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Kian O'Connor & Kieran Benning

At first this scene appears to be a study in contrast. Kieran is a tall and slender sexy Slovak and Mattieu is a compact hunky Hungarian. But as the scene progresses their similarities are revealed. From the moment they kiss we see that they share a chemistry and a passion for performing. Their shared passion is special and intense and is evident right until the boys shoot their loads all over the place. They also have nearly identical dicks- big and thick. Kian proves to be an exquisite top, starting slow, making sure Kieran is loose enough until Kieran is ready to take the serious pounding he deserves and desires. This leaves Kieran begging for more. We trust you’ll be wanting more as well.

Kieran Benning
Kian O'Connor
G********* - 06/17/2024 1:51:36 AM

I want to be fair and praise (and highly rate) this video, even though Kian isn't my personal type. Kieran's orgasm is fantastic and both guys' faces are amply shown during climax (for ONCE)! If only Bel Ami could do this consistently ...

r*********** - 05/09/2023 10:58:44 PM

I'd love to wake up to Kian fucking my ass. Just like that.

C********** - 04/13/2023 4:45:21 PM

As I said in an earlier comment, I can’t get enough of Kian: he is so achingly handsome and has a magnificent DICK I could suck and fuck all night long! A very hot scene. More Kian, PLEASE.

D************* - 07/04/2021 12:02:11 PM

Kian O'Connor is the best! I love him very much. Please get him back.

m******* - 05/25/2020 4:45:54 PM

Great scene, I am a fan of horse hung Kieran Benning, he has a sexy body and great guy. Kian O'connor is a great cocksucker, woow love to see taking that huge cock of kieran inside his mouth....My compliments and want to see both guys soon back, its was HOTTT!!!!

d******* - 05/16/2020 10:57:04 PM

What more can I say as both were so good and you could tell there was a lot of passion in this scene with all the wild kissing and fucking each other. Body language won out in this scene. Kian did a very nice job and Kieran his normal self.

s********* - 03/21/2020 4:54:06 PM

These two, omg! What a beautiful pair. I have nothing negative to say about this, except maybe make it an hour long!

R***** - 08/04/2019 12:35:54 PM

A very sexy pairing.

b****** - 07/24/2019 7:31:58 PM

Kieren is one of my all time favorites equally adapt topping and bottoming. Both were great.

V************ - 06/20/2019 7:34:12 PM

A wonderful pairing! Kian is sooo damn cute! Yes, he still seems a little stiff here in his performance (not a reference to his dick), but perhaps in time he will become more relaxed and natural. Perhaps the language barrier here didn't help. But I just love how sexy he is with his hair falling down in front of his face, his freckles, his beautiful body untarnished by tattoos. We never really got a full view of his ass here, and he is so beautiful I want to see and enjoy every part of him. Personally, I reject all of the criticisms below whether it is his shaved pubes or how long it took him to cum. I especally reect bigbadbills' description of this scene. Great kissing albeit a bit too much in the beginning and more frantic than romantic. I also thought did a nice job of eating Kierans' ass. I look forward to more of both Kian and Kieran. Two 5 star models in my opinion, but Kian is by far the better looking of the too. Just sooo damn cute.

g******* - 06/18/2019 12:39:09 AM

Gorgeous Kieran and sexy Kian with their wonderful big cocks. They certainly indulged in some frantic cock worship and at first the fuck was a bit routine until Kieran cums early and Kian pays attention to his beautiful lips and gorgeous nipples. The cum-eating at the end was a very satisfactory conclusion/

w****** - 06/17/2019 10:21:20 PM

Two lovely young men whom I love dearly and with very similar beautiful cocks. However, the contrast between Kieran's surrounded with beautiful luxuriant pubic hair and Kian's surrounded with unsightly stubble could not be more stark. I deplore this growing trend of heavy pubic trimming. It is both unnatural and unattractive.

o****** - 06/17/2019 8:05:54 AM

Just a delight! Delightful scene! Delightful pairing! I love Kieran from his first appearance and he is wonderful here but I have to say that Kian is hightly at his level! A great top to die for...And I can't agree more with mauric53's comment!

h******** - 06/17/2019 12:46:44 AM

I want to suck Kian's cock while Kieran fucks my ass.

