a nice skinny body with a firm and inviting ass, very nice sequence with him leaning on the door with Kirk licking his ass, what more? hurray the youth of these boys

S******* - 08/14/2018 6:33:52 PM

Very hot scene! Fabien is gorgeous! He has a classic slender twink body! He has a beautiful ass! He has a great boy slit! Kirk did a great job rimming it! I look forward to seeing Fabien getting fucked a lot!!!

t********** - 08/14/2018 1:55:38 PM


p***** - 08/14/2018 1:37:41 PM

I'm just crazy about Fabien. He's so expressive, he kisses like an angel and his smile could stop a cheetah in full pursuit of its prey. Kirk needs to stop looking at his own dick while he's thrusting & concentrate on his partner. Nevertheless, this video was worth waiting for.

t********* - 08/14/2018 1:20:56 PM

Fabian est très mignon et expressive

L*********** - 08/14/2018 1:07:22 PM

Just GREAT, no wonder, because for me Fabien is my new top favorite since I saw him for the first time. I love this young man, his beautiful slender body and the fine body hair make him breathtakingly sexy and his happy laugh gives him a wonderful natural look. But the video itself is also great, with very dynamic activity of Kirk and the different sex positions are a perfect selection and very erotic, even it can be seen it wasn´t all the time very easy for Fabien to take all what came from Kirk, but that´s not anything bad. Fantastic to know that in November there will be more of both, Fabien and Kirk. For this clip are not stars enough for a rating.

A******** - 08/14/2018 9:45:08 AM

10/10, both are a delight

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