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Kirk Gauguin & Christian Lundgren

Here is Dehanoia’s note about this scene: “‘Little bit of a cheesy opening where Kirk confesses that he has never slept with a guy before. Christian definitely the driving force in this clip, foreplay and kissing are good, some excellent deep throat also from Christian.’. This is Kirk’s first scene for us and, considering this, he shows a lot of promise. Christian’s huge cumshot at the end indicates his agreement.

Christian Lundgren
Kirk Gauguin
t********* - 02/16/2021 1:09:55 PM

Christian is such a great bottom!

d******* - 11/20/2020 11:31:57 AM

Christian drives me wild with those eyes and lovely body Coffee anyone??

S********* - 08/30/2020 6:42:08 PM

Look in my eyes. 6:57. That would make one hell of a GIF.

V************ - 11/04/2019 3:07:40 PM

Christian is probably the most beautiful model BA has with stunning looks. Kirk is also very good looking and does a good job in this scene. The difference in size is quite noticeable at the beginning and it seems somewhat odd to have the smaller person in stature fucking the much taller person, though I realize Christian prefers top bottom and is awesome at it., so it works here. Chtristian seems to clearly enjoy it, as he always does, evidenced by his voluminous orgasm while being fucked. Unfortunately Kirk shoots mos to his load onto the floor instead of getting it on Christians ass and hole. It would have ben so much hotter watch Kirk reinsert his cock into a creamy cum covered hole. But overall a good scene.

w****** - 03/20/2019 9:38:14 PM

Two very beautiful young men having hot sex. Perfect!

h********* - 10/22/2018 2:32:05 PM

A very erotic scene. Love both men. Kirk is a stunner.

J****** - 01/11/2018 8:19:48 PM

Un grand moment de sexe de beauté, d 'érotisme offert par deux jeunes hommes merveilleusement beaux et, en plus la première relation de Kirk avec un garçons. Juste génial...

x******* - 12/05/2017 9:16:13 AM

Delicious scene!! Kirk definitely knows how to use his wonderful gift!!

G*********** - 11/08/2017 8:56:40 PM

Great and hot scene! Kirk is the new hottest model of BA and FM. Hope to see him soon ;)

e******** - 11/01/2017 2:49:18 AM

Deep, sensual, erotic eyes in both of them men.

J****** - 10/31/2017 2:27:44 AM

Somehow I am not surprised to find out that Kirk is a "quick study" in fucking ass. Nice twist to have the younger, less experienced guy on top. Love the way Kirk's tongue switched between "paintbrush" and "spear" mode while rimming Christian's mouth-watering anus. Also liked the way Kirk's face flushes as he approaches orgasm. Christian is classically beautiful as always. Please bring Kirk back real soon.

g******* - 10/30/2017 10:48:48 PM

Christian in those shorts and just seeing his magnificent thighs did it for me. Kirk is cute and I am sure he will be a great part of the team.

S***** - 10/22/2017 1:21:42 PM

Great scene, thank you! I enjoyed the authenticity of this scene, as it was billed as Kirk's first encounter with a man. His tentative movements and shyness fit the character beautifully. Unlike some other sites that claim it's someones 'first time' and the very next minute they're inhaling a 12 inch dick like no tomorrow. I think I might have a new favourite in Kirk and look forward to seeing more of him. What can you say about Christian, he's stunning and steals every scene he's in. I echo some of the other comments, I much prefer him with longer hair and didn't realise he was so tall!

t*********** - 10/21/2017 5:44:27 PM

I love anything with Christian, but I agree with guydeparis and hope he lets his hair grow back. And on the subject of hair, also not a fan of Kirk's severe sidecut hair style. When I saw Kirk's photoset last week, I was annoyed by his Zoolander/Melania fashion model squint (which I find very unattractive) - it's nice to see more of his beautiful eyes during this scene.

H***** - 10/20/2017 11:52:15 PM

This scene is about 2 cute, hot boys whom want to have excitement and hot sex. We get to watch a terrible boring scene because of , again, very bad camera work. Fell a sleep, sorry!

b***** - 10/19/2017 11:10:51 AM

What Geoffrey says!

t****** - 10/19/2017 2:33:55 AM

Just read and agree with MDindon's comments regarding "invitation" to have the jizz pushed back in. But I'll add this regarding cream pies, and of course, this is a matter of personal preference. What turns me on the most in a sex scene is when the top does a total release deep in his partner's ass, again, if invited: "I want you to cum in my ass!" I love watching the top's face as he experiences his orgasm and his partner's joy as he knows his partner's getting what he wants--all that cum deep in there. "Oh, but wait!!" You're saying. "We don't get to see the cum shooting?" Well, the best part is when the top pulls out and like Niagara Falls, out gushes a stream of that hot cum. Two of your American competitors have such scenes fairly regularly, and I think they're SO HOT!! And for those who caution, "You're encouraging dangerous sex practices by showing unprotected sex and the exchange of bodily fluids," there's this: We have to trust that Bel Ami, like other sites showing bareback sex, continually checks the HIV status of their performers and so the "unions" of their "performers" is pretty much guaranteed to not be spreading the virus. And what these guys get to do is something the rest of us don't dare vicariously we get to experience their full satisfaction without the fear of contracting or spreading the disease ourselves. So while there are those who scream that porn encourages taking risk, I'd have to say that it does just the opposite. It takes the place of dangerous contact for the rest of us who'd like to be having wild, lustful sex without us actually doing it. No risk involved. I'm waving my sign: "Porn keeps the world safe!!" There's a cutie named Charlie on another site who only wants one thing: to have his partner's cum delivered deep, deep inside him. And he likes it done while he's on his back and can study his partner's face when the "magic" moment, er, cums. And you can read his euphoric expression when he knows/feels/reads that "It's happening! Now!" It thrills him to no end. I love to watch him have that moment. That's what I lived for, 30-plus years ago. Something I'll never experience again...but I don't need to. Every time Charlie has that moment, I'm right there with him. 'S all I need. And, by the way, I caught it--the virus. I'm a lucky survivor. And thanks to great porn sites, guys who might have picked the virus up from me were also lucky. Never, from the day I received the bad news, did I expose anyone to it. It was "cold turkey" (is that the expression?) end of sex for this insatiably addicted Scorpio! But porn saved the day... became my new way of life. So hooray for Bel Ami...and others...for being there for us! :>)

