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Kian O’Connor & Oscar Scholz

Oscar Scholz will never forget this day. Right after breaking up with his boyfriend, he crosses paths with Kian O’Connor and things get spicy indeed when they get to his apartment. Oscar decides that the best way to get over the breakup is to savour a giant cock, which Kian kindly offers up. Both Kian and Oscar have massive dicks which they enjoy shoving down each other's mouths. Oscar gets even more horny when Kian starts rimming his ass. But the only way to truly satisfy him is to penetrate his nice hole. Kian is a first-class lover bringing Oscar closer to orgasm with every thrust. Kian unloads over Oscar’s body and then finishes off his buddy to end this sexy spontaneous encounter.

Kian O'Connor
Oscar Scholz
M*********** - 05/19/2024 10:43:55 PM

Great. That's when Kian's fat cock commands and must be obeyed.

M*************** - 03/04/2024 12:37:23 AM

Boy have I been out of it lately. I really haven't appreciated Oscar and I am now in lust completely. What a pairing for this scene. Both models gorgeous in every way, and well matched, each with enormous long thick meaty cocks. I was especially impressed with Oscar's performance. He was completely insatiable the way he almost couldn't get enough of Kians cock, he CRAVED it and it showed. A magnificent fuck with urgency. While changes in fucking speeds is usually the norm, due to Oscars dire need I would have loved to see Kian pound him hard from start to finish. Magnificent.

g********* - 02/14/2024 10:39:35 PM

Kian & Oscar beautiful!! finally Kian takes the sperm in her mouth!!! bis, bis....

M********* - 12/19/2023 6:50:08 PM

I like it how Kian fuckes Oscar with his big sausage and how Oscar enjoy it.

B***** - 12/19/2023 1:09:21 PM

Hoje, tanto aqui como na Belamionline descarregaram uma mão cheia de nada e outra da mesma coisa. É a vida nem sempre se pode agradar FELIZ NATAL e BOM ANO 24 para toda a equipe.

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