C************** - 06/15/2019 12:31:01 PM

Two sexy guys with great bodies. Nice kissing.

b***** - 06/12/2019 9:56:13 PM

For me the best parts of this scene are the long kisses and the frotting and jacking off of both dicks together. I cannot remember another episode where the frotting sequence is this long and it is extra pleasant because both dicks are so beautiful and thick. Kian is very pleasant to look at but the real looker in this episode is Kieran of course. Kian may still have to learn a thing or two, especially how to stay close to and intimate with your partner while fucking him, but all in all he did well and delivered a grand finale that was taken very appreciative by Kieran. Good scene!

B********* - 06/12/2019 7:39:06 AM

What a waste! Here are 2 attractive guys with great cocks. Kieran's primary sex organ, though, is his pleasure-giving hole. We know from other clips that he loves to have it licked and fingered and fucked deep. And Lian has perfect cock for the job. It can really go in far and stretch those wet walls wide apart. But Lian hasn't quite accepted gay sex yet. He's a hesitant sucker; a monotonous fucker; and a 30-second rimmer. Kieran soon just wants it over. He JOs at a furious rate while being fucked by a really great cock. But he still takes forever to cum. He's that turned-off. We then have to watch him getting fucked limp as Kiam tries to cum from guy-fucking. He finally gives up and JOs in Kieran's mouth. How lamel! Is Kian just a "gay for pay" guy?

t********* - 06/12/2019 7:14:57 AM

Really enjoy both of these guys. So glad to see Kian in another scene. There is something about him that is just extra sexy. He really makes a good top and prefer seeing him in that role.

f****** - 06/12/2019 4:48:02 AM

Love there 2. But now c'mon Kian. Getting fucked is great. I want to see Kieran poke that hot honey of yours guy.

h******* - 06/12/2019 1:15:00 AM

Kian is very hot, wish he could have been coupled with Nils.

m***** - 06/11/2019 9:33:35 PM

As sinjin said:"Kieran & Kian just HOT HOT HOT!!!!" But why are you talking about "Mattieu" in the description?

m******* - 06/11/2019 6:55:43 PM

two simply fantastic guys, beautiful to go crazy, Kieran with his curls, his lean and nervous body, his big cock and his smooth and welcoming ass, I agree with Josef001 also on the dark triangle of the pubis, very horny, Kian equally attractive with his fair complexion, his freckles, his meaty cock with a delightful chapel, one more shrewd the other almost dreamy, but what beautiful blowjobs, what wonderful and understood language games, K and K are the couple more beautiful and exciting than this year for me and as a final wish I'd like another scene where they reversed roles, Kian's beautiful smooth and clear ass deserves Kieran's big cock, sooner or later I hope to see him as bottom too

s******* - 06/11/2019 3:28:47 PM

Kian looks still a bit clumsy in my opinion, but Kieran...KIERAN! Is a wonderful lover! 💕💕💕

J******** - 06/11/2019 3:07:10 PM

The stiff rods of these two youngsters give proof of their sexappeal and twink lovemaking - just wonderful to watch - I like especially Kierans's dark pubes, the girth of his shaft and even cockhead -a dream to suck and enjoy.

c********* - 06/11/2019 2:59:00 PM

This is an energetic and first-rate scene, and I hope it'll be repeated -- often. Both K and K are beautiful, hot, and seem totally into each other. Clearly, the language of steamy sex and love makes a common tongue unnecessary. Delicious!

b******* - 06/11/2019 1:35:18 PM

This was a scene I've been anticipating with impatience since their photo-shoot earlier this year. It did not disappoint! What a pairing! The experience of Kieran is stunning as always and he allows Kian to shine brightly. For me, Kieran is THE perfect example of Central European manhood...long may he continue to enthral us both here and in BAOL. Thanks to all for this imaginative coupling! :)

p***** - 06/11/2019 12:06:10 PM

Kieran is simply fantastic!!!

s******** - 06/11/2019 9:57:56 AM

Kieran & Kian just HOT HOT HOT!!!!

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