g********* - 10/18/2017 1:25:10 AM

A bit of a deception: my much-beloved Chrisitan has (been) shaved.....brrrrrr ....and the other/new guy does not have the sev appeal he needs to keep up with my favorit.

M****** - 10/18/2017 12:04:56 AM

Very special scene -- well done, BA. I've been eagerly awaiting Kirk's first action scene and this was very pleasing with promises of even more remarkable performances in the future. Bonus points for: long uninterrupted shots during fucking, smaller/younger model topping the older/larger one, and TWO missionary portions with overhead coverage. Christian is a well-established Lord of the Bottoms, and Kirk's action debut shows great potential. And what a wonderful contrast having this sprite of a twink take over the splendid ass of the Nordic Wonder. If this was indeed Kirk's first time, he sure made it look simple! In future shoots, remind him to open his eyes (which are beautiful) and to smile -- he may have been overwhelmed by the whole thing but just seemed a little anxious/frightened at times. His anal skills will improve with practice and he'll learn to mix up the technique, especially slowing down and pausing now and then with dick buried all the way to the pubes. I think an opportunity was lost, though, for Christian to "show him how to pound someone" as Christian promised in the opening dialogue. Throughout the encounter there could've been subtle (or explicit) direction-giving by Christian -- perhaps placing Kirk's hand whe`re it should go. As a thoughtful coach, Christian might've rimmed Kirk a little to show him the technique, and then Christian could present his own asshole for a luxurious tongue bath. Kirk delivered a fine rimming (could've been a little wetter, but that's just me) without any training. I would have enjoyed seeing the "big brother" take care of his twinky partner a little more, especially by encouraging the youth on his "first" anal penetration. As it was, Kirk was happily fucking away and we never shared the wonderment of his first time inside another man's ass. Another general suggestion: as it seems creampies are becoming the flavor of the day, could we see a hint of courtesy there -- in his native language the top might whisper "shall I put it back inside," and the bottom eagerly replies in the affirmative. Or the bottom begs "push it back in" or words to that effect. I'm frankly neutral on creampies but often find them extremely erotic and intimate, and it strikes me as bad manners just to shove a load of jizz back in. Camera work, lighting were perfect. HIghlights: 11:57 showing Kirk's ass while fucking missionary, 12:29 that nice penetration shot into doggy, 15:20 Kirk holding Christian's ankles in a wide spread-eagle during the second missionary portion, and the final moments of the scene where the boys are kissing and chatting and Kirk is still gently thrusting in and out. Delicious.

o****** - 10/18/2017 12:04:12 AM

WOW! One of your better pounding scenes, perhaps the best!!! Never before I saw Christian so tall, delicatement muscled, beautiful, so enjoying to be fucked! His eyes drowned fun! Wonderful Kirk never got with a boy before? LOL! He is so skilled! Happy Kirk! Happy Christian! I'm so jealous... Splendid filming!!!

g********* - 10/17/2017 10:01:38 PM

A beautiful scene. Kirk does very well but Christian never looks lovelier than when he's being fucked.

t****** - 10/17/2017 9:37:39 PM

Kirk is a good-looking fella, and he gave the angelic Christian a sexual thrashing, which of course Christian enjoyed!

x****** - 10/17/2017 7:07:42 PM

Kirk must have been in 7th Heaven to be able to fuck beautiful Christian as his first partner! Christian's deep throating of Kirk is awesome. Now it's Kirk's turn to bottom with either Christian or another of BA's stable of studs!

L*********** - 10/17/2017 5:30:34 PM

A great scene in all aspects, what about these both beautiful guys and how each is acting his part. Christian is a wonderful bottom and it was fantastic to see Kirk in his first scene. From the first action impression of Kirk it seems to me he is a little bit of a "wild fucker". Would be nice to see if he is perfect in bottom as well. 5 stars for Christian and Kirk and this hot clip.

m******* - 10/17/2017 1:36:04 PM

5+ stars, Kirk is shocking, Cristhian cute always

p***** - 10/17/2017 12:56:05 PM

Who could resist having the gorgeous Christian as their first partner? Kirk is wonderful to look at and I hope that over time he will learn to vary his thrusting technique and spend more time looking into his partner's eyes rather than straight down at his own dick.

s******* - 10/17/2017 12:43:31 PM

Amazing scene!

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