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Kian O'Connor & Ennio Leone

Well-hung Kian O’Connor and sex addict Ennio Leone have fallen into that most modern way of dating known as „sexting“. A picture of Ennio’s butt turns Kian on so much that he decides he needs the real thing. After picking him up in the park, he brings Ennio home and with no further ado, they start making out and undressing. Some passionate foreplay quickly evolves into satisfying Ennio’s hole. First Kian’s fingers and then his rock hard cock slide into the horny ass. Kian’s big dick is the perfect fit for Ennio and this nicely synchronised sex session brings our two boys to a happy ending.

Kian O'Connor
Ennio Leone
g********* - 07/05/2024 6:39:46 PM

For me Kian is the most beautiful!! He's so masculine!!!! should take it in the mouth more cum! the others yes and he no? why???

V************ - 06/25/2024 5:51:38 PM

Wonderful scene! Like georgep2 I loved he eraly part wherre Kian is fucking Ennio and we get to see Kian's full profile and ass while he is fucking! So rare on BAOL and Freshmen! I loved how Ennio stayed hard the whole way through. Found it interesting that Ennio started to get soft after his orgasm but then was hard when he was giving Kian oral at the end and even still in the shower. Not sure if that meant those parts were filmed at a different time or what, but it was really nice! Loved Kian's cum blast on Ennio's face and in his moutjh and the way Ennio voraciously devours Kian's cock. Great performance and excellent filming! I have no idea whart Garcon3462's problem was. Everyone else loved it! 5 Stars!

b****** - 06/25/2024 2:48:13 PM

Ennio es perfecto! Espero mas escenas suyas 😍

g******* - 06/20/2024 6:28:15 AM

Wonderful! I loved it all from the sexting to the shower. The early scenes of Kian fucking were magnificent as he showed off his amazing body. Ennio clearly loves cock and then they both had rich orgasms and the facial was delicious.

g****************** - 06/16/2024 11:09:38 AM

Thank you Belami/Freshmen for that wonderful ass to mouth scene at the end. That is the way I love it. :-) That shows me how keen Ennio is about Kian's cock.

s******* - 06/13/2024 1:58:57 PM

Excellent scene! Both guys and direction were super!

G********* - 06/13/2024 3:58:05 AM

Well ... 3 stars ... and not quite a "keeper" to download. I agree Ennio looks VERY promising. Cute and hot. But his scenes have been wildly uneven so far. Still needs to get that HORRIBLE mop of a haircut fixed! (WTF?) Kian, for his part, is far less beautiful than the Bel Ami standard. But ... I grant that both boys have intense orgasms here. And I appreciate the videographer showing both their faces (in a replay for Kian).

D********* - 06/12/2024 6:26:32 AM

Super hot scene with two equally hot gorgeous boys. Ennio has a body to lick from head to toe. He enjoys every fuck session. It's enjoying the powerful body and cock of Kian. 💕

J****** - 06/12/2024 12:29:12 AM

Wonderful hot scene with two favorites of mine, please more of them - especiall Ennio !!! I hope there are mutch more scenes with Ennio. I'd like to see him also as top or in a hot FlipFlop action :-)))

W****** - 06/11/2024 8:59:38 PM

Great scene, superbly filmed. Loved the filming from behind where we see Kian’s ass, as well as every other part of him, while he’s fucking. More of this please.

C*********** - 06/11/2024 8:06:47 PM

Hot scene with ATM :-) more of it please

w****** - 06/11/2024 1:58:48 PM

Simply outstanding. Ennio is rapidly becoming a porn legend after only three episodes. Kian's progress has been more of a slow burn but he is now reaching the heights. This was my second attempt to watch this scene. On the first I had to stop and cool down after the first few minutes. Many thanks and lots of love to both.

p***** - 06/11/2024 1:01:58 PM

I love Ennio. He is a wonderful kisser and a very expressive bottom. I'll watch him any time.

H***** - 06/11/2024 11:56:34 AM

Ennio is hot as a pistol. Pair him with Freddy and John for once!! Why no butthole shots from KIan while fucking Ennio in those positions? Shame on you!!

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