Sex scene

Kirk & Zac

The long-awaited return of Zac Hayes to our website is finally here. Zac is without doubt one of our best-rated models and we are happy to bring this little nugget to his fans in a scene with Kirk Gauguin.

Kirk Gauguin
Zac Haynes
a****** - 06/11/2021 4:10:12 PM

Zac is so hot! Please lure him back. Enrique would be a great partner. Two adult males exploring each other’s beautiful bodies and gorgeous cocks make us all swoon!!!

d******* - 06/09/2021 12:01:44 PM

Very nice scene. Both so neat too.

m***** - 06/09/2021 12:02:54 AM

This scene will propably the highlight of next weeks edition. Zac's outstanding beauty and perfect body combined with magic Kirk could make this scene perfect!

t********* - 06/08/2021 10:49:44 PM

Holy crap!! This might be the most spectacular cumshot since Adam or Rhys!! I cannot believe how far Zac’s cumshot flew! PLEASE, please, this guy has one of the most beautiful faces and certainly one of the most breathtaking physiques EVER seen at Belami!! He is in a unique class of the very handsomest models ever going back to Lukas!! PLEASE, please do ALL that you can do to get him back!! There are very few models who could make Kirk look pedestrian or average but Zac is so amazing he is the one who commands you attention. And, if he can produce cumshots like that regularly, why would you not make him a star??? Would LOVE to see Zac bottom for Antony or Torsten or Enrique or Joel!!!

b******** - 06/08/2021 2:02:42 PM

Zac did not last very long, for some reason, so I guess this is the only scene we will get to see...

l********** - 06/08/2021 12:11:04 PM

In his first published photoshoot he was make upped so unnaturally. I like him better now with LESS products in his face. He's very handsome.